Yorkshire Air Museum -Elvington

Yorkshire Air Museum 31st Aug 2012
A check on the weather before setting off for a visit to YAM,I arrived ready for the opening at 10am and took pictures of the Replica Hurricane and Spitfire before parking up. It was to be my lucky day as the DH Mosquito NF.11 was sat outside the Display Hanger. A move round was in progress to bring the Jet Provest T4 to the front of the hanger ready to have it’s engine fitted,Fairchild Argus,Gloster Meteor F8 and the DH104 Devon were also to see the light of day.
The museum boasts a wide range of aircraft from a 1903 Wright Flyer Replica to a Tornado GR4.
Below is a pictorial list of what i was able to take pictures of on the day.
Pre WW 1
1.Wright Flyer 1903 Replica – BAPC 28
2.Cayley Glider Replica – BAPC 89
3.Blackburn Mercury Monoplane 1911 Replica – BAPC 130
4.RAE BE.2c Replica – “6232” – BAPC 41 – Handley Page Workshop
5.Avro 504K Replica – “H1968” – BAPC 42 – Handley Page Workshop
6.RAE SE5A Replica – “F943” – G-BKDT – Handley Page Workshop
7.DH 60G Gipsy Moth Replica – “G-AAAH” BAPC 240 – Handley Page Workshop
8.Mignet HM.14 Pou – du – Ciel – “G-AFFI” – BAPC 76 Handley Page Workshop
9.VS Spitfire Ia Replica“R6690” / PR-A – BAPC 265 (609Sqn marks)
10.Hawker Hurricane I Replica“P3873” / YO-H – BAPC 266 (1Sqn RCAF marks)
11.DH Mosquito NF11 “HJ711” / VI-C (169Sqn marks) “Spirit of Val
12.HP Halifax II (III) Reproduction “LV907” / NP-F (Port) H7-N (Starboard)
13.Waco Hadrian CG-4A “319764” – BAPC 157
14.Fairchild Argus II FK338 (G-AJOZ) ATA marks
15.Douglas Dakota IV KN353 (G-AMYJ)
16.Slingby T.7 Cadet TX1RA854
17.DH104 Devon C2/2VP957  (G-KOOL)
18.Avro Anson T.21VV901Under Restoration
19.Saro Skeeter AOP 12XM553 (G-AWSV)
20.Westland WS-51 Dragonfly HR.5WH991
21.Beagle Terrier IIVW993 (G-ASCD)
22.Gloster Meteor F.8“WK864” / C  (WL168) – 616Sqn marks
23.AW (Gloster)  Meteor NF14WS788 / Z  (1ANS marks )
24.EE Canberra T4WH846
25.EE Canberra B2 Nose Section –  WH903
26.HS Buccaneer S2 –  XN974
27.HS Buccaneer S2B –  XX901 – “Kathryn -The Flying Mermaid” – Desert Storm marks
28.EE Lightning F6 – XS903 /BA 11(F)Sqn marks
29.Gloster Javelin F(AW)9XH767 / L
30.Hawker Hunter FGA.78 N-2 (N-268) Dutch Air Force marks
31.Hawker Hunter T7 “XL571” (XL572) 92Sqn Blue Diamond marks
32.HS Harrier GR3 XV748 / 3D 233OCU marks
33.HP Victor K2 XL231Lusty Linda” – Desert Storm marks
34.HS Nimrod MR2 XV250
35.Fairy Gannet AEW 3 XL502
36.Canadair CT-133 Silver Star 21417  CAF marks
37.Hunting Jet Provest T4 XP640 / M  CATS marks
38.Dassault Mirage IIIE 538 3-QH  French Air Force marks
39.Partavia Tornado GR4 XZ631
40.Partavia Tornado GR1 ZA354
41.DH Vampire T11 XH278 / 42 (RAFC marks)
42.Air Command Sports Elite Gyroplane G-TFRB
43.Europa c/n001 G-YURO
44.HP Herald HPR.7 – 200  G-AVPN
 A great Museum with good food and clean toilets,A must visit when you are in Yorkshire.


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