Ex British Military – No.9 English Electric Lightning

UK – Cold War survivors No.7 E.E. Lightning
The first flight of the English Electric Lightning took place on the 4th August 1954 ,The F1 entered service with the RAF in May 1960.

This list only covers aircraft in the UK.
The fastest fighter of it’s time but the range was the major problem.
Updated – 1st January 2019.

P1A Lightning
Whole aircraft
WG760 : P1A Lightning : Preserved inside the RAF Museum Cosford .

WG763 : P1A Lightning : Preserved inside  MOSI in Manchester.


P1B Lightning
Whole aircraft
XA947 : P1B Lightning : Private -stored Kettleburgh area Suffolk .

Lightning F1
Cockplt section
XG327 :  Lightning F1 : Private in the Thetford area of Norfolk.

 Lightning F1/3
Whole aircraft
XG329 : Lightning F1/3 : Displayed inside at Norfolk And Suffolk Aviation Museum.

XG337 :Lightning F1/3 : Displayed at the RAF Museum Cosford.

Lightning F1
Whole aircraft.
XM135 : Lightning F1 : Displayed inside the Imperial War Museum Duxford  in 74Sqn/B  markings.

Nose section
XM144 : Lightning F1 : Under restoration at Spark Bridge Cumbria. – To go to Eire.

Lightning F1A
Whole aircraft
XM172 : Lightning F1A :Private in the Spark Bridge area of Cumbria coded 172.
XM173 : Lightning F1A : Preserved  at the Dyson Factory – Malmesbury in 56Sqn/A markings.
XM192 : Lightning F1A : Preserved a Thopre Camp – Tattershall Thorpe in 111Sqn/K special  markings.

Nose section
XM169 : Lightning F1A : Displayed outside at – Morayvia Museum Kinloss in 23Sqn markings.
XM191 :Lightning F1A : Private – Grey with Sharks mouth – Thorpe Wood, Selby area North Yorks.

Lightning F2
Nose section
XN726 :Lightning F2 : Displayed inside  Boscombe Down Aviation Collection in 19Sqn & 92Sqn markings.
Cockpit section
XN728 :Lightning F2 : Private – Under restoration at Binbrook  Lincs.

Lightning F2A
Whole aircraft
XN726 :Lightning F2A : Displayed inside East Fortune Museum in 92Sqn/C markings.
Nose section
XN794 :Lightning F2A : Private in the Rayleigh area Essex .

Lightning F3
Whole aircraft
XP706 :Lightning F3 : Stored dismantled at AeroVenture Doncaster Sooth Yorks.

XP745 : Lightning F3: Stored inside dismantled at Greenford, Ealing in 29Sqn/H markings.
XR713 : Lightning F3 : Preserved outside at Bruntingthorpe in 111Sqn & 56Sqn/C wears XR718.

XR718 :Lightning F3 : Stored outside dismantled in LTF/DA markings –  Over Dinsdale, Middleton St. George area
XR749 :Lightning F1A : Displayed outside in LTF Special markings.- Private – Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
Nose section
XP701 :Lightning F3 : Displayed outside Robertsbridge Museum , Mayfield in 11Sqn markings.
XP743 :Lightning F3 : Displayed inside AAC Wattisham Museum in 56Sqn markings.
XP751 :Lightning F1A : Private in the Thorpe Wood, Selby area.
Cockpit section
XP703 :Lightning F3 : Private displayed at Bruntingthorpe Airfield in 74Sqn markings.

XP757 :Lightning F3 : Private in Boston Lincs.

Lightning T5 
Whole aircraft
XS416 :Lightning T5 : Private – under restoration in LTF/DU markings – In the New York area Lincs.
XS417 :Lightning T5 : Displayed outside in LTF/DZ markings at Newark Air Museum Windthorpe.

XS420 :Lightning T5 : Displayed outside in 226OCU/420 markings – At the Farnborough Museum.
XS456 :Lightning T5 : Displayed outside in LTF/DX markings at Skegness Airfield.

XS458 :Lightning T5 : Private in 111Sqn special markings – Kept in taxy run status – Cranfield Airfield Beds.
XS459 :Lightning T5 : Displayed outside in 5Sqn/AW markings – Fenland Aviation  Museum – on the West Walton Highway Norfolk.
Nose section
XS421 :Lightning T5 :  Private in the Rayleigh area Essex.
XS457 :Lightning T5 : Private – Stored on Binbrook  Airfield in 5Sqn markings.

XV328 :Lightning T5 : Preserved at Bruntingthorpe   – Leics.

Lightning F6
Whole aircraft
XR724 :Lightning F6 : G-BTSY : Preserved outside on Binbrook Airfield in 5Sqn/AE markings.

XR725 :Lightning F6 : Displayed in Binbrook Village in 11Sqn/BA special markings.

XR728 :Lightning F6 : Preserved in taxy status in LTF/JS markings at Bruntingthorpe – Leics.

XR753 :Lightning F6 : Preserved at RAF Coningsby in 11Sqn/XI special markings.

XR755 :Lightning F6 : Preserved at  Pencrebar House Callington Cornwall  in 11Sqn/BN markings.
XR770:Lightning F6 : Displayed at RAF Manston Heritage Museum in 5Sqn/AA special markings.
XR771 :Lightning F6 : Displayed outside at the Midland Air Museum – Bagington. 5Sqn/AN markings
XS897 :Lightning F6 : Displayed at RAF Coningsby in 29Sqn/A “XP765” markings.

XS903 :Lightning F6 : Displayed outside at the Yorkshire Aviation Museum in 11Sqn/BA markings.

XS904 :Lightning F6 : Preserved in Taxy condition at Bruntingthorpe in 11Sqn/BQ markings.
XS925 :Lightning F6 : Preserved inside in 11Sqn/BA markings at RAF Museum – Hendon.

XS928:Lightning F6 : Displayed at BAe Warton in 5Sqn/AD markings.
XS936 :Lightning F6 : Displayed at Castle Motors – Liskeard – Cornwall in 111Sqn markings.
Nose section
XR726 :Lightning F6 :  Private in the Harrogate Area of Yorkshire.
XR747 :Lightning F6 : Private in the Bideford area Devon.
XR754 :Lightning F6 : Stored outside at AeroVenture – Doncaster.

XR757 :Lightning F6 : Displayed outside Newark Air Museum – Winthorpe.

XR759 :Lightning F6 : Private in the Haxey area of Lincs.
XS932 :Lightning F6 : Private in the Walcott area of Lincs.

XS933 :Lightning F6 : Private in the Farnham area Surrey.
XS898 :Lightning F6 : Private under cover at Lavendon Bucks.

Lightning F53
Whole aircraft
ZF578 :Lightning F53 : Displayed inside Tangmere aviation Museum in 23Sqn/A “XR753” markings.
ZF579 :Lightning F53 : Displayed in Saudi Air Force marking at the Gatwick Aviation Museum – Charlwood.
ZF580 :Lightning F53 : Displayed at the  Newquay Aerohub in 74Sqn/A “XR768 “markings ..

ZF581 :Lightning F53 : Displayed at the Bentwaters  Cold War Museum in 56Sqn special markings.
ZF583 :Lightning F53 : Displayed outside at the Solway Aviation Museum – Carlisle in 11Sqn markings.
ZF584 :Lightning F53 : Displayed outside in 111Sqn special markings at Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum.
ZF588 :Lightning F53 : Displayed outside in 74Sqn/L markings at The East Midland Aeropark.

ZF592 :Lightning F53 : Displayed outside in Saudi Airforce 53-686 Markings at Norwich Aviation Museum.
ZF594 :Lightning F53 : Displayed outside in 11Sqn “XS933” markings at the North East Aviation Museum. Sunderland.
Nose section
ZF582 :Lightning F53 : Displayed outside at Bournmouth Aviation Museum.
Cockpit section
ZF587 :Lightning F53 : Displayed outside at Headcorn – kent.
ZF589 :Lightning F53 : Displayed inside Gatwick Aviation Museum – Charlwood.
ZF590 :Lightning F53 : Private – Stored at Bruntingthorpe Leics.

Lightning T55
Whole aircraft
ZF598 :Lightning T55 : Displayed as Saudi Air Force 55-713/C at the Midland Air Museum – Bagington.

Nose section
ZF596 : Lightning T55 : Private  in the  Spark Bridge area of Cumbria.
ZF595 : Lightning T55 : Stored on Binbrook Airfield.