LAA round the UK tour – Boston 27th June 2015

LAA round the UK tour – Boston 27th June 2015 HS1A6171 Boston Aero Club played host to some of the participants of the LAA round the UK rally, Aircraft were due to arrive on the Friday night & Saturday with some pilots night stopping before heading home. The Aircraft was on the back end of a week that than taken them up into Scotland and back. I made two visits to the Airfield at Wyberton Fen which sits between Hubberts Bridge and Boston on the A1121, One being in the early afternoon and returned in the evening.
I have listed the Microlight and light aircraft noted. I would also like to thank the Boston Aero Club for access given to take the pictures.
G-LESZ – Skystar Kitfox Mk 5 HS1A6057
G-CBGP – Ikarus C42 FB UK
G-TMCB – Skyranger 912(2)
G-SEEE – Quik GT-450
G-CTFC – Pegasus Quik
G-STOD – Savannah VG Jabiru
G-BIWN – Jodel D112
G-IBUZ – CZAW Sports Cruiser
G-BELV – Cessna F172M
G-JAYZ – CZAW Sports Cruiser
G-GTFC – Pegasus Quik
G-CEMZ – Pegasus Quik
G-CDKK – Pegasus Quik
D-MXII – Ikarus C42
G-CHMW – Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar SL
G-MWDB – CFM Shadow CD
G-JBSP – Jabiru SP-470
G-FJTH – Aeroprakt A22 Foxbat
Based Aircraft noted
G-MYPY – Pegasus Quantum 15
#G-CILT – Ikarus C42 FB100 Bravo
G-BXZV – CFM Streak Shadow
G-CETF – Flight design CTSW
G-CIOD – Quik Lite
G-NDPA – Ikarus C42
G-CFKU – Quik GT-450
New on the Airfield at Boston.
HS1A6202 If you want to give someone a unique Birthday present the airfield is also the home of Flight Deck Reality, They operate a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator that can be hired by the hour, This will give you the nearest chance you are ever going to get at flying a Boeing 737, You do think you are in the pilots seat.
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