Lincolnshire treasure trove of Austers.

A Lincolnshire treasure trove of Austers.

A spare afternoon and a couple of phone calls sorted out a visit to an aircraft workshop not 20 miles away from Coningsby, I have a passion for Austers so the prospect of seeing up to four together with a Beagle Husky was a bonus.
I arrived at the appointed time to meet the workshop owner and had a most interesting couple of hours with a man that has worked on and rebuilt aircraft all of his working life.In another Barn he had a damaged Gulfstream G-164D Agcat which I last noted at Wickenby airfield in 1992 and in the other side of the barn a cache of  Piper cub frames which had been swapped after cub accidents, I believe they are ex Sibsey.
To protect the above I am not going to disclose the workshop location or the workshop owner.
1.G-AHSO – 1946 built Auster J/1N

2.G-AIGP – 1946 built Auster  5 J/1 –  WFU 1973
3,G-AIPV – 1946 built Auster Autocrat 5 J/1
4.G-AJDW – 1947 built Auster 5 J/1 stored airframe only.The CoA lapsed in 1977.
5.G-AVOD – 1967 Beagle built Husky D5 series 180, this crashed in 1992.
also present in the workshop was the airworthy 1941 built Piper J3C-65 Cub G-TCUB.#-
We then headed on to inspect the other stored airframes all of which had their own stories.
G-DCAT – Gulfstream G-164D Agcat – Crashed 1989.
The cache of five Piper Cub airframes have all come from cubs rebuilt after mishaps.
The airworthy Home built G-BUDW Colibre MB-2
I would like to thank the owner for his time showing me round , opening up his stores and giving permission to take pictures of his hidden treasure..









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