IWM – Duxford 28th Jan 2013

Visit 28th Jan 2013.

Well my first outing of the year, The snow has cleared away and the temperature  has risen above freezing. I am going to see a good friend of mine in Hospital in Cambridge later in the afternoon so I have added a trip to  the Imperial War Museum at Duxford on the way.
Duxford is top of my Museum visit list as the aircraft from the IWM at South Lambeth are being stored at Duxford while the London site is being refurbished. I have added the usual list of what was seen on the day and I will add pictures when I have time to post.
Gate Guard 
P2954/WX-E/242Sqn marks/Hurricane FSM  BAPC.267  Pole mounted
Hanger 1 Airspace Hanger
Suspended  from the Ceiling.
1/BAPC 57 – Pilcher Hawk Replica   (Above the stairs)
2/F3556- RAF RE8
3/N6635/25/-DH82A Tiger Moth
4/V3388/-Airspeed Oxford I (G-AHTW)
5/V9673/MA-J/-Westland Lysander III (G-LIZY)
6/TA719/-DH98 Mosquito TT3/5 (G-ASKC)
7/WH725/50Sqn marks -EE Canberra B2
8/G-ALFU/CAA Flying Unit marks- DH104 Dove 6
9/ XX108/Bae Test Fleet – Sepecat Jaguar GR1A
10/1133 / RSAAF marks –  BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk80A
11/XK936/62/ – Westland Whirlwind HAS 7
12/XZ133/10/ – Hawker Siddley Harrier GR3
13/18393/ RCAF marks – Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck IV
Conservation Area.
14/XF708/C/-Avro Shackleton MR3/3
15/XH648/ – Handley Page Victor BI
16/D5649- Airco DH 9
17/ZH590/ Bae test Fleet / Eurofighter  DA4
Education Section 1st floor
18/—–/Hawker Typhoon cockpit section
Ground Floor.
19/TG528/T/ – Handley Page Hastings C 1A
20/ML796/- Shorts Sunderland MR 5
21/KB889/NA-I / – Avro Lancaster X (G-LANC)
22/N4877/MK-V/-Avro Anson I (G-AMDA)
23/G-AFBS/A/- Miles M14A Hawk Trainer
24/VN485 -Spitfire F 24 (ex Hong Kong)
25/G-AXDN /BAC marks – BAC Concorde 101
26/G-ALDG / “Horsa” BOAC marks – Handley Page Hermes 4 Fuselage.
27/(N-250) – Hawker Hunter Cockpit (ex RNAF).
28/NF370/NH-L-Fairy Swordfish II – RAF marks
29/ZA465/FF- Panavia Tornado GR1
30/XS863/304/Westland Wessex HAS1
31/G-ANTK/Dan Air London marks-Avro York I
32/G-APDB/BOAC marks – DH Comet 4C
33/XR222- BAC TSR 2
34/G-USUK – Colt 2500A Gondola
35/XJ824-Avro Vulcan B2
36/ —– Link Trainer
37/XT581- Shelduck D1 Drone
38/Blue Steel Missile
39/Polaris IBM
Hanger 2 -Restoration / Service  (North Left side)  
40/G-AGJG/DH89 Dragon Rapide
41/H-57/Piper L-4A cub (G-AKAZ)
42/G-ACMN/DH Leopard Moth (Wings folded)
43/G-ARUL/ Cosmic Wind
44/433915/PBY-5 Canso (G-PBYA)
45/G-AGTO/Auster J/1 Autocrat
46/WK522/56Sqn marks/DHC-1 Chipmunk – Under restoration (G-BCOU)
Hanger 2 Restoration / Service  (North right side)
47/122489/DF-A / B-17G Flying Fortress (G-BEDF)
48/G-CCWB/L-35ZA Albertross.
49/G-DHCZ/ DHC-2 Beaver.
50/XX….. / EMUAS marks /Bulldog T1. (G-CBAB)
51/3349/NA-64 Yale (G-BYNF)
52/WP929 / DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 (G-BXCV)
53/G-BZGL/OV-10D Bronco
54/ No.44/ PT-27 Kadet  (G-RJAH)
55/P9374/J/92Sqn marks / Spitfire I (G-MKIA)
56/SM520/KJ-I/Spitfire HF IX two seater. (G-ILDA)
57/517692/T-28A Fennec – French Airforce silver marks. (G-TROY).
58/8178/F-86A Sabre (G-SABR)
59/1747/Havard IV /Port A/F marks. (G-BGPB)
60/N396RP / Cuby
61/NJ+C11 / ME-108 (G-ATBG) Luftwaffe marks.
Hanger 2 – Restoration & Service  South right side
62/MV268/JE-J/Spitfire XIV  (G-SPIT)

63/42-15068/W7-D P-47G Thunderbolt (G-CDVX)

64/41-19841/X17/P-40F Warhawk (G-CGZP)

65/WG655/GN-910/Sea Fury T20S (N20MD)
66/284/P-40B warhawk (G-CDWH)

67/No.82/8/ Curtiss H-75C-1-French Air Force marks (G-CCVH)

68/EP120/AE-A/Spitfire V (G-LFVB)

69/21714/B-201/ Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat  (G-RUMM)

70/FE695/94/ Havard IIb (G-BTXI)

71/JV579/ F/FM-2 Wildcat (G-GRMW)

72/S1581/573/Hawker Nimrod I (G-BWWK)

Restoration Bays
73/PK624/Spitfire F22 -Fuselage only -Bare metal. Stored

74/N5903/72Sqn marks/ Gladiator II (G-GLAD) – Under Restoration

75/VX653/Sea Fury FB11 -Under Restoration

Hanger 2 South left side
76/A19-144/Beufighter XI — Under Restoration
77/G-BRVE/ Beech D17S Staggerwing
78/484847/CY-D/ TP-51D  Mustang (N251RJ)
79/KD345/A-130/FG-1D Corsair (G-FGID)
80/40467/19/F6F-6K Hellcat (G-BTCC)

Hanger 3  South
81/MH434/ZD-B/Spitfire IX (G-ASJV)

82/G-AYGE/ Stampe SV-4C

83/G-ARMG/DHC-1  Chipmunk 22
84/AR213/JZ-E/Spitfire Ia (G-AIST)

85/PV202/QO-I/Spitfire Tr9 (G-CCCA)

86/N1977/8/ Neuport Scout 17/23 Replica French Air Force marks (G-BWMJ)

87/52-8543/66/CCF Havard IV / Dark Blue US Navy marks.
88/10 Yellow / Hispano HA-1112-mil – Lufwaffe marks  (G-BWUE)

89/463221/B7-H / P-51D Mustang  (G-BTCD)

90/BM597/JH-C/Spitfire Vb (G-MKVB)

91/L7181/Hawker Hind I (G-CBLK) – Fuselage only.

92/K3661/562/ Hawker Nimrod II (G-BURZ)

93/SE-BRG/Fairy FireflyTT1 (G-CGYD)

94/Bollingbroe IV T Nose Section

 Hanger 3  North
95/XV712/66/Westland Seaking HAS6 (Tiger marks)
96/WM969/Z-10/Hawker Sea Hawk FB5

97/XV865/865/208Sqn marks/ HS Buccaneer S2B

98/—–/ATIAU/ Mitsubishi Zeke Cockpit section – Ex IWM South Lambeth

99/100143/Fa 330-A-I -Lufwaffe marks

100/XG613/DH  Sea Venom FAW21.

101/XS567/434/Endurance Flight/Westland Wasp HAS1

102/XS576/E-125/899NAS marks/DH Sea Vixan FAW2

103/XG797/BY-277/831NAS marks/Fairy Gannet ECM6

Hanger 4 North
104/LZ766 / Proctor III (G-ALCK)
 105/2699/ RAF BE2c  – Ex IWM South Lambeth

106/WZ590/49/DH Vampire T11

107/XV474/T/74Sqn marks / Phantom FGR2

108/501 Mig 21PF Hungarian Air Force marks

109/XE627/T/ 65Sqn marks / Hunter F6A

110/XH897/ A&AEE marks / Javalin FAW9

Hanger 4 South 
111/HM580/KX-K/Cierva C30A (G-ACUU)
112/X4178/EB-K/Spitfire I -FSM
113/Nr.1190/4/ BF-109E-3 4/JG26 Luftwaffe marks
114/Z2315/JU-E/IIISqn marks/ Hurricane IIb
115/WK991/56Sqn marks/Meteor F8
116/E2581/13/Bristol F2B
117/BAPC.93/FI-103 V-1  Luftwaffe marks.
Parked Between Hanger 4 and 5
119/G-ALZO/Dan Air London marks / Ambassador 2
Hanger 5 South
120/ZD461/Harrier GR9A
121/N6812/Sopwith Camel 2F-I – Ex IWM South Lambeth
122/R6915/Spitfire I – Ex IWM South Lambeth
123/BAPC.198/FI-103 V1 (long range) Luftwaffe marks  – Ex IWM South Lambeth.
124/3685/Y2-176/A6M3 Zeke  – Stored wrapped in plastic.
Hanger 5 North
125/DV372/Lancaster Nose Section – Ex IWM South Lambeth

126/PN323/Halifax H VIII Nose Section – Ex IWM South Lambeth

127/120235/6/HE162A-I Salamander Luftwaffe marks  – Ex IWM South Lambeth

128/472218/WZ-I/78FG marks / P-51D Mustang  – Ex IWM South Lambeth
129/Hess’s ME110 Fuselage Section – Ex IWM South Lambeth.

130/A-549/FMA Pucara- Argintine Air Force marks – Stored
131/B21-27/Casa 2.111 -Spanish Air Force marks – Stored.
Building N0.
132/252983/Schweizer TG-3A – Stored dismantled on trailer.

Outside American Air Museum 
133/BAPC……/FI-103 V-I replica.

134/76-0020/5Fis marks/F-15A Eagle

American Air Museum 
Suspended from the ceiling
135/S4513/1/Spad XIII replica (G-BFYO)
136/217786/15/PT-17 Kaydet  USAAC  (CF-EQS)

137/66692/9SRW/U-2UT USAF

138/42165/VM/35TFW marks/F-100D Super Sabre USAF

139/(42-2471)/AT-6C Texan USAAC

140/77-0259/AR/10TFW/A-10A  Thunderbolt II       USAF

141/315509/W7-S/C-47A Skytrain  USAAC (G-BHUB)

142/46214/X-3/TBM-3E Avenger USN marks (CF-KCG)

143/31171/PBJ-1J Mitchell  USMC marks

144/14286/T-33A – USAF


Pole Mounted
145/463209/WZ-S 78FG marks/P-51D FSM
146/72-21605/UH-1H Iroquois US Army

147/60689/7BW marks / B-52D   USAF

148/155529/114/VF-74 marks / F-4J(UK) Phantom USN

149/61-17962/9SRW/SR-71A Blackbird   USAF

150/461748/Y/307BG marks TB-29A  Super Fortress   USAAF (G_BHDK)

151/483735/B-17G  Flying Fortress   USAAF  (F-BDRS)

152/451228/493-EC-C/B-24M Liberator  USAAF

153/………../F-111F Escape Cockpit Capsule  USAF

154/F-15E Cockpit Simulater.  USAF

155/76-0020 /UH/20TFW Cag / F-111E  USAF

156/226413/UN-Z/56FG marks /P-47D Thunderbolt      USAAF

Parked by the Tower 
157/KF729/CCF Havard IV  (G-BJST)
Duxford Aviation Society line up.
158/G-AVMU / BAC 1-11 – 510ED – Under repaint

159/G-AVFB/ BEA marks / HS Trident 2E

160/G-ALWF / BEA marks / Vickers Viscount 701

161/G-AOVT/Monarch marks / Bristol Britannia 312

162/G-ASGC/BOAC marks / Vickers Super VC-10

163/G-APWI/Air UK marks / HP Herald 201

Parked on the Apron
164/4V+GH /9/ Amiot AAC 1 Toucan (Junkers (JU-52) Luftwaffe marks.
165/G-FLKS/SF-25 Falke
166/G-BOYF/ Sikorsky S-76B – Practice landings.
I always enjoy my visits to Duxford , I would like to thank the staff that helped with access for some of my pictures.












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