XK421 & XP282 Auster AOP9 in South Lincolnshire.

XK421 & XP282 Auster AOP9’s in South Lincolnshire.

Today the 18th February 2017 I went to take pictures of two Auster AOP9’s under restoration in South Lincolnshire. I phoned the owner of the pair and made an appointment to take pictures of his projects.

  • The first XP282 Auster AOP9 is to be restored to flying condition.
HS1A6299Aircraft History : Auster AOP 9 – XP282
  • Built at Rearsby and first flown Jul 1961.
  • Delivered Aug 1961 to Middle Wallop and Allocated to 651Sqn.
  • Allocated to 13 Recce Flight 651Sqn  Aug/Sept 1961 at Aldergrove.
  • Transferred to 2 Recce Flight 651Sqn  Oct 1961 still at Aldergrove.
  • Allocated to 2nd Royal Tank Regiment.
  • Allocated to Queens Dragoon Guards.
  • To storage at 19 MU St Athan  Sept 1965 to Sept 1966.
  • Allocated to 14th Air Dispatch Regiment by Jul 1967 at Odiham.
  • Transferred  to 1st Air Despatch Regiment by Jul 1968 at Odiham.
  • to storage at 19MU St Athan by Sep 1969.
  • Stuck off charge Feb 1976 and sold to R.E Daglass at East Dereham and stored.
  • Sold to Stephen Vince Dereham  Jan 1979 , Restored to .
  • Placed on the British civil register on 12th Oct 1979 as G-BGTC.
  • Stephen Vince sold G-BGTC 21st May 1980 to Peter John Marsham , Peter was registered as new owner on 3rd June 1980.
  • G-BGTC was then sold to Albert Colin Byrne Norwich on 16th Nov 1983, Albert was registered as the new owner on 3rd Jan 1984.
  • G-BGTC was then sold to Adrianair in London 8th Nov 1988.
  • G-BGTC was sold to Peter Thomas Bolton Nottingham  19th Jan 1989.
  • On the 13th June 1989 G-BGTC had a Accident at 17-43 pm at Tollerton when landing on 09 in a 20 knot wind, The Aircraft swung sharply to starboard causing the port landing gear shock absorber strut to shear, Following the failure the port wing and propeller to strike the ground.
  • G-BGTC was sold on 9th Jun 2006 to Terrane  Auster group based at RAF Scampton.


  • XK421  Auster AOP9  – To be restored to static standard
  • f/f 28th Feb 1957
  • HS1A6322Delivered to Middle Wallop 6th Mar 1957.
  • Used for G.I at Middle Wallop 7th Nov 1963 as 8365M.
  • To 19MU St Athan  18th Jan 1967 for storage.
  • Declared Non – Effective 8th Nov 1968 and SOC.
  • To 2021 ATC Sqn at Coldicote 10th Oct 1969.
  • From 1976 it was delivered to Brunel Technical Collage Bristol and used in 1978 for G.I.
  • Oct 1983 to CARG at Innswoth and Broken up for spares in the restoration of XR267.
  • The Frame next went to the Stratford Aviation Museum at Long Marston.
  • The Frame  went next to Doncaster Area.
  • To  South Molton  Devon and stored with the Frame of XP286.

I will update as the projects progress. I would like to thank the owner for his time showing me around.