The Real Aeroplane Company – Breighton

The Real Aeroplane Company 31st Aug 2012
I always enjoy a visit to Beighton as you never know what you are going to see,My
latest visit provided the following aircraft and some pictures.
Gate Guard
491273 – Red 51 Aero L29 Delfin Soviet  Air Force marks
Workshop included
G-ABVE Arrow Active IIAirworthy
XT434 455 Westland Wasp HAS.1
G-AEXT  Dart Kitten II – Airworthy
G-ADXS Mignet HM14 Pou – du CielPreserved
G-AEVS Aeronca 100Airworthy
G-AEXF Mew GullAirworthy
G-ATCN Luton MinorAirworthy
G-AXEI Ward GnomePreserved
G-AYDV Swalesong SA.2Preserved
G-BAAD Evans VP-1Dismantled
G-BVGZ Fokker DR1 replica – Airworthy
G-LCGL Comper Swift replica – Airworthy
G-MMUL Ward ElfPreserved
G-RLWG Ryan PT-22 RecruitAirworthy
G-TAFF Casa 1-131E JungmeisterAirworthy
“F50” Mignet HM14 Pou – du Ciel Preserved
T9738 (G-AKAT) Miles Magister IAirworthy
U-99 (G-AXMT) BU 133C JungmeisterAirworthy Swiss Air Force marks
03 White  (G-CEIB) Yak-18A Airworthy Soviet Air Force marks
Also present
G-AWJE Slingsby Nipper T.66 RA.45 Srs 3 – Airworthy
G-BVAM Evans VP-1Under Restoration
G-EEPJ  Pitts S-1S Airworthy
G-BDAD Taylor JT.1 MonoplaneUnder Restoration
Outside included
G-CYLL F8 FalcoAirworthy
G-CBRD Jodel D18Airworthy
 Allways worth a visit when in that part of the world.

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