Ex British Military – No.3 Hawker Hunter.

UK Cold War survivors – Hawker Hunter.
Whole airframe
WB188 : Hawker P1067 : Displayed inside Tangmere Museum : All red scheme.
Hunter F1 –
Whole airframes
WT555 : Hunter F1  : Stored at Greenford, Ealing.
WT569 : Hunter F1 : Displayed outside 2117 ATC Sqn HQ at Kenfig Hill, Bridgend.
WT612 : Hunter F1  : Displayed outside at RAF Henlow.

WT619 : Hunter F1  : Stored at the RAF Museum store at RAF Stafford.
WT651 : Hunter F1  : Displayed inside Newark Air Museum – Winthorpe in 222Sqn/C markings.

WT660 : Hunter F1  : Displayed outside Inverness Museum in 43Sqn/C markings.
WT680 : Hunter F1  : Displayed outside the Anglian Motel – Fleet Hargate coded J.

WT694 : Hunter F1 : Displayed inside  – Caernarfon Airworld  in 54Sqn markings.
Nose section
WT648 : Hunter F1 : Displayed inside Boscombe Down Aviation Collection – Old Sarum.
WT684 : Hunter F1 : Private in 54Sqn markings – Preserved Lavendon Bucks.
Hunter F2 
Whole airframe
WN904 : Q : 257Sqn : Hawker Hunter F2 – Outside. marked on one side.
WN921 : S : 263Sqn : Hawker Hunter F2 – Outside marked on the other side.


Nose Section
WN890 : Hunter F2 : Displayed in the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection – Old Sarum.
WN907 : Hunter F2 : Displayed inside Robertsbridge Museum in 257Sqn markings.
Hunter F4
Whole airframe
WT746 : Hunter F4 : Preserved outside Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum in 43Sqn markings.
Nose section
WW664 : Hunter F4 – Private -Thetford Area.
XE670 :  Hunter F4 : Displayed inside at the RAF Museum Cosford.
XF940 : Hunter F4 :  Private – Kewstoke area.
Hunter F5  
Whole airframe
WP185 : Hunter F5  :  Stored in Great Dunmow.
WP190 : Hunter F5  : Displayed inside Tangmere Museum in 1(F)Sqn/K markings.
Cockpit section
WN957 : Hunter F5 : Displayed at Moravia – Kinloss Museum.
Hunter F51 ( ex Danish Air Force )
Whole airframes
E-409 : Hunter F51 : Displayed at Norwich Aviation Museum XE683 74Sqn  coded G
E-412  : Hunter F51 : Displayed at Brooklands Museum as XF314/4Sqn marking one side -Undercoat the other.

E-419 : : Hunter 51 : Displayed at the North East Aviation Museum – Sunderland.
E-421  : Hunter F51 : Displayed at Brooklands Museum in Danish Air Force markings.

E-424 : Hunter F51 – Displayed outside  at AeroVenture – Doncaster.
E-425 : Hunter F51 : Displayed at the Solway Aviation Museum Carlisle in RAE markings.
E430 : Hunter T51 :  Displayed outside at the Gatwick Aviation Museum – Charlwood in Royal Navy scheme.
Hunter F58  ( ex Swiss Airforce )
XF318 : Hunter F58  : G-CJWL to HHA Scampton in Swiss Air Force  J-4110 markings.
XF947 : Hunter F58 : G-PSST sold in Canada ex J-4104.
ZZ190 : Hunter F58 : AW : G-HHAE :HHA RAF Scampton ex J-4066.

ZZ191 : Hunter T58 : AW :G-HHAD :HHA RAF Scampton ex J-4058.

ZZ194 : Hunter F58: AW :G-HHAC :HHA RAF Scampton ex J-4021.
Hunter F6
XE606 : Hunter F6 : Displayed outside 8Sqn HQ – Waddington as “XE620” 8Sqn/B markings.
XE627 : Hunter F6A : Displayed at the Imperial War Museum Duxford in 65Sqn/T markings.

XF375 : Hunter F6 : Preserved outside at the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection – Old Sarum coded 6.
XF386 : Hunter F6 : Preserved outside at the Midland Air Museum in 234Sqn/15 markings.

XF509  : Hunter F6 : Displayed outside Paull Royal Armoury  near Hull in 63/151Sqn markings.
XG160 : Hunter F6 : G-BWAF Displayed outside at Bournemouth Aviation Museum in all black coded U markings.
XG164 : Hunter F6 : Displayed inside at the Davidstow Airfield Museum in All black  markings.
XG172 : Hunter F6A : Displayed as XG168 outside at Norwich Aviation Museum  in 79Sqn/10 markings.
XG196 : Hunter F6A : Stored outside at RAF Benwaters  in 234Sqn/31 markings.
XG210 : Hunter F6 : Displayed in Beck Row Suffolk in RAE markings.
XG225 : Hunter F6A : Displayed outside at the RAF Museum Cosford in 237 OCU markings.

XG274 : Hunter F6 : Private -Under restoration in the Newmarket area coded 71.
Nose section
XF383 : Hunter F6 : Private – Gloster area.
XF522 : Hunter F6 : Displayed inside RAF Halton Museum in 92Sqn markings.
XG209 : Hunter F6 : Private –  Kingston upon Thames area coded 66.
XG226 : Hunter F6A : Displayed at RAF Manston Historic Museum in 92Sqn markings.
XG290 : Hunter F6  : Displayed in the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection – Old Sarum.
XG639 : Hunter F6A : Submerged in a Lake 6metres down – Womersley Yorkshire.
N-250 : Hunter F6  (Fokker Built ) – Displayed at the Imperial War Museum Duxford.

Hunter FGA78
Whole Airframe
QA-10 : Hunter FGA78 : Displayed outside at the Yorkshire Air Museum as N-2 Dutch Air Force.

Hunter T7
Whole airframe
WT722 : Hunter T7C : Preserved outside at the Newquay Aerohub in Royal Navy markings  coded 873.
WV318 : Hunter T7B : AW : G-FFOX : all black coded D based at Cranfield.
WV383 : Hunter T7 : Displayed at FAST  Farnborough Museum in RAE markings.
XE704 : Hunter T72 : PP- XHH under restoration to fly at RAF Scampton with HHA.
XL563 : Hunter T7 : Dismantled outside FAST Museum – Farnborough in RAE markings.
XL565 : Hunter T7 : Displayed outside  at Bruntingthorpe  Museum coded 208Sqn/Y.

XL568 : Hunter T7A : Displayed inside the Cold War Museum RAF Cosford in 74Sqn/X markings.

XL569 : Hunter T7 : Displayed outside a East Midlands Aeropark coded 85.
XL572 : Hunter T7 : Displayed outside as XL571 at the Yorkshire Air Museum -Elvington in 92Sqn/V markings.

XL573 : Hunter T7 : G-BVGH : Based at St Athan in 12Sqn markings.

XL573 : Hunter T7 : in 2018  all silver markings on static display at Cosford Show.

XL578 : Hunter T7 : when stored at Kirkstead Lincs.

XL586 : Hunter T7 : Stored dismantled at Wickford – Action Park marked as as XL578.
XL587 : Hunter T7 : G-HPUX : with HHA at RAF Scampton.
XL591 : Hunter T7 : Dislayed at Gatwick Aircraft Museum Chalwood coded 82.
XL592 : Hunter T7 : Preserved at White Waltham  Maidenhead.
XL621 : Hunter T7 : G-BNCX : Displayed at Dunsfold Park in ETPS  markings.
XL623 : Hunter T7 : For restoration at Dunsfold Park.
XM121 : Hunter T7 : Displayed at Alba Power HQ  Netherley, Aberdeenshire as N-315 Dutch Air Force.
XX467 : Hunter T7 : Displayed at Newark Air Museum in 1TWU/86 markings.

Nose section
XL564 : Hunter T7  : Stored at the Norwich Aircraft Museum- poor state.
XL609 : Hunter T7 : Private Cockpit mania –  South Molton  Devon in 12Sqn markings.
XX466 : Hunter T7 : Private  Gloucester area coded 830.
N-302 : Hunter T7 : Displayed inside AeroVenture – Doncaster – Dutch Air Force.

Hunter T8
Whole airframe
WV322 : Hunter  T8C : G-BZSE : Under restoration to AW condition.
WV396 : Hunter T8C : Displayed outside at Tacla Taid Museum – Anglesey in 4FTS/91 markings ex Valley Gate.
XE665 : Hunter T8C :  Preserved outside at Cotswold Airport.
XF357 : Hunter T8C : G-BWGL AW : flies as N-321 based in the Netherlands.
XF994 : Hunter T8C : AW : G-CGHU  HHA Scampton in Royal Navy VL-873 markings.
XF995 : Hunter T8B : AW : G-BZSF  HHA Scampton in RAF 208Sqn/K markings
XL580 : Hunter T8M : Stored in Cobham Hall ay NAS Yeovilton  in 899NAS/coded 723 markings.

XL602 : Hunter T8M : G-BWFT : Under restoration St Athan.
Hunter FGA9
Whole airframe
XE601 : Hunter FGA9 : AW G-ETPS  sold in France 2011 in ETPS markings.

XE624 : Hunter FGA9 : Stored dismantled at Wickenby in 234Sqn/G markings.

XG154 : Hunter FGA9 L Displayed inside the RAF Museum at Hendon. in RAF 43-8Sqn markings.

XG194 : Hunter FGA 9 : Displayed at AAC Wattisham Museum in Black Arrow/N markings.
XG254 : Hunter FGA9 :  Displayed at Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum – Flixton in 54Sqn/A markings.

XG690 : Hunter FGA9 : Displayed at Bournemouth  Hurn Airport.
Nose section
XE584 : Hunter FGA9 : Displayed inside Hooton Park – All black.
XE597 : Hunter FGA9 : Private – seen on the air show circuit in 1(F)Sqn markings.

XE643 : Hunter FGA9 : Mobile exhibit with  JHCFS Aldergrove, Antrim.
XG195 : Hunter FGA9 : Private   Lewis East Sussex.
XG297 : Hunter FGA9  : Displayed inside AeroVenture  Doncaster in 20Sqn/Y markings.

Hunter FR10
Whole airframe
XF426 : Hunter FR10 : Displayed outside RAF Museum Cosford  in Royal Omani Air Force markings as 853.

Unmarked. – Hunter FR10 – Composite : Displayed outside at East Midlands Aeropark.

Hunter PR11/GA11
Whole airframe
WT711 : Hunter PR11 : Preserved at Spark Bridge Cumbria in Royal Navy markings coded DD-833.
WT723 : Hunter PR11 : AW : G-PRII  Royal Navy coded LM-692 markings  St Athan.
WT741 : Hunter GA11 : Displayed inside AeroVenture – Doncaster coded 791.

WT744 :  Hunter GA11 : Private   Royal Navy  VL-868 markings – Braunton Devon.
WT804 : Hunter GA11 : Private – stored Todenham Glos in Royal Navy coded DD-831 markings.
WT806 : Hunter GA11 : Preserved outside at Bruntingthorpe in Royal Navy markings.

WV256 : Hunter GA11 : Preserved outside at the Newquay Aerohub in 26Sqn/D markings.
WV382 : Hunter GA11 : Preserved outside at East Midlands Aeropark in Royal Navy  coded VL-830 markings.

WW654 : Hunter GA11 : Preserved pole mounted at Ford W. Sussex in Royal Navy coded DD-834 markings.
XE668 : Hunter GA11  : Used in a Paint Ball park in Marksbury  Somerset in Royal Navy coded DD-832 markings.
XE685 : Hunter GA11 : AW G-GAII  Based at RAF Scampton in Royal Navy FRADU VL/861 markings with HHA.
XE689 : Hunter GA11 : G-BWGK : Stored at Cotswold Airport in Royal Navy VL/864 markings.
XE707 : Hunter GA11 : Displayed at the Bentwaters Cold War Museum in Royal Navy VL/865 markings.
XF300 : Hunter GA11 : G-BZPC wears “WB188” red scheme  – Displayed in the Riverside MOT Centre in Melksham.
Nose Section.
WT741 : Hunter GA11 : Displayed inside South Yorkshire Aviation Museum – 738NAS/791 markings.

WV381 : Hunter GA11 : Displayed at the Hovercraft Museum Lee on Solent – Royal Navy markings coded 732