UK registered No.9- Soviet bloc built – Veteran and warbird.

Soviet Bloc designed Yak , Sukhoi & Antonov Trainer & Aerobatic aircraft have become very popular in the UK , a lot of eastern bloc aircraft were imported into the UK via  Little Gransden’s Fuller Farm or Yak City as I know it. The list is to help I.D an aircraft that I may see out and about that has no civil marking showing.
Yak 1
Built 1941
G-BTZD/ ex  1342 /Marked as Soviet 1342.

Built 2003
G-CDBJ / ex RA-44553/02-03 /  Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey camo coded 21 white.

Built 1994
G-CGXG/ ex D-FJAK /0470107/ / Flies as Soviet Grey blue undersides coded 100 white.

Yak 3U
Built 1947
G-BWOE / ex N11SN /1701231//Sold in New Zealand.

Built 1995

G-BTHD /ex EAF 533/ 901103/ Sold in the USA.

Yak 3 UTI
F-AZIM/9-04623/Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey coded 27 white.

Yak 3UA
Built 1994
G-OLEG /ex D-FLAK /0470202 / Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey coded 00 white.

Yak 9
Built 1947
G-YAKP /ex Sov A/F /01-35 /

Yak C.11 
Built 1945
G-YC11/ex F-AZPA//Sold in Finland.
G-OYAK / ex  EAF 705 /170139 / Flies as Soviet 2 Tone green camo coded 9 white.

Built 1955
G-KYAK /ex 171101/Flies as Soviet 2 tone green coded 36 white . W/O

G-IYAK/ ex 171103 / Flies as Soviet Two tone brown coded 42 white. To Germany.
G-BTZE /ex 171312 /Flies as Soviet Two tone blue coded 52 White
G-BZMY / ex 171314/  Flies as Soviet Green & grey coded 1 white.
Built 1956
G-DYAK /ex G-BWFU/170103 / Sold in Germany.
G-BWFU/ex 170103 /170103 /  Flew in East German A/F marks/To G-DYAK.
G-BTUB / ex 172623 / Flies as Soviet Two tone grey with red tips
G-AYAK / ex 172701/ Sold in the USA.
F-AZFJ / ex 25111/02/607/ Flies as Soviet White blue undersides coded 29 black.

Yak 12M
Built 1956
SP-AAB / 112682
Built 1960
G-PFKD / ex  HA-HUB / 210999/

Yak 18A

Built 1958

G-CEIB / ex RA-3336K /11603031/ Flies as Soviet Drab green coded 03 white.

Built 1964

G-BMJY /ex Egypt A.F 627/627 /Flies as Soviet  Red & white coded 07  yellow.
Built 1987
G-BVVX/ ex 307 /307/ Sold in Germany

Yak 18T
Built 1977
G-CIYM /ex HA-YAZ /7201413 /
Built 1978
G-UYAK /ex HA-JAB/ 22292023842/
Built 1979

G-YAKG/ex HA-YAP/ 22202034023/

Built 1981

LY-CCP /ex *******/22202044623/

Built 1985
G-VSOZ /ex HA-YAN / 10-34 / 
Built 1993
G-VYAK/ex G-BWWH/ 01-32/
G-YAKJ/ex HA-YAJ /01-33 /

G-HAHU/ex HA-HUE /12-33/
G-PYAK/ex HA-YAB /12-35 /
Built 1994
G-RYAK / ex HA-YAF /08-34 / /Sold in Germany
Built 1998
G-CIDC /ex HA-YAU/15-35

Yak 50
Built 1978
G-BWFM/ex N5224R/781208 / 
Built 1979
G-IVAR /ex D-EIVI/791404 /

G-VLAD/ex D-EIVR/791502/ PWFU.
G-YKSO/ex LY-APT /791506/Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey coded 23 white.
G-OJDR/ex LY-JDR/792006/Flies as USAAF JD-R   Sold in the USA.
Built 1980
G-EYAK/ex RA-01193/801804/Built 1980/Flies as Soviet Green coded 50 yellow. 

G-BTZB / ex 801810 /801810/ Built 1980/Flies as Soviet  Red & white coded 10 yellow.

Built 1981
G-YAAK /ex G-BWJT /812003/ Flies as Soviet  Siver & red coded 20 red.
G-BWYK/ex RA-01386 / 812004/ Flies as Soviet Grey coded 52 yellow.
G-CBPM/ex LY-ASG/812101 / Flies as Soviet Black & white coded 50 Black.

Built 1982
G-SVET/ ex RA-44459 /822210/Flies as Soviet Silver with black/white checks
G-YAKA/ex LY-ANJ/822303/ Stored Wickenby.
G-YAKU/ ex RA-44549/822305 /
G-BXNO/ex RA-44549/822305/ To G-YAKU .
G-YAKU/ex G-BXNO/822309/ Flies as Soviet Red & silver coded 49 red.
Built 1983
G-HAMM/ex LY-ANG /832409/  Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey. Sold in Norway.

G-YAKL/ex RA-01334/832606/Built 1984/ Sold in the USA.
Built 1984
G-IIYK /ex LY-AFZ/842706 /Flies as Soviet Grey & blue camo .
G-YAKM/ex RA-44461/842710 /Flies as Soviet  Silver & red coded 61 red.
G-SOCT/ex LY-XCD/842804/
Built 1985
G-BWCF/ex LY-ANQ /852904/ Sold in New Zealand.
G-GYAK  : ex RA-02246/852905 / Flies as Soviet Grey with red stripes.
G-FUNK/ex RA-852908/852908/  Flies as Soviet Red & white./Sold in France.

G-JYAK/ex RA-01493/853001 / Flies as Soviet Green, grey camo coded 93  /  Sold in the USA 

G-BWWX/ex LY-AOI/853003/ PWFU
G-BVVO/ex LY-AMO/853007/  Sold in Lithuania
G-BWWH/ex  ******/853010/ to G-SKPH
G-SKPH/ex G-BWWH/853010 /
G-YAKK/ex RA-01293/853104/  Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey/ Sold in the USA.
G-YAKZ /ex RA-44533 /853206/ Flies as Soviet Silver & red coded 33 red

 Yak 52
Built 1980  
 G-CBPY/ex RA-44474/800708/ Flies as Soviet Red & white coded 52 red./Sold in Germany.

Built 1981
G-CBOZ/ex LY-AOC/811308/ Flies as Soviet Red & White. 

G-BXAK/ ex LY-ASC/811508/Flies as Soviet  Black & white.
G-BZJB/ex RA-3630K /811601/Flies as Soviet Purple & white
Built 1982
G-CBSL/ex RA-44534/822013/Flies as Soviet Cream & red coded 67 red.

G-YAKO/ex RA-01493/822203/ Sold in Lithuania.
G-LYAK/ex LY-AGN/822113  / Sold in San Marino.

 G-CBRP/ex RA-02041/ 822603 /Flies as Soviet Blue &  grey camo/Sold in Germany
G- LYFA /ex LY-AFA/822608 / Flies as Soviet Silver with yellow & black checks.

G-ZBEN/ex SP-YOC/822708/ 
G-CBMD/ex RA-44460/822710/ Flies as Soviet  Red & white coded 10 yellow.

Built 1983
RA-01378/ex Sov 14 red/833004/Preserved at Wellesbourne  War Museum.

G-CBSS/ex RA-44475/833707/AW/Flies as Soviet  Black & silver.

G-CBRL/ex RA-44468/833708/ Sold in Germany
G-STNR/ex G-BWOD/833810 /W/O :
G-BWOD/ex LN-ALY/833810/ To G-STNR.
G-LENA/ex LY-AMU/833901/ Flies as Soviet Black & red.  W/O
Built 1984
G-BVJR/ex Rom 48/8411711/ Sold in Lithuania
G-CBRH/ex LY-ALO/844815/W/O
G-YAKD /ex LY-AQQ/845002 / Sold in Australia.
Built 1985
G-SKPH/ex G-BWWH/853010/
G-YAKI/ex LY-ANM/853010/Flies as Soviet Silver & Blue coded 100 blue.
G-BWFP/ex RA-44501/855503/Sold in Hungary.
G-YAKW/ex LY-AKW/855601/ W/O nr Towcester.
G-CDFE/ex LY-APU/855712/Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey/Sold in Russia.
G-YAKN/ex RA-44466/855905 /Flies as Soviet Silver & red coded 66 red.
G-CBMI/ex LY-AOZ/855907/Flies as Soviet Black & white.

Built 1986
G-BZTF /ex LY-AKE/866703/Built 1986/Sold in Poland.
G-BWSW/ ex 88 DOSAAF/866807/Built 1986/W/O
G-BWVX/ex LY-AOJ/866811 /Sold in Holland
G-CDBW/ex RA-02705/866915/ Sold in the USA.
G-CBLI/ex LY-ANU/867110/Built 1986/Sold in Australia.
G-CDHT/ex RA-01813/867114 / Sold in the USA.
G-CJBV/ex F-WRUP /867203/
G-YAKC/ex LY-AKC /867212 /Flies as Soviet White & red  coded 86.
Built 1987
G-BXJB/ex LY-ABR/877403 /  Flies as Soviet White & yellow.

G-OUGH/ex G-LOAK/877404/
G-LOAK/ex LY-AOK/877404/to G- OUGH.
G-FLSH    ex RA-44550/877409/Flies as Soviet black with black/white checks coded 52.. W/O
G-ZYAK : ex LY-AFK/877415/Flies as Soviet with royal navy grey & egg shell.
G-BWSV/ex 43 blue/877601/  Flies as Soviet  White & red coded 43 grey.

G-YAKE/ex G-BVVA/877610/ Flies as Soviet Sliver & red coded 10 red.
G-BVVA/ex LY-ANN/877610 / Flies as Soviet 2 tone blue. To G-YAKE
PH-DTX/ex RA-3411K /877803/ Flies as Soviet Grey green camo coded 62 red.

G-OIPB/ex RA-44455/877902/Sold in the Ivory Coast.
G-CBSR/ex LY-AQB/877913/ Flies as Soviet Silver & red /white checks
G-YYAK/ex LY-AOM/878101 /Flies as Soviet Silver & red coded 10 red.
G-BWVR/ex LY-AKQ /878202/   W/O
Built 1988
G-YFUT/ex LY-FUT/888410/Sold in Poland.
G-CCSU/ex LY-APO/888712/Sold in Poland

G-BXID/ex  LY-ANG/888802/Sold in Finland.
G-CBRU/ex RA-02042/888911/Flies as Soviet  2 tone grey coded 42 white /Sold in Russia
G-RNAC/ex  RA-44463/888912/Flies in Royal Navy scheme with invasion stripes coded 123.
Built 1989
G-IMIC/ex RA-02149/891001 /  Sold in New Zealand.
G-CBPX/ex RA-02956/891004/  Flies as Soviet Yellow & blue. Sold in South Africa.
G-YAKT/RA-01564/8910302/  Sold in Norway.
G-CCCP/ex LY-AKV/899404/ Sold in San Marino.
G-XYAK/ex RA-44469/899413/ Flies as Soviet 2 tone green. Sold in the USA.

G-ETHI/ex LY-AOY/899714/ Flies as Soviet Cream & grey camo . Sold in Russia.
G-YAKR/ex LY-AOV/899803/ Flies as Soviet Dark green coded 03 white.  W/O
G-XYAK/ex RA44469/899413/ Flies as Soviet White & red coded 69 Blue. Sold in the USA
G-TYAK/ex RA-01038/899907/ Flies as Soviet Blue with light grey camo.

G-CDJJ/ex LY-AQI/899912/ Flies as Soviet  Cream & red.
G-YAKH/ex RA-01948/899915/ Flies as Soviet 2 Tone grey camo code 33 white.
Built 1990
G-YKCT/ex LY-ATI/9010307/ Sold in Poland.
G-OCBT/ex LY-AQH/9011001/ Sold in Poland.
G-MCCY /ex LY-AQF/9011112/  W/O 
G-CBVT /ex LY-AGR/9010305 /  Sold in Poland.
G-CUPS/ex LY-AMD/9010312/ Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey .  Sold in Russia.
G-HOGZ/ex ZU-HOG/9010313/ Sold in Russia.
G-YOTS /ex LY-AOK/9010318/
G-OKGB/ex LY-AGU/9010407/Sold in Lithuania.
Built 1991
G-HYAK/ex LY-ALU/9100017/ Flies as Soviet Grey coded 07 red.     Sold in Russia.G-NI
G-YAKF/ ex ZU-IAK/9111205/ Flies as Soviet Silver & red.
G-BVXK/ex RA-44508/9111306/ Flies as Soviet  Cream & red coded 26 grey.

G-YAKX/ex RA-44473/9111307/ Flies as Soviet 2 tone green coded 27 yellow.
G-YAKV/ex RA-02209/9111311/ Flies as Soviet 2 tone blue coded 52 white./Sold in New Zealand.
G-CBSN/ex RA-44514/9111413/  Flies as Soviet Cream & red coded 48 silver . Sold in Russia
G-BBRW/ex RA-44464/9111415 /Flies as Soviet Red & white coded 50 grey.
G-BVOK/ex RA-911505/911505 /Flew as Soviet Red & white coded 55 silver. Sold in Norway
G-IUII/ ex RA-1281K/9111604 /Flies as Soviet desert camo coded 36 yellow.

G-SPUT/ex G-BXAV/91111608/ Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey.
G-BXAV/ex RA-01325/9111606/ to G-SPUT.
Built 1992
G-YAKB/ex RA-44491/9211517/ PWFU
Built 1993
G-YKSZ /new aircraft/9311705/ Flies as Soviet 2 tone grey coded 01 yellow.
G-YAKS/ex 9311708/9311708/ Sold in Australia.
Built 1994
G-BVMU/ex YR-13 /9411809 Flies as Soviet Red & white coded 09 yellow. Sold in Norway.

Built 1996
G-CCJK/ex RA-02622/961200 /  Flies as Soviet Two tone grey camo coded 52 white.
Built 1998
G-YKYK/ex LY-AHB/9812106/  Sold In Lithuania.
G-CCYR/ex LY-AJR /9812108/  Sold in the USA.

Chinese built 
Nanchang  CJ-6A
Built 1964
G-BVFW/ex Chinese Air Force 1032011/ Sold in the USA.
G-BVVF/ex Chinese Air Force 2232028/ Sold in the USA.
Built 1966
G-BVVA/ ex Chinese Air Force/ 2751219/ Flies as Chinese Air Force  coded 68.

Built 1967
G-BVFX/ex Chinese Air Force/1532008/ Sold in Australia.
Built 1969
G-BXZB/ex PLAAF China/2632019/ Flies as Sri Lankan Air Force  CT120.
Built 1976
G-CJSA/ ex N91555/3151215 / Flies in Chinese Air Force markings.

Built 1988
G-CGFS/ ex LN-WNC/4532008/ Flies as Sri Lankan Air Force CT190
G-CGHB/ ex Chinese Air Force/4532009/ Flies as Chinese Air Force 61367 coded 37.

YAK 55
Built 1990
G-CIIK/ex UR-SKY/900909/
G-YKSS/ex RA-44525/901103/

G-OHNO/ex OY-TLL/901104/  Sold in Austria.

Built 1991
G-NOIZ/ex RA-44537/910104/   Sold in Switzerland.


Sukhoi SU-26M.
Built 1990
G-SOOK/ex RA-0401/0401/  Sold in the USA.
Built 1992
G-IIIZ/ex RA-44444/04-05/  Sold in Finland

Sukhoi SU-26M2
Built 1989
G-SIID/ex RA-44531/01-04 /Sold in Eire.

Built 1993
G-IIIS/ex N626RM/06-07/  Sold in Russia.

Sukhoi SU-26MX
Built 1990
G-ORDY/ex cccp-5201/5201/   Sold in the USA.


HA-ANG/IG132-53/Based at Hinton in the Hedges.

LY-AUP/1G206-49/ Sold in Poland as SP-FGR

Built 1964
G-BTCU/ex SP-FDS/1G-5221/ – Sold in Nicaragua.
LY-BIG/1G236-23/ Sold in Norway

HA-MKF/ex OK-UIN/1G-233-43/ AW.

Built 1972
G-BTOV/ex N2AN/1G-13758/ – Sold in Poland.

Zlin Z37
G-KDLN/ex OK-DLN/19-05/Built 1984 –   Sold in the Czech Republic.
G-KKJV/ex OK-KJV/2418/Built

Zlin Z226T
G-ATMZ/ex /136/Built 1985/           W/O
G-EJGO/ex D-EJGO/199/Built 1959/ AW

G-AVPZ/ex /1015/Built 19**/ W/O

Zlin Z326 Trener Master
G-ATDZ/ex /304/Built 1957/     Sold in Australia
G-BEZA/ex D-EMUD /370/Built 19**/
G-BIVW /ex F-BPNQ /932/Built 19**   PWFU
G-BKOB/ex F-BKOB /757/Built 1962
G-BEWO/ex CS-ALU /915/Built 1966
G-CIXE/ex F-BPNM /928/Built 1968      

Zlin Z526
G-ZLIN/ex ******** /916/Built 1966/  Sold in the Czech Republic.
G-BLMA/ex F-BORS/922/Built 1967
G-BPNO/ex F-BPNO/930/Built 1968
G-AVPZ/1015/Built 1968/W/O
G-AWAR/1036/Built 1968/ W/O
G-AWJX /1049/Built 1968
G-AWSH/ex OK-XRH /1052/Built 1968
G-AWPG/1061/Built 1968/ W/O
G-BUPO/ex YR-OAZ/1067/Built 1968   PWFU
G-GIBP/ex F-GIBP /1082/Built 1969
G-GYRS/ex F-GYRS/1238/Built 1971/ Sold in Germany.

Zlin Z526F
G-PCDP/ex SP-CDP/1163/Built 1971/ AW
G-GYRS/ex F-GYRS/1238/Built 1971/Built 19
G-TINY/ 1257/Built 19**/
G-ZLYN/1255/Built 19**/
G-EHZT/1317/Built 19**/

Zlin Z50
G-ZSOL /ex EC-DLZ/0025/Built1980/ Sold in the USA.

Zlin Z50LX
G-MATE/0068/Built 1990/ Sold in Czech Republic.

Zlin Z242L
G-OZLN/ex *********/0651/Built 19**/
G-UART/ex SE-KMN/0652/Built 1992/
G-BWTC/0697/Built 1996/  Sold in Germany.

G-BWTD/0698/Built 1996/ Sold in Poland.