Doncaster AeroVenture Museum

South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum
Dakota Way,Airborne Road,
Sat Nav DN4 7NW
February 29th 2012
I had a spare day from work so i decided to visit AeroVenture at Doncaster, It has been a far few years since my last visit to Doncaster and there has been a lot of buildings put up around the Museum, I arrived at the race course only to find it a little hard to find.
The staff at the Museum were helpful and friendly and on asking let me over the ropes to get better positions to take my pictures.I also had the tour of the stored airframes and nothing was any trouble for any of the staff.
I have posted a pictorial log of what i viewed on my day at the Museum.
The first building No.19
1.XN511/12 Jet Provest Cockpit Section
2.G-BOCB HS 125 – 1B Cockpit Section
3,WJ476 Vickers Veletta Cockpit Section
4.XM411 BAC Jet Provest T3 Cockpit section
5.G-ATXH Jetstream 200 Cockpit section
6.XX669/B  Bulldog T1 Birmingham UAS
Outside around the  Museum
7.XL388 Vulcan B2 Cockpit section
8.XH584 Canberra T4 Cockpit section
9.WJ975 Canberra T19 Cockpit section
10.WJ565 Canberra T17 Cockpit section
11.WD935 Canberra B2 Cockpit section
12.XX736 BAC Jaguar GR1 Cockpit section 54Sqn Badge
13.XX477 Jetstream T1 Fuselage ex 6FTS
14.XL149 Blackburn Beverley T1 Cockpit section
15.HB-NAV Beagle Pup Cockpit section
16.XR754 Lightning Cockpit section
17.G-APMY PA-23 Apache
 18.XV752 HS Harrier GR3
19.E-424 Hawker Hunter F51
20.WF122/Cu-575 750Sqn Percival Sea Prince T1
21.XM350/89 Jet Provest T3A
22.XV677 Sea King HAS 6
23.XS887 Wessex HAS 1
24.XN386 Whirlwind HAS 9
25.XP706 Lightning F6
26.XV139 Scout AH1
27.XN979 Blackburn Buccaneer B2 Cockpit section
Storage Area
28.XT236/C Sioux AH1
29.G-BAML Bell 206 Jet Ranger II  (C/N 36 )
Store Shed 1
30.XD377/47 Vampire T11 Pod
31.WP255 Vampire NF10 Pod
32.G-MJPO Modern Air Sports Goldwing
33.WX788 Venom NF3 Pod (yellow stored under G-MJPO )
To the left of the Shed
34.WN499 Dragonfly HR3
Store Shed 2
35.No.333 Vampire T55 Pod Iraqi Air Force
Store Shed 3
36.WK353 Venom FB1  Pod
37. WT917 Cadet TX3
Restoration Section
38.WA662 Meteor T7 (Cockpit section ) The rest of the Meteor was stored around the site.
39.G-AEJZ HM14 Flying Flea
40.XE317 Sycamore HR14
Outside Main Entrance
41.XW666 Nimrod R1 Cockpit section
Main Display Hanger
42.WL131 Meteor F8 Cockpit section
43.XG297/Y Hunter FGA 9 Cockpit section – 20Sqn badge
44.N-302 Hunter T7 Cockpit section – Royal Dutch Air Force
45.ZD938 Tornado F2 Cockpit section 228OCU Chevron
46.G-OPFN HS 748 Cockpit section
47.VP519 Avro C19 Cockpit section
48.N4565L Douglas DC-3-201A
49.G-ACBH/G-ADFO Blackburn B2 Fuselage
50.XP345 Whirlwind HAR 10 UN marks 84Sqn Cyprus
51.K-158 Austin Whippet Replica
52.G-MMDK Mainair Tri Flyer
53.G-MJKP Hiway Sky Trike
54.RT520 Auster V Fuselage Frame
55.KB976 Avro Lancaster Rear Fuselage and Tail Turret
56.G-MVNT Whittaker MW5-K
57.WJ903 Vickers Varsity Cockpit section
58.XT242/12 Sioux AH1 UN marks
59.XM561 Skeeter AOP12
60.WE987 Slingsby Prefect TX1
61.WB733 DHC-1 Chipmunk T10
62.Ei-JWM Robinson R-22
63.FX322 Havard IIB Cockpit section
64.—- Bleriot IX Replica
65.XN238 Slingsby Cadet Cockpit section
66.XA870/911 Whirlwind HAR1  Royal Navy
67.XS216 Jet Provest T4 Cockpit section
68.XX411/X Gazelle AH1 Royal Marines
69.XE935 Vampire T11
70.G-DELB Robinson R-22
71.G-MYJX Whittaker MW8
72.WB969 Sedbergh TX1
73.SN280 Hawker Tempest V  Cockpit section
74.——– Waco CG-4 Hadrian Replica Cockpit section
75.XS481 Wessex HU5
76.G-AVAA Riems Cessna F150G
77.ZE294 / 11Sqn Tornado F3 Tail
78.WT741/791  Hunter GA11
79.XJ398 Whirlwind HAR10
A Museum that is well worth a visit.

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