De Havilland Day and Fly-in at East Kirkby 7th May 2019.

De Havilland Day and Fly-in at East Kirkby 7th May 2019.

With the prospect of seeing a DH Mosquito NF11 with both Merlin running and it moving under it’s own power after a 49 year restoration I decided to visit the Lincolnshire Aviation Centre at East Kirkby. I arrived about 10:00am and checked out the hangar first with the C-47A 100882 “Drag em oot” and the Canberra front Fuselage.

The Avro Lancaster “Just Jane” was parked outside with the DH Mosquito over on the live side doing an Engine run, it was good to see both engines running , I was able to picture her with no people around her.

Also parked nearby was Jeremy Halls Avro Lancaster 10AR  reconstruction fuselage KB976.

The first of the aircraft visitors had started to arrive so I moved down near the active runway to see and picture what had arrived.
Visitors to the Fly – in.
G-CCEM : Aerotechnik EV-97A Eurostar : Built 2003.

N3788 : Miles M14A Hawk Trainer 3 (G-AKPF) : Built 1941 : Royal Air Force markings.

G-CJHF : Eurofox 912(IS) : Built 2016 :

G-ECAN : DH 84 Dragon : Built 1943 :

G-HELL : Sonex : Built 2015 : A local visitor from North Coates.

G-APBW : Auster 5A : Built 1957 :

1350 : DHC-1 Chipmunk 22  (G-CGAO) : Built 1958 :  FAP markings.

WG308 : DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 (G-BYHL) : Built 1051 : RAF markings.

LF858 : DH82B Queen Bee (G-BLUZ) : Built 1944  : RAF markings.

The first Lancaster Taxy run of the day.
NX611 : Lancaster BVII :(G-ASXX)  Built 1945 : RAF markings.

I missed the second Mosquito engine run due to being at the wrong end of the flight line.

More visitors arrived in the shape of
N6847 : DH82A Tiger Moth ( G-APAL) : Built 1939 : RAF markings.

G-BPAJ : DH82A Tiger Moth : Built 1940 :

G-AJIW : Auster J1/N Alpha : Built 1947 :

G-BXGL : DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 : Built 1953 : arriving from Wickenby.

WK630 : DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 (G-BXDG) : Built 1950 : RAF markings.

G-ALUC : DH82A Tiger Moth : Built 194 RAF markings arriving from Sherburn.

G-ECAN headed for home

This DH Leopard Moth nearly ended up off the end of the runway but all was well.
G-ACMA : DH85 Leopard Moth : Built 1934.

G-CFCT : EV-97 Teameurostar UK : Built 2008.

G-IIRW : Vans RV-8 : Built 2002.

G-AXNS : Beagle Pup Series 2 : Built 1969.

G-HMHM : Rotosport UK Mtosport. : Built 2009.

G-CCRK : Luscombe8A  Silvaire : Built 1946.

MK356 : QJ-3 : BBMF : Spitfire LF IXe  – 3 x Flypasts.

Lancaster Taxy run number 2 of the day.

The peoples Lancaster, with one very lucky Lady in the nose..

With the weather turning some of the aircraft visitors started to depart for home.
LF858 DH82B Queen Bee.

N3788 : Miles M14A Hawk Trainer 3 (G-AKPF) :

Before the Mosquito run we had the first display of the Vintage Pair , A pair of DHC-1 Chipmunks flown by display pilots Jon Higgins and David Petters.

Mosquito engine run was the reason for attending  the event, It was very moving seeing this remarkable restoration move forward under it’s own power for the first time after 40 years of restoration  , After the engines were shut down the gathered crowd burst into applause , A fitting end to a great event.
The “Spirit Of Val”.


Well done to all involved in this great feat of engineering.