Ex British Military – No.5 DH Vampire.

Ex British Miltary No. 7 DH Vampire.
Third type in the series used in vast numbers by the RAF and Royal Navy, I can remember Vampire T11’s still in use at Shawbury & Exeter in the early 70’s.

Sea Vampire 10 – 3rd Prototype .
Whole aircraft
LZ551 : Sea Vampire 10   : First jet aircraft to land on an aircraft carrier, The  HMS Ocean on 3/12/1945 :
Preserved at the FAAM Museum RNAS Yeovilton .

Vampire F1 
Whole aircraft
VF301 : Vampire F1 : Preserved inside the Midland Air Museum – Bagington  in RAF 605Sqn/RAL-G markings.

Vampire F3
Whole aircraft
VT812 : Vampire F3 : Preserved inside the RAF Museum a Hendon in RAF 601Sqn/N markings.

Vampire FB5
Nose section
VV217 : Vampire FB5 : Stored at the D.H Heritage Centre London Colney .
VZ193 : Vampire FB5 : Stored at Hooton park.
WA346 : Vampire FB5 : Stored in RAF Cosford store.
Whole aircraft
J-1790  :  Vampire FB54 : G-BLKA : Displayed outside at the D.H Heritage Centre London Colney.

Vampire FB6
Whole aircraft
J-1008 : Vampire FB6 : Displayed at the D.H Heritage Centre London Colney

J-1172 : Vampire FB6 : Stored in the RAF Museum store at Stafford.
Vampire FB9
Whole aircraft
WL505 : Vampire FB9 : Private – stored at Mendlesham  Suffolk.
Vampire NF10
WM729 : Vampire NF10 :  Stored at the DH Museum London Colney.
WP255 : Vampire NF10 :  Stored at AeroVenture at Doncaster.

Vampire T11
Whole aircraft
WZ425 : Vampire T11 : Stored outside at Birlingham Worcestershire.
WZ450 : Vampire T11 : Stored dismantled inside in Corscombe  Dorset.
WZ507 :Vampire T11 : AW : G-VTII  flies as based at North Weald.
WZ515 :Vampire T11 : Restoration at the  Solway Aviation Museum.  Carlisle .
WZ518 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside at the North East Aviation Museum coded B.
WZ549 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside at Long Kesh Co Antrim N.I coded F.
WZ581 :Vampire T11 : Private stored in the Hemel Hampstead area.
WZ584 :Vampire T11 : Private stored inside dismantled at Binbrook.
WZ589 :Vampire T11 : Preserved in Wigmore, Gillingham coded 19.
WZ590 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside at Imperial War Museum Duxford coded 49.

XD375 :Vampire T11 : Private stored dismantled in the Elland area.
XD403 :Vampire T11 : Displayed undercover  at Errol wears XE897 in 43Sqn markings.
XD434 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside at the Fenland Aircraft Museum – West Walton
XD445 :Vampire T11 : Displayed outside at the Tettenhall Transport Heritage Centre coded 51.
XD447 :Vampire T11 : Displayed outside at East Midlands Aeropark.

XD459 :Vampire T11 : Preserved outside at North Weald coded 57.
XD506 :Vampire T11 : Under restoration at the Suffolk Aviation Heritage Centre – Kesgrave.
XD515 :Vampire T11 : Stored dismantled in the RAF Museum store Cosford.
XD534 :Vampire T11 : Displayed as “XD382” at East Midlands Aeropark.

XD542 :Vampire T11 : Displayed at the Montrose Air Station Museum  Patrington.
XD547 :Vampire T11 : Being reduced to spares at  Cantley  Norfolk.
XD593 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside at the Newark Air Museum – Winthorpe in CFS markings

XD596 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside  the Solent Sky Museum – Southampton.
XD616 :Vampire T11 : Awaiting Restoration at the Suffolk Heritage Centre – Kesgrave.
XD624 :Vampire T11 :  Under restoration at Hooton Park.
XD626 :Vampire T11 : Stored outside at the Midland Air Museum- Bagington.

XE849 :Vampire T11 : Stored dismantled in the Corby area Northants coded V3.
XE852 :Vampire T11 : Displayed outside 2247Sqn ATC at Hawarden ATC, Flintshire.
XE855 :Vampire T11 : Under restoration at the Midland Air Museum Bagington.
XE856 :Vampire T11 : G-DUSK : displayed outside at the Bournemouth Aviation Museum – Hurn in 219Sqn markings..
XE874 :Vampire T11 : Displayed at a Paint ball park in Birkin North Yorkshire coded  61.
XE935 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside in AeroVenture – Doncaster  coded 30.

XE956 :Vampire T11 : G-OBLN : Under restoration at the St Athan Museum.
XE979 :Vampire T11 : Private minus Cockpit section stored at Birlingham.
XE982 :Vampire T11 : Private – in  Gloucester RAFC markings..
XE998 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside at the Solent Sky Museum Southampton. as Swiss Air Force J-1215.
XH278 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside the Yorkshire Air Museum – Elvington in RAFC/42 markings.

XH312 :Vampire T11 : Stored damaged my fire at Dodleston Cheshire.
XH313 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside Trangmere Museum.
XH318 :Vampire T11 : Stored outside in the Sholing Hampshire.
XH328 :Vampire T11 : Under restoration in the Cantley area of Norfolk.
XJ772 :Vampire T11 : Displayed outside at D.H Heritage Centre London Colney coded H.

XK590 :Vampire T11 : Displayed undercover at Wellesbourne Wartime Museum coded V.

XK623 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside at Caernarfon Airworld, Gwynedd coded  56.
XK624 :Vampire T11 : Displayed inside the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum in CFS/32 markings.

XK625 :Vampire T11 : Displayed outside at the Brenzett Aeronautical Museum coded 12.
XK637 :Vampire T11 : Preserved in Stalybridge .
Pods only .
WZ553 :Vampire T11 : Private pod converted to Flight Sim in Stockton Warwicks.
WZ557 :Vampire T11 : Pod stored at Kinloss – Morayvia, Moray.
WZ572 :Vampire T11 : Private pod stored outside in  Sholing  Hampshire coded 65.
WZ608 :Vampire T11 : Private pod Stored at Rayleigh area Essex.
XD377 :Vampire T11 : Pod stored inside at AeroVenture – Doncaster coded 47.

XD425 : Vampire T11 : Pod displayed inside at Kinloss – Morayvia, Moray coded M.
XD452 :Vampire T11 : Pop Preserved in  Dursley  Glos  coded 66.
XD525 :Vampire T11 : Pod stored in Templepatrick area, Antrim N.I.
XD595 : Vampire T11 : Pod stored in the Glentham area Lincs.
XD599 :Vampire T11 : Pod displayed at the Sywell Aviation Museum coded A.

XE985 :Vampire T11 : Pod – Private in the New Inn area, Pontypool.
XE921 :Vampire T11 : Pod preserved at  Stoney kirk, Dumfries and Galloway coded 64.
XE946 :Vampire T11 : Pod displayed at the RAF Cranwell Heritage Centre.

XH330 :Vampire T11 : Pod stored in the Milton Keynes area coded 76.
XK627 :Vampire T11 : Pod displayed in the Davidstow Airfield & Cornwall Museum , Trewassa in 56Sqn markings.
XK632 :Vampire T11 : Stored pod inside in Greenford, Ealing area.
Sea Vampire T22
Whole aircraft
XA109 : Sea Vampire T22 : Displayed inside the Montrose Heritage Museum.
XA127 : Sea Vampire T22 : Stored  inside Cobham Hall at RNAS Yeovilton.
XG743 : Sea Vampire T22 : Displayed outside at Fishburn – Morgansfield in Royal Navy/BY-798 markings.
XA127 : Sea Vampire T22 : Pod displayed inside the FAA Museum at RNAS Yeovilton.  .
Vampire T55
Whole Aircraft
U-1215 : Vampire T55 : G-***  : Flew as  XJ771 in RAF markings.

Pod only
333 : Vampire T55 : Stored under cover at AeroVenture Doncaster ex Iraq Air Force.