East Midlands Aeropark

April 26th 2012
East Midlands Airport
On the way back to Lincolnshire after the base visit to Shawbury, I passed by East Midlands Airport and decided to pay a visit to the Aeropark which is on the race track side of the Airport. This was my first visit since they relocated to the new site,With the demise of Long Marston a lot of the exibits came here for some TLC.
Inside the Restoration Hanger
1.TAD001(XX457) / Gazelle AH1
2.XP784 / DHC-1 Chipmunk
3.XG737 / Sea Venom FAW 22
Displayed outside
4.G-BEOZ / Argosy 101 – Elan marks
5.WM224 / X /Meteor TT20
6.XM575 / Vulcan B2
7.ZF588 / L / 74Sqn marks / Lightning F53
8.XW664 / 51Sqn marks / Nimrod R1
9.XV350 / Buccaneer S2B
10.G-FRJB / Britten SA1 Sheriff
11.G-ANUW / DH104 Dove (Stored) CAA Flying Unit marks
12.XD447 / Vampire T11
13.WH740 / K / 360Sqn marks / Canberra T17
14.WM367 / Meteor NF13 (Cockpit Section)
15.XL569Hunter T7
16.WV382 /  830 FRADU marks / Hunter GA11
17.XD534 / Vampire T11 (Wings & tail booms from XD382)
18.XP568 / Jet Provest T4
19.XJ714 / Hunter FR10
20.G-APES / Vanguard 953C (Cockpit Section )
21.G-CSZB / Viscount 807 (Cockpit Section )
22.XT604 / 22Sqn marks / Wessex HC2
23.G-BBEDMS880 Rallye
24.XG588 (VR-BEP) / Whirlwind 3 ( RAF SAR marks )
25.WL626 / P / 6FTS marks / Varsity T1
This Museum is a must when you are in the area,I will be going back to have a longer visit . A nice collection of both military and cival aircraft and a good view of the movements at the airport.

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