Lincolnshire Airfields No.24 Hibaldstow.

Lincolnshire Airfields No.24 Hibaldstow.
Hibaldstow airfield was built for the RAF and opened on the May 1941 , Built for Bomber Command but was used by Fighter Command with 255Sqn with Defiant night fighters the first to operate from here. After WW II  the airfield was closed on 6th August 1947. In 1992 the airfield was reopened as a Parachute centre with the original runways, today  none of the building survive and  new Hangars have been built and a modern Parachute centre has replaced the old building.


Hibaldstow is the home of “Target Skysports” parachuting centre , The centre with a good Café and nice clean toilets it is very busy place with 40 – 50 jumpers awaiting their turn to jump on my visit. People are welcome to come and watch the skydivers and use the facilities .
Skydive also operate in Spain & Dubai and have a mixed fleet of aircraft. three active aircraft were present on my visit on 7th October 2017. Cessna 208 Caravan, DO-28G 92, and a Piper Cherokee 6.
N105AN Cessna 208B Grand Caravan  c/n 208B -0956 – Built in 2002.


D-IEDO Dornier DO-28G 92  c/n 4134  ex 58+59, D-IDRD, HA-ACM. Converted to Turboprop.


Inside view
G-ATJV Piper Pa-32 – 260 Cherokee Six c/n 32-103 – Built in 1965. This aircraft was the first aircraft to take off from Glasgow airport in 1966 and was operated by Loganair on charter work in Scotland. The Cherokee was being prepared for operation at it’s Spanish base.


Under rebuild.
Dornier DO-28D c/n 4327  ex Kenyan Air Force  no. 115 –  On conversion  to Turbo prop G 92 version. The Sky servant is a good platform for parachute operations and are fitted with benches for the skydivers.


Dornier DO-28D c/n 4329  ex Kenyan Air Force No. 118 –  Stored..


Auster AOP4 MT192/G-ANHR  Fuselage frame only.


Beagle Terrier 2 VF631/G-ASDK – Complete Fuselage- in military marks.

Stored 3 DO-28D’s.


Dornier DO-28D ex Nigerian Airforce.


Dornier DO-28D
I would like to thank the Pilot that escorted me around and thank Target Skysports for allowing me access to take pictures.
I revisited Hibaldstow on the 18th August 2018 , Two DO 28G ‘s D-IEDO and HA-HIB were operating with a normal load of about fourteen people per flight. G-SVTA Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair was parked near to the service Hangar.
HA-HIB is another ex Kenyan Air Force  aircraft ex KAF 117 c/n 4328.