Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum – Flixton 7th August 2013.

Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum visit  – August 7th 2013
For a long time I have wanted to revisit the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum at Flixton in Suffolk so I checked the weather and sorted out the camera bag, I got away from home about 10-30am and had a quick look at the BBMF and  ASP ramp at Coningsby, I set off and arrived at Flixton around 13-10pm and had a good couple of hours looking round at this privately owned  Museum with plenty of unique aircraft and Autogyro’s. I had not visited for about 10 years so a lot had changed, Several new display Hangers and a lot more exhibits since my last visit.I have posted a log and pictures of what I viewed on the day.
Displayed outside.
WF643/F/611(West Lancs) Sqn marks/ Meteor F(TT)8- RAF marks.

42196/Thunderbirds marks/F-100D – USAF Markings.
54433/TR-433/20th FBG / T-33A – USAF Markings.
No.79/2-EG/ET2/8/ Mystere IVA – French Air Force marks.
XH892/J/23Sqn marks/Javalin FAW.9R – RAF marks.
146289/FG-289/T-28C Trojan – Zaire Airforce marks – Fuselage -US Navy VT-3 /2W marks on the other side.
XR485/Q/CFS/Whirlwind HAR.10 – RAF marks.
A-528/FMA Pucara -Argentinian Air Force marks.
No.3794/Mig -15bis – Czech Air Force marks -one side   – No.1972 / Polish Air Force marks on the other side.
 XJ482/713/766NAS marks/Sea Vixen FAW.1 – Royal Navy marks.
VX580/580/Veletta C.2- RAF marks
XM279/Canberra B(1)8 – Nose section.
WG789/Canberra B2 Mod – Nose section.
G-BDVS/ Fokker F-27 – Nose section – Air UK marks.
XN500/Jet Provest T3A – CSE Aviation marks.
WF128/HF-676/750NAS/Sea Prince T1 – Royal Navy marks.
WH840/Canberra T4 – RAF marks.
XG254/A/54Sqn marks/Hunter FGA6- RAF marks.
Blister Hanger
G-MTFK / Flexiform Striker – Micro light.
XK624/32/CFS marks / Vampire T11 – RAF marks.
WV605/T-B/6FTS marks / Provest T1 – RAF marks.
ZA175/899NAS marks/ Sea Harrier FA.2 – Royal Navy marks.
WV838/182/806NAS marks/Sea Hawk FGA6 Cockpit Section – Royal Navy marks.
XG329/A&AEE marks/Lightning F1 – RAF marks.
TD248/8Q-T/695Sqn marks/ Spitfire XVI Fuselage (reconstruction) – RAF marks.
LHS-1 (BAPC.147)/Benson B7 (Gyro glider)
P8140 (BAPC.71)/ZP-K/74Sqn marks/Spitfire FSM – RAF marks.
XA226/Grasshopper TX1 – RAF marks.
CDN/BGA1461/EON Primary. (Glider)
P3701/Hurricane I Fuselage – Under construction.
—– / UFM Icarus II.(Tail-less Biplane Hand Glider)
—– / Wasp Falcon 4 (Hand Glider)  &  —– / Antonov C .14 (Hand Glider)
The Ken Wallis Hall
G-AVDH ( “G-ARZB” )/Wallis WA-116 (Autogyro)
G-CDFW/Lovegrove Sheffy (Autogyro)
(G-BFIP) / Wallis Mono Replica.
G-MBUD/Skycraft Scout 2 (Micro light)
G-MMWL/Eurowing Goldwing (Micro light )
———- /Lovegrove Gyroplane ” The Discord “
Display Room
———- /Link Trainer Type D4
———- / Flying Trainer Type ANT-18
Boulton and Paul  Hanger 
——– / Felixstowe F5 Flying Boat – Nose section.
VL349/V7-Q/Avro C19 Anson – RAF marks.
JTA/BGA.4757/Colditz Cock Replica (Glider)
G-ASRF/Gowland Jenny Wren.
XG523/V/Sycomore HR.14 -Cockpit section.
G-MJVI /Lightwing Rooster 1 ( Micro light) – Hanging from the roof.
NC16676/CAP marks/Fairchild 24 CBF.
DUD/Grunau Baby III . (Glider)
XG518/ Rescue marks/ Sycomore HR.14 – RAF marks. 
XN304/B-W/848NAS/Whirlwind HAS.7 – Sand marks – Royal Navy.
G-APUG/ Luton Major.
G-BABY/ Taylor JT-2 Titch.

G-MJSU/MBA Tiger Cub  ( Micro light) – Hanging from the roof.
G-ANLW/Westlands/Westland Widgeon 2.
HKJ/BGA.4002/Penrose Pegasus 2 Replica (Glider) – Hanging from the roof.

BAPC.303/Goldfinch Amphibian 161.

BAPC.239-157/18/Fokker D.VIII 5/8th Scale replica – Luftwaffe marks.
HCG/BGA.3833/Maupin Woodcock (Glider)
BAPC.115/Mignet HM.14 Pou Du Ciel.
A great Museum with a very diverse collection , I would hope that there is something of interest for everyone that visits the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum.  As with most Air Museums space undercover is at a premium so exhibits are very close together , It makes taking pictures a challenge. The Cafe and shop were well stocked and the staff were very helpful. A long way from Coningsby but well worth the visit.

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