UK registered No. 5 DHC Chipmunk & Beaver – Vintage & Warbird’s.

The iconic DHC -1 Chipmunk also known as the poor mans Mustang , Built at Chester and at Hatfield in vast numbers in the UK . A good number can be seen out and about also in a fare few survive in UK Aviation Museums,  Built for both the civil and military market many have retained the military marking they flew in with the RAF, Royal Navy & the Army. I have put a list of Chipmunks that can be viewed in the UK ,Eire as well as aircraft based in Europe.

Canadian Built
DHC-1A-1 Chipmunk
G-AKDN/11/ Built 1946/ Based in the UK.

UK Built
DHC-1  Chipmunk 22
Built 1950
G-BAPB/CI/ooo1/ex WB549/Flies as
WB550/C1/0002/Preserved in Canada
WB555/CI/ooo7/Used for spares at Breighton

WB556/CI/ooo8/Fuselage stored at Bournemouth -Hurn.
WB560/C1/0012/ survives as a PAX trainer in private hands.

WB561/C1/0013/ Preserved at Baldonnel Eire as IAC/199.
G-AOTF/CI/oo15/Built 1950/ex WB563/Mk 23/with Lycoming engine with single seat  ex Crop duster.

G-PVET/CI/0017/ex WB565/Flies as WB565 Army Red & white. coded X.
G-BYSJ/CI/oo21/ex WB589/Flies as  WB589 RAF Silver with yellow bands RAFC Cranwell  marks.

G-AOSF/C1/0023/ex WB571/ Flies in Germany as D-EOSR
WB584/C1/0036/ Survives as a PAX trainer preserved Carlisle
G-AOSY/CI/o037/ex WB585/Flies as WB585 T10 RAF Red & white coded M

G-AOTD/CI/oo40/ex WB588/Flies as WB588 T10 RAF Silver with yellow bands coded D
G-AOTR/CI/oo45/ex WB606/

G-BXIA/C1/0056/ex WB615/Flies as WB615 Army Red & white coded E.

G-APYG/CI/oo60/ex WB619/

WB624/C1/0065/Preserved at Newark Air Museum. in RAF Red and white.

WB626/C1/0068/ Survives as a PAX trainer preserved in Trenchard  Museum  Halton.
WB627/C1/0069/Fuselage at Dulwich Collage.
G-TRIC/CI/oo80/ex WB635 : Flies as  18013 RCAF  Yellow coded 013. Based in Spain
G-CHPY/CI/oo93/ex WB652.
WB657/CI/oo96/Flies as Royal Navy Red & grey coded 907 RNHF  Based at Yeovilton.
G-BXGO/CI/oo97/ex WB654/Flies as WB653 Army Red & white coded U.


OY-ATO/C1/0108/Flies as Danish Air Force P-129.

WB670/CI/o118/Survives as a PAX trainer – Preserved Carlisle.
G-BWTG/CI/o119/ex WB671/Flies as
G-AORW/CI/0130/ex WB682/Flies as
WB685: CI/o133/Wears  RAF Silver –  Stored  at Sunderland Museum.
D-EPCL/CI/o137/ex WB689/
G-APLO/CI/o144/ex WB696/Flies as G-APLO.

G-BXCT/CI/o145/ex WB697/Flies as RAF Red & white coded 95.

G-AOFE/CI/o150/ ex WB702/Flies as
G-ARMC/CI/o151/ ex WB703/Flies as WB703 RAF Siler with yellow bands.

G-APPM/CI/o159 /ex WB711/Flies as WB711 RAF Red & white.

G-CMNK/CI/o173 /ex WB721/Flies as
G-AOSK/CI/o178 /ex WB726/Flies as WB726/ RAF Silver with yellow bands coded E  Oxford UAS marks.

G-AOUO/CI/o179/ex WB730/ Lycoming engine. – Glider tug with the RAFGSA.

G-AOUP/CI/o180 /ex WB731/Flies as
G-AOJZ/CI/o181 /ex WB732/W/o wreck stored at Sandtoft.
G-ATDE/CI/o182 /ex WB733/ Preserved at Aero Venture Doncaster as WB733.
G-AOZP/CI/o183/ex WB734/Flies as G-AOZP.


F-AZVA/CI/o188 /ex WB739/Flies as
G-AOJR/CI/o205 /ex WB756/Flies as G-AOJR – Based in Belgium.

WB758/CI/o207 /ex WB759/ Stored.
G-BCOO/CI/o209/ex WB760/Flies as
G-BCOY/C1/0212/ex WB762/ Lycoming engine – Glider tug  – Based at Husbands Bosworth.

G-BBMR/CI/o213 /ex WB763/Flies as G-BBMR.
G-AOSU/CI/o217 /ex WB766/  Based in Hungary.
G-BBND/CI/o225/ex WD286/Flies as WD286 RAF Slver with yellow bands.

G-BCRX/CI/o232 /ex WD292/Flies as
Built 1951
G-ARMD/CI/o237 /ex WD297/ WFU put in storage.
G-BWUN/CI/o253 /ex WD310/Flies as
G-AOZJ/CI/o256/ex WD319/ Flies as OY-ATF Danish Air Force  Silver & dayglow coded P-
G-BDCC/CI/o258 /ex WD321/ Preserved a Boscombe Down aviation collection.
WD325/CI/o263/ Stored  WD325 Army Red & white coded N Army Air Corps Historic Flt.
G-ATVF/CI/o265 / Lycoming engine – Flies with the RAFGA as a Glider tug.

G-BXDH/CI/o270/ex WD331/Flies as
WD335/CI/o276 /Survives as a PAX trainer in private hands.
G-HDAE/C1/280/ex CS-DAE-FAP 1304/ Flies as WP964.

G-BBRV/CI/o287/ex WD347/Flies as RAF WD327 Grey & dayglow UAS marks to HB-TUT.

G-BBMN/CI/o300 /ex WD359/Flies as
G-BCIH/CI/o304/ex WD363/Flies as
G-BXDI/CI/0312 /ex WD373/Flies as Flies as WD373 RAF Red & white coded 12.

WD386/CI/0325 / Fuselage – Stored
G-BDDD/CI/o326 /ex WD387/Flies as
G-BDIC/CI/o328/ex WD388/Flies as WD388 RAF Red & white   D-EPAK.
G-BWNK/CI/o317 /ex WD390/Flies as RAF Red & white coded 68.
WG300/CI/o355/ Survives as a PAX trainer at Bicester.
WG303/CI/o369 /Survives as a PAX trainer. at Hooton park.
G-BYHL/CI/o361/ex WG308/Flies as RAF Red & white coded 8- 7AEF marks.

G-BCAH/CI/o372 /ex WG316/Flies as WG316  RAF Red &white coded 22.

G-DHCC/CI/o393 /ex WG321/Flies as  Army red & white coded G , Based in Belgium.

G-ARMF/CI/o394/ex WG322/Flies as WG322 / H
G-BBMV/CI/o432/ex WG348/Flies as WG348 RAF Silver with Yellow bands.

WG362/CI/o455 / Survives as a PAX trainer at Ely.
G-BWMX/CI/o481 /ex WG407/Flies as WG407 RAF Red & white coded 67 Liverpool/Manchester UAS marks.

G-BBNA/CI/o491 /ex WG417/ Lycoming engine – used as a Glider tug.

WG419/CI/o493/ Survives as a PAX trainer – Preserved at Sywell Museum.

G-BFAX/CI/o496 /ex WG422/Flies as WG322 / 16 RAF red & white markings.

N458BG/CI/o508 /ex WG458/ wears WG458 / 2 RAF red & white.-  Based at Breighton.

G-BCEY/CI/0505/ex WG465/ Flies as WG465 RAF Silver 7 yellow bands.

WG466/CI/o466 / Preserved at Gatow  Museum.
G-BWJY/CI/o519 /ex WG469/  Based in Eire.
G-BBSS/CI/0520/ex WG470/ Lycoming engine – used as a Glider tug.

WG471/CI/o521 / Survives as a PAX trainer.
G-AOTY/CI/o522/ex WG472/Flies as RAF Silver with yellow bands.
G-BCSL/CI/o524 /ex WG474/Flies as

G-BFGC/CI/o525/ex WG475/ Flies as
WG477/CI/o527 / Survives as a PAX trainer at  RAF Scampton Museum
G-BCCX/CI/0531/ex WG481/ Lycoming engine used as a Glider tug.
WG486/CI/o536 / Flies as WG486 with the BBMF RAF Black with white bands coded G.

WG486 in Bristol UAS markings still flying with the BBMF.
G-BVBT/CI/o547/ex WK511/ Sold in New Zealand.
G-BXIM/CI/o548 /ex WK512/Flies as

G-BBMO/CI/o550/ex WK514/Flies as WK514 RAF Siler & dark blue.

G-ULAS/CI/o554 /ex WK517/Flies as WK517 RAF Silver with yellow bands.

WK518/CI/o555 /Flies as WK518 RAF  Silver  with dayglo stripes coded C Hull UAS marks.

G-BARS/CI/o557 /ex WK520/Flies as 1377 Portuguese Air Force.

G-BCOU/CI/o559/ex WK522/Flies as WK522 RAF Silver with yellow stripes  56Sqn marks.

G-BBMZ/CI/o563/ex WK548/Flies as
G-BTWF/CI/o564 /ex WK549/Flies as  RAF Silver with yellow bands.
G-ARMG/CI/o575 /ex WK558/Flies as

F-AZUR: CI/o580/ex WK562/Flies as
D-ELLY/CI/o584 /ex WK565/ Flies as 
WK570/CI/o590/ Survives as a PAX trainer –  Preserved at Southampton Museum.
G-BCYM/CI/o598/ ex WK577/Flies as WK577 


WK584/CI/0607/Survives as a PAX trainer.
G-BZGA/CI/o608/ex WK585 : Flies as
G-BXGX/CI/o609/ex WK586/Flies as  WK586 RAF Red & white.

G-BWVZ/C1/0614/ex WK590/Flies as
WK608/C1/0617/ Flies as Royal Navy Grey & red coded 906 with Royal Navy Historic flight.

G-BXDN/C1/0618/ex WK609/Flies as

G-ARWB /C1/0621/ex WK611/ Flies as WK611 RAF Silver with yellow bands.

WK420/C1/0620 / Stored at Enstone.
G-BCZH/C1/0635/ex WK622/Under rebuild at Breighton.
G-BWHI/C1/0637/ex WK624/Flies as
WK626/C1/0639/ Preserved at Aeroventure  Doncaster.

G-BXDG/C1/0644/ex WK630/Flies as RAF red & white  8Sqn marks.

G-BXEC/C1/0647/ex WK633/Flies as
G-CIGE/C1/0648/ex WK634/Flies as
G-HFRH/C1/0649/ex WK635/Flies as WK635/Royal Navy Grey & red

G-BWJZ/C1/0653/ex WK638/Under rebuild.
G-BWUV/CI/o655/ex WK640/Flies as RAF Red & white coded C – W/O remains to Hooton park.
EI-AFZ/CI/o659/ex WK642/Flies as WK642 / 94 RAF markings
WP772/CI/o661/ Preserved Manston Aviation Museum.
WP784/CI/0675/Preserved at East Midlands Aeropark.

G-BBWI/CI/o676/ex WP785/ Sold in Sweden as SE-FOO.
G-BCHL//CI/o680/ex WP788/ Flies as WP788 RAF Silver with yellow bands.

G-BBNC/C1/0682/ex WP790/ RAF Grey with dayglow stripes coded T.  Preserved at London Colney.

G-BVZZ : C1/0687 : Built 1952 : ex WP795 : flies as WP795 Navy Grey with Red stripes coded 901 : Based Lee on Solent.
G-BCSA/C1/0691/ex WP799/Based at Shenington.
G-BCXN/C1/0692/ex WP800/ Flies as WP800 RAF Silver with red cheek line. coded 2.

G-HAPY/CI/o697/ex WP803/Flies as WP803 RAF Red and white.

G-MAJR/C1/0699/ex WP805/ Flies as
G-BCHV/C1/0703/ex WP807/ Flies as
G-BDEU/C1/0704/ex WP808/ Stored
G-BVTX/C1/0705/ex WP809/Flies as WP809 Royal Navy Grey & red coded 78.
G-BCKN/C1/0717/ex WP811/Based at RAF Cranwell.
G-BBMT/C1/0712/ ex WP831/
D-ERTY : CI/o718/ex WP835/Flies as
G-BXDM/CI/o723/ex WP840/ To France as F-AZQM.
G-BWOX/CI/o728/ ex WP844 : Flies as
WP845/CI/o729/Survives as a PAX trainer – Stored Bruntingthorpe.
HB-TUG/CI/0731/ex WP847/Flies as
G-BFAW/CI/o733/ex WP848/Flies a

F-AZUU/CI/o736/ ex WP85/Flies a
G-BXCP/CI/0744/ex WP859/Flies as
G-BXDA/C1/0747/ex WP860/Flies as 
WP863: CI/o750 / Survives as a PAX trainer.
SE-FNP/CI/o756 /ex WP867/Flies as
WP869/CI/o758/Survives as a PAX trainer – Preserved LondonColney.
G-BCOI/CI/o759/ex WP870/Flies as
G-BWVY /CI/o766 /ex WP896/Flies as

F-AZJL   /CI/o771/ex WP900/Flies a
G-BWNT/CI/o772/ex WP901/Flies as WP901 coded B Taken at Tollerton

G-BCGC/CI/o776/ex WP903/Flies as WP903 RAF Royal red.

G-BNZC: CI/o778 : Built 1955 : ex WP905: Flies as 671 RCAF Yellow

WP912/CI/o786 :/Preserved at the RAF Museum Cosford. RAF Silver with yellow bands.

F-AZFM/CI/o7899/ ex WP914/Flies as
G-APPA/CI/o792/   ex WP917/Flies as
G-ATJJ/CI/o797    /ex WP921 /Survives as a PAX trainer. – Displayed Brooklands Museum.
G-BBMX/CI/o800/ex WP924/Sold as OY-MIK.
G-BXHA/CI/o801/ex WP925/Flies as
G-ATJK/CI/o805/ex WP927/Survives as a PAX trainer.
G-BXGM/CI/o806/ex WP928/Flies as


G-BXCV/CI/o807/ex WP929/Flies as

G-BXHF : CI/o808/ex WP930/Flies as Army Red & white coded J.

WP962/CI/o809/Preserved at the RAF Museum Hendon  marks 7AEF coded C.


F-AZJQ/CI/o829/ex WP967/Flies as
G-ATHD/CI/o792/ex WP971/Flies as WP971 RAF Silver – RAFC blue band.


G-BCPU/CI/o839/ex WP973/Flies as WP973 RAF Grey.

.G-BCPU  when in British Airways marks.
G-BAVH/CI/o841/ex WP975/Flies as


G-BHRD/CI/o843/ex WP977/Survives as a cockpit section.
G-BXNN/CI/o849/ex WP983/Flies as
G-BWTO/CI/o852/ex WP984/Flies as
G-CPMK/CI/o866/ex WZ847/Flies as WZ847 RAF Red 7 white  6AEF coded F.

WZ869/CI/o900/ Survives as a PAX trainer at St Athan Museum.( Cockpit Fest 14/6/2015)
G-BZGB/CI/o905/ex WZ872/Flies as
G-BBWN/CI/o913/ex WZ876/ Cockpit section displayed at Trngmere Museum.
F-AZLI/CI/o915/ex WZ877/Flies as
F-****/CI/o916/ex WZ878/ To France – stored.
G-BWUT/CI/o918/ex WZ879 : Flies as
G-BXGL: CI/o924/ ex WZ884.
G-ANWB /CI/o987/
OGMA Built Chipmunks in Portugal.
G-CERD/14/ex 1324/ Flies as WK640 RAF Silver


G-SETH/30/ex 1340/ Flies as
G-OACP/35/ex 1345/ Flies as G-OACP –

G-CGAO/40/ex 1350/ Flies a
G-CDWF/43/ex 1353/ Flies as

G-ITWB/48/ex 1358/ Flies as
G-BYYU/50/ex 1360/ 
G-DHPM/55/ex 1365/ Flies as FAP 1365.

G-UANO/57/ex 1367/ Flies as FAP 1367
G-CHPM/59/ex 1369/ Flies as
G-CBJG/63/ex 1373/ Flies as FAP 1373.

F-AZJV/65/ex 1375/Flies as  FAP 1375

The DHC-2 Beaver AL1 was used by the British Army based at Middle Wallop, Three aircraft were retained after retirement two going to the Army Air Corps Museum and a third is operated by the Army Air Historic flight.
DHC – 2 Beaver
G-DHCZ/c/n 1442/ex G-BUCJ ex  XP772/ AW

G-CICP/c/n 1483/ex XP820/ AW
G-EVWK/c/n 672/ex N613WB/ AW .

XP821/c/n 1484/ Preserved in the Army Air Corps Museum Middle Wallop.

XP822/c/n 1486/Preserved in the Army Air Corps Museum Middle Wallop.