Mothers day Fly-in at Fenland 31st March 2019.

Fenland 31st March 2019.

A visit to Fenland airfield to check out the “Mothers day Fly – In”. I arrived at Fenland to find a strong crosswind , A visit to the Cafe for breakfast followed after gaining permission to picture the resident Beagle Terrier II G-NTVE in it’s military marking as VX924.
I took myself off to the end of runway 08 and waited for any movements. I have posted a pictorial record of what I pictured on the day.
VX924/G-NTVE – Beagle Terrier III.

G-MICK – Cessna F172N * based.

G-CFGH – Jabiru J160 * based.

G-AVEH – SIAI S205 – 20R  * based.

G-CDAC – EV-97 Teameurostar . * based.

G-CFFJ – Flight Design CTSW.

G-BEAH – Auster Arrow.

G-JAKS – Piper Pa-28 – 160 Cherokee .

G-YRRO – Rotrsport UK Calidus.

G-RIVT – Vans RV-6 .

G-BONZ – Beech V35 Bonanza.

G-XILM – TL-3000 SIRIUS . – First time I had seen this type.

G-BHLE – CEA DR400/180 Regent.

I made my way home after the Regent and was happy to have pictured the Beagle Terrier.