Lincolnshire Airfields No.45 Wickenby Aerodrome.

Lincolnshire Airfields – No.45 Wickenby Aerodrome
Wickenby was built between 1942 and the start of 1943 as a standard three runway Heavy Bomber Base and was used by the RAF’s 12 & 626Sqn’s during the War. The base closed in 1958 and in 1964 was opened to general Aviation.
Today the Aerodrome is used by Cooper Ariel  Survey’s as well as a Restoration place for vintage aircraft and a Flying school. A diverse amount of aircraft are based at Wickenby from the pre first world war  Pruett JT-1 Pusher replica build in the USA in 1960 and was imported  in 2014 to the latest top aerobatic aircraft. About 60 or so aircraft are based or are stored or being rebuilt at the last count.
Please note this is a private airfield and the Hangars are not for the public to wander round , There is a great Café and museum telling the history of the Airfield in the war.
Wickenby is a place I visit regularly when in the area. I have posted pictures taken over the last year or so.
Noted in the Skunk works on a recent visit.
G-CILD Pruett JP-1 Pusher


G-CDWE/Nord NC-856B


G-YAKA/Yak 50




NJ728/G-AIKE Auster 5
Stored on the Aerodrome
XE624/Hawker Hunter


G-BBTJ/Aztec E


Based aircraft include Tiger moth’s, Auster’s and Chipmunk’s.