Liverpool – Crowne Plaza Hotel & Apron October 2012

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Visit 2nd October 2012
With my roots in the North West of England I took the opportunity to visit the old Speke Airport Terminal and aircraft apron.The Old Terminal has been refurbished into the plush Clowne Plaza Hotel, at the rear of the hotel the old aircraft apron is now the home of the Speke Aerodrome Heritage Group and the Jetstream Club.
The Clowne Plaza Hotel has a replica DH89A Dragon Rapide painted to represent  G-AJCL, this is the third set of markings as it has also worn G-ANZP and G-AEAJ.
The first real aircraft to arrive was the ex Bae owned Jetstream 41 G-JMAC, this is maintained by “The Jetstream Club” .
Two airframes are on loan from Mike Davey, these being a Meteor F8 WH291 in the markings of 79Sqn and the Cockpit section of a HS748 G-ORAL named “The paper plane” after it’s roll in moving News Papers for a living.
Meteor F8 WH291


Also on the Apron is the Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trusts Bristol Britannia 308F G-ANCF which is slowly being put back together, British Eagle Airways marks are on the front half of the fuselage.

SAHG have the other two aircraft on the Apron in the shape of HS748 – 1/105 G-BEJD  this being the first whole 748 to be preserved in the UK. the last airframe is the Percival Prince 6E G-AMLZ in a silver and red scheme.
G-AMLZ Prince 6E
When all the airframes are put back together it will bring the old apron back to life as it was back in the 60’s and 70’s. Over on the otherside of the Airport is the John Lennon Airport with it’s Ryanair 737’s and Easyjet with it’s Airbuses as well as the general aviation area.

G-COBS DA-42 Twin Diamond
N97RN TBM 850 
 EI-EBM Boeing 737



 If visiting the area well worth a visit.





















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