International helicopter museum – Weston-s-Mare

9th July 2009

If you like helicopters this is a must do,with a fine collection from around the world.Clear photography is hard with the amount airframes on display in the hanger.Since my visit there has been a number of additions to the collection so this is just a taste of what is there is to see.

In the childrens play area

2.RG-05/Lynx  test rig

Gate guard


Parked at the side of the hanger.

4.G-ATBZ/Wessex 60 srs 1/Bristow marks

Display hanger

5.D-HMQV/Bolkow BO-102
6.AP506(G-ACWM)/Cierva C30A /Remains only.
7.BAPC.10/Hafner R11
8.G-ALSX/Sycomore 3/Bristol marks.
9.XG452/Belvedere HC1/ Under restoration.
10.G-ASTP/Hiller UH-12
11.XK940/911/Whirlwind HAS7/Royal navy marks.
12.G-AODA/Whilwind 3/Bristow marks.
13.XD163/X/CFS/Whirlwind HAR10.
14.G-AOZE/Widgeon 2 .
15.WG719/Dragonfly HR5
16.G-ATFG/Brantly B2
17.XG462/Belvedere HC1 Nose section.
18.XP165/Scout AH1/ETPS marks
19.XT443/422/Wasp HAS 1/Royal navy marks
20.XX910Lynx HAS 2
21.XW839/LYNX 00-05
22.ZE477/Lynx 3/Camo
23.G-BIGP/Benson B7M
24.G-AWRP/Grasshopper III
25.G-BVWL/Air & Space 18A

26.G-BAPS/Campbell Cougar.
28.———/Husband Hornet
29.96+26/Mil-24 Hind D/German Airforce.
31.1005/05/WSK SM-2/ Polish Airforce marks.
32.DDR-SPY/KA-26/Interflug marks.


35.XT190/Sioux AH1
37.F-OCMF/SA321F Frelon/Olympic Airways marks.
38.A41/Allouette II/Belguim army marks.
39.91+00/Bolkow BO-105M/German Army marks.
40.G-BKGD/WG30-100/British Helicoters marks. under restoration
41.FR-108/CDL/Djinn/French Army marks.
43.16506/OH-6A Cayuse/Maryland NG marks.
44.66-16579/UH-1H-BF/US Army marks.

46.XR486/Whirlwind HCC12/Queens Flight marks. under restoration

48.G-AVNE/G-17-3/Wessex 60 Srs 1/Bristow marks. Under resteration.
49.OO-SHW/Bell 47H-1/Sabena Airways
50.XV733/Queens Flight/Wessex HCC4
51.ZS872/WG-33 EMU
52.XM330/Wessex HAS1

53.G-ORNB/McCulloch J-2
54.XE521/Rotodyne sections


56.XL811/Saro Skeeter AOP12

At the rear of the museum.

57.XS486/Wessex HU5
59.XR526/Wessex HC2

Give yourself plenty of time to look round this unique museum.At the rear of the musum are kept the spare airframes,but this is not open to the public.


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