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Welcome to Coningsby Aviation site,

This Web site aims to cover all the comings and goings at RAF Coningsby on a  daily basis, We have no official links with RAF Coningsby or claim to do so.

ZK349 : GN-A 29(R)Sqn  70th year B o B special marked Typhoon FGR4.


My name is Kevin Mape AKA Milky01, I first came to Coningsby in 1970, in those days Phantom FGR 2’s were based here and I became a regular visitor of all the bases in Lincolnshire, I moved to Coningsby in 1998 and was the local Dairy Manager which is the reason I have the name Milky.

ZK353 : 29(R)Sqn 100 year marked Typhoon FGR4.


I have placed pictures on this page of some of the special  marked based jets that have been used for display or have been painted for a special reason.

ZJ936 : QO-C  : 3(F)Sqn 100 year marked Typhoon FGR4.


We will not report active movements that would put any aircrew or passengers on operations or deployments at risk until we know they have reached their destination. We cover movements, code changes of Coningsby based aircraft as well as the RAF Typhoon fleet operating at other bases including Bae Warton.

ZK343 : 29(R)Sqn display marked Typhoon FGR4


All the pictures on the site are taken by me, Please do not copy or use them without my permission.

ZJ947 : 17(R)TES  Special disbandment marked Typhoon FGR4. This Typhoon did not keep it’s marks for long.


If you come to Coningsby please could you send me a log of what you have seen as I am not at the base all day every day, Lots of people that visit as well as the regulars that send logs are credited  in the movement section.

ZK308 : 29(R)Sqn D-day special marked Typhoon FGR4.


We also cover all aviation both civil & military that is seen in Lincolnshire be it stored, on rebuild, preserved, airworthy or derelict.

AE436 Hampden I at East Kirkby under rebuild.


ZJ925 : DXI 11Sqn 100 year Typhoon FGR4


ZK315 : 41(R)TES 100 year Typhoon FGR4


ZA600 : EB-G 41(R)TES Tornado GR4 – 95 year marks


ZA614 : EB-Z 41(R)TES London 2012 special Tornado GR4

MG_84851.jpgZH106 : 8Sqn 100 year  marked E-3D Sentry AEW1.


ZA560 / EB-Q / 41(R)TES 100 year marks / Tornado GR4.

HS1A7020 ZA607 / EB-X / 41(R)TES 100 year marks / Tornado GR4.


ZG775 / EB -Z / 41(R)TES 100 year marks / Tornado GR4.


Thank you for visiting our web site, I hope you have found something of interest. If you would like to e-mail me my address is kevin_mape or you can follow us on Facebook at Milky01 Coningsby Aviation site.for daily blogs.

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