No.3 DH Mosquito

No.3 DH Mosquito.
I have put together a list of surviving DH Mosquito from around the world, This Aircraft has very few airframes that have made it to the 21st century.
Mosquito I
W4050 : I :  Prototype – Wears W4050/E0234 : Displayed at the Mosquito Aircraft Museum  London Colney.. UK.
Photo taken Oct 2012 while under total rebuild. IMG_0810
Photo taken Oct 2019.

Mosquito II
HJ711 : NF II : Wears 169Sqn/VI-C035  Displayed  at Lincolnshire Heritage Centre – East Kirkby  Lincolnshire UK.
It has been restored to taxy condition.


Mosquito III
TV969 : T III : (ZK-FHC) AW Wears  13OTU/FV-A  : Based at Flying Heritage Collection Paine Field, Everett, Washington . Converted to FB VI .
Mosquito IV
PZ474 : FB IV : NZ2384 : (ZK-BCV/N9909F) Restoration to Aw at Ardmore Airport Auckland  New Zealand.
TE863 : PR IV : NZ2355  Stored at the RNZAF Museum Wigram  New Zealand.
TE758 : FB IV :  NZ2328 : Under restoration using the wings from  HR339/NZ2382 for static.  Ferrymead Heritage Park Christchurch  New Zealand.
TE910 : PR IV :  NZ2336 Stored  Tasman  New Zealand.
Mosquito VI
HR621 : FB VI : Under Restoration at Camden Museum of Aviation  Harrington Park   NSW Australia
PF670 : FB VI : (N9868F) Based at Harlingen  USA.
RF597 : PR VI : NZ2383 Stored at the  RNZAF Museum Wigram  New Zealand.
TA122 : FB VI : Wears 4Sqn/UP-G : Displayed at the Mosquito Museum  London Colney  UK – Photo Oct  2012
Photo taken Oct 2019


Mosquito IX
LR480 : PR IX : Displayed at the South African National Museum of Military History Saxonwold   South Africa.
Mosquito XVI
(NS631) A52-600 : PR XVI : Under Restoration RAAF Museum .
Mosquito XX
KB336 : B XX : Wears U : Displayed at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum Ottawa, Ontario  Canada.
Mosquito 26
KA114 : FB 26 : (N114KA) wears 487Sqn/EG-Y  : Aw Military Aviation Museum Virginia Beech Vi  USA.
Mosquito 30
RK952 : NF 26 : Wears Belgian AF MB-24/ND-N  : Display at the  Musee Royal de l’Armee   Brussels
Mosquito 35
RS700 : PR 35 : (CF-HMS) : Under Restoration at Nanton AB at the Bomber  Museum of Canada. Calgary Canada.
RS709 : TT 35 : (G-ASKA) : Wears NS519 /P USAAF marks : Displayed at the USAF Museum Wright Patt  OH USA. 
RS712 : TT 35 : (G-BSKB ) : Wears N35MK  487(NZ)Sqn/EG-F  : Displayed at EAA Museum Oshkosh WI  USA.
TA634 : TT 35 : (G-AWJV) : Wears  571Sqn/8K-K  : Displayed at the Mosquito Aircraft Museum  London Colney.. UK.


TA639 : TT 35 : Wears 627Sqn/AZ-E  : Displayed in the RAF Museum Cosford.  UK


TA661 : B35 : (CF-HMR) :  Under restoration at Windsor Mosquito Bomber Group as KB161 , Windsor, Ontario.  Canada
TA719 : TT35 : (G-ASKC)  :  Displayed in the Imperial War Museum Duxford.  UK


TH994 : B 35 : Stored at the Smithsonian Museum.  Washington DC .  USA
TJ118 : TT 35 : Fuselage stored at the Mosquito Museum London  Colney  UK.
TJ138 : B 35 : Wears 98Sqn/VO-L  : Displayed in the RAF Museum  Hendon  UK.


VP189 : B 35 : (CF-HMQ) : Wears HR147  418Sqn/TH-Z Displayed at the Alberta Aviation Museum Edmonton. Canada.
VR796 : B 35 : (C-FHMJ) Aw  Wears F : Based at Vancouver  Canada .
Mosquito 36
RL245 : NF 36 :  Under Restoration to Aw condition at Ardmore Airport Auckland  New Zealand.
Mosquito 41
A52-319 : PR41 : Displayed at the Australian War Memorial – Canberra Australia.
Mosquito 43
A52-1053/NZ2305 : T43 : Museum of Transport and Technology, Western Springs, Auckland
A52-1054/NZ2308 : T 43 : Under restoration to AW condition..