de Havilland Museum – London Colney 20th October 2019.

de Havilland Museum – London Colney
With two of the three DH Mosquito moved into the new Hangar while work is being done in the old display hall , I took a late decision to visit the Museum , I left Coningsby with a hope of being there for opening time at 10: 30 am and made it by 2 minutes. I paid my entrance fee and took a good look around , It had been many years since my last visit as the Comet 1 was just being stripped of paint, What a great job they have done on her in the Air France livery. I have posted a pictorial record of what I found at the Museum.
The Staff were very helpful on my visit allowing me access to get the right angle for my pictures.
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J7326 – DH53 Humming Bird (G-EBQP) – Fuselage only.
TL615 – Airspeed AS51 Horsa  II Nose section.
BAPC.232 – Airspeed AS58 Horsa Fuselage – Stored in the old Display hall.
G-ADOT – DH87B Hornet Moth.
G-ABLM – Cierva C24 Gyroplane.
LF789/R2-K – DH82B Queen Bee.
G-ANRX – DH82A Tiger Moth.
G-ACSR : DH88 – Replica.
J-1008 – DH Vampire FB 6 – Swiss Air Force markings.


WJ772 /H-CFS markings  Vampire T10
XJ565 :899NAS/127 : DH110 Sea Vixen FAW 2
XG730 :438 : DH112 Sea Venom FAW 23
WP790/T – DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 (G-BBNC)
NR833 – DH89 Dragon Rapide  (G-AKDR)
W4050 – DH98 Mosquito 1  Prototype.
TA122/UP-G – DH98 Mosquito FB Mk.VI.
TA634/8K-K-DH98 Mosquito B.Mk.35.
G-AOTI : DH114 Heron – Rolls – Royce markings.
G-ARBA – DH104 Dove 8 – BAe house colours.
G-ARYC : DH125 – c/n 25003.
XK659 -DH106  Comet C(RCM)2 – Nose section. – Outside.
DH106 Comet 2 Cockpit.
DH106 Comet 4 Nose section.
F-BGNX – DH106  Comet 1XB – Air France markings.
G-AVFH – DH121 Trident 3 – Forward Fuselage – BEA markings.
G-JEAO – BAe 146 – Fuselage.
I will return to the Museum when the new hangar is a operation and the collection has been moved into new positions.