Newark Air Museum 6th June 2013

Newark Air Museum – 6th June 2013

It is always a pleasure visiting Newark Air Museum which is just 30 minutes down the road from home in Coningsby, This Museum has something for everyone that has an interest in Aviation. All the staff are friendly and helpful and will help you with access if possilble for a photograph.

The format follows the same as normal, with a list of what I saw on the day and pictures added as and when I have time to edit them.

Exhibits displayed outside were as follows :-
1/XS417/DZ/DTF/Lightning T5.
2/XX829/GZ/54Sqn/Jaguar T2A.
3/G-ANXB/DH114 Heron IB – BEA Scottish Airways marks.
4/WH779/Canberra PR7 Nose section.
5/WH863/Canberra T17 Nose section.
6/XH177/Canberra PR9 Nose section.
 7/54-2223/F-100D -US Air Force marks. 
8/No.83/8-MS/Mystere IV A – French Air Force marks.
9/WR977/B/Shackleton MR3/3.
10/TG517/517/Hastings T5.
11/WH904/94Sqn/Canberra T19.
12/G-APNJ/Cessna 310D.
13/G-BFTZ/MS880 Rallye.
14/XM594/44Sqn/Vulcan B2.
15/G-AHRI/DH104 Dove 1
16/VZ634/Meteor T7
17/Red 71/Mig 27K Flogger – USSR  Air Force marks.
18/Red 458/Mig 27ML Flogger – Polish Air Force marks.
19/Bloodhound SAM.
20/Thunderbird SAM.
21/XJ560/H-243/DH Sea Vixen FAW2.
22/51-9036/48 FIS/T-33A  – US Air Force marks.
23/XN964/V-118/Buccaneers S1
24/WS739/Meteor  NF12
25/Hawker Hunter Nose section.(Covered) on trailer.
26/WB491/ Avro Ashdon Forward fuselage section
27/Blue Steel Missile. 
28/ XV490/R/74Sqn/Phantom FGR2 – Front Fuselage section


Restoration Hanger
29/42-12417/AT-16 Havard – Under restoration
30/KF532/Havard Cockpit section – Being used to rebuild above.
31/G-APVV / Mooney Cockpit – Under restoration 
32/RA897/Cadet TX 1 Glider Fuselage – Stored .
Display Hanger 1 
33/BAPC 43/Mignet HM-14 Flying Flea.
34/BAPC 101/Mignet HM-14 Flying Flea. Fuselage remains.
35/XX753/Jaguar GR3 Cockpit section
36/Ward Gnome (Home built unfinished project)
37/G-MAZY/DH82 Tiger Moth. (Uncovered on one side).
38/XW276(F-ZWRI)/ SA341 Gazelle (3rd Prototype)
39/G-APRT/Taylor Monoplane – (Home built) 1st Prototype.
40/G-BJAD/Clutton Fred  (Home built unfinished project)
41/VH-UTH/ GA Monostar ST-12 – Under restoration
42/G-MJCF/Maxair Hummer (Microlight)
43/BAPC.20 / Lee Richardson Annular Bi-plane Replica.
44/VL348/Avro  Anson C19
45/XD593/ CFS marks/Vampire T11
46/AR-107/ Saab Draken – Royal Danish Air Force marks.
47/XL764/Saro Skeeter AOP 12
48/XM685/513/760NAS/Whirlwnd HAS 7
49/G-MBUE/MBA Tiger Cub 440 (Microlight)
50/XT200/F/Sioux AH1
52/BAPC.183 /Zurowski ZP-1 (Home built Helicopter )
51/G-ASNY/Benson B-8 Autogyro
53/WT933/Sycomore III.
54/WW217/O-351/DH Sea Venom FAW21.
55/WX905/23Sqn/DH Venom NF3
56/VR249/FA-EL/Prentis T1.

57/321/Saab Safir – Royal Norwegian Air Force
58/Phanton FGR2 Flight Simulator. 
59/WM913/Hawker Sea Hawk FB 3
60/W****/WS-/ Avro Lancaster fuselage section.
61/LL505 Halifax top gun turret and Fuselage section.
62/WV606/P-B/Provest T1
63/G-MBBZ/Volmar VJ-24 (Micolight)
64/XR268/Auster AOP9 – Under restoration
65/G-CCLT /Powerchute Kestral (Microlight)
66/G-MJDW/Quicksilver MX (Microlight)
Link D2 Trainer

Display Hanger 2
67/WF369/F/6FTS/Varsity T1
68/ZA176/R-126/Sea Harrier FA 2
69/XH992/P/94Sqn/Javalin FAW 8
70/G-BKPG/Luscombe P3 Rattler (Microlight)
71/XP226/Gannet T3
72/XP534/65/4FTS/Gnat T1
73/Gnat T1 Cockpit Trainer.
74/XX492/A/RAFC/Jetstream T1
75/VZ608/Meteor FR9 (Mod)
76/XV728/A/Wessex HC2
77/WB624/Chipmunk T10
78/WS692/C/Meteor NF12
79/373918/57/F21/Viggen  Royal Swedish Air Force marks
80/WK277/N/2Sqn/Swift FR 5
81/WT651/C/56Sqn/Hunter F1
82/XN573/E/Jet Provest T3 Nose section
84/WV787/A&AEE/Canberra B2 (Mod)
85/Link D2 Trainer
86/Slingsby T-67 Firefly Cockpit Trainer
87/Bulldog T1 Cockpit Trainer
88/XX634/T/RAFC/Bulldog T1
89/Lightning Nose section.
90/XB261/Beverley Cockpit section.
91/XM383/CF-90/Jet Provest T3A.
92/CSV-30 Drone ( On launch rail )
93/Observer UAV
94/G-MNRT/Aviasud Sirocco (Microlight)
95/CSV-30 Drone (On stand)
I look forward to my next visit, Which will not be far away with Cockpit Fest 2013. 

















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