RAF Museum Cosford


RAF Museum Cosford -Noverber 16th 2010

With the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre open and the Wellington inside, I ventured down to the RAF Museum at Cosford for a closer look. It was my first visit to the Cold War hanger which I found to be too full to get good pictures.I know it has to be a happy medium getting as many aircraft under cover as possible.I spent a good day slowly doing the museum and took a good many pictures.

Revisited – April 26th 2012

Since my visit :-

XS709 M Domine T1 has flown in from Cranwell and has been put on display outside.

XV202 C130-C3 Hurcules has also joined the collection again being displayed outside.

G-ACGL Comper Swift is a great addition to the Collection.
ZG477 Harrier GR9 is displayed in the War plane Hanger.
XV249 Nimrod R1 is stored outside awaiting reassembly.
Kawasaki KI-100 Ib has returned from Hendon with Meteor F8/40 DG202/G moving the other way to Hendon. I have added pictures from my latest visit and added them to the first post and have ommited the aircraft that have departed.


Outside the museum

1.XM497/497/Bristol Britannia 312(G-AOVF)

2.204/V-204/320Sqn RNAF/Lockhead SP-2H Neptune

XV292 / BTW / Hurcules C3P

 XV249 / Nimrod R1

XS709 / M/ Domine T1

Michael Beetham Conservation Centre

3.P1344/PL-K /Hampden I
4.MF628/Wellington T10
5.PM651/Spitfire PR XIX
6.C3988/5FI Dolphin Replica

War Planes Hanger

7.K9942/SD-D/ 72Sqn marks/Spitfire I
8.44-13573/B6-V/ 363FS marks/P-51D Mustang
9.L-866/ESK721/ RDAF/PBY-6A Catalina
10.420430 /3U+CC/ Luftwaffe/ Messerschmitt Me410A-1-U2
11. IJAF / Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah
12.TA639/AZ- E/Mosquito TT35
13.475081/GM+    /Luftwaffe/Fieseler Storch
14.XK741/Folland Gnat F1
15.XX946/WT/Tornado P.02
16.10-151/IJAF/Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka
17.191614 /Luftwaffe/ Messerschmitt Me-163B-1a Komet
18.LF738/UH-A/Hurricane IIc
19.BAPC.82/Afghan marks/Hawker Hind
20.RF398/Avro Lincoln B2
21.A-515/FMA 1A58 Pucara
22.J-1704/Venom FB4
ZG477 / Harrier GR9
Kawasaki KA-100 Ib

Test flight Hanger

23.WA634/( Martin Baker)/Meteor T7 mod
24.Kawasasaki KI-100 Ib
25.WK935/Meteor F8 Prone Position
26.WZ744/Avro 707c
27.XF926/ Bristol 188
28.XR220/BAC TSR2
29.WG768/Short SB5
30.WG760/EE P1A
31.XD145/Saunders-Roe SR53
32.XN714/Hunting H126
33.WG777/Fairy FD2 Delta
34.XX765/ Jaguar ACT

Cold War museum

35.XD818/Valiant B1
36.TG511/511/230OCU marks/Hastings
37.KN645/Dakota IV
38.TS798/Avro York C1
39.XA564/Javelin FAW1
40.XL993/Twin Pioneer CC2
41.XG337/Lightning F1/P1B
42.XR371/53Sqn marks/Belfast C1
43.1120/Polish air force/Mig 15bis
44.Xv591/013/Phantom FGR2  Nose section
45.74-0177/LN/48TFW marks / F-IIIF
46.503/Hungarian air force/Mig  21PF
47.XN962/Buccaneer S1  Nose section
48.XL568/X/74Sqn marks/Hunter T7A
49.XH171/39Sqn marks/Canberra PR9
50.XB812/U/93Sqn marks/Sabre IV
51.68-8284/8284/Sikorsky MH-53M Pave Low IV
52.XH672/55Sqn marks/Victor K2
53.XM598/44Sqn marks/Vulcan B2
54WS843/ Meteor  NF14
Transport and Training  Hanger 1
55.XX654/3/Bulldog T1
56.XR977/Red Arrows marks/Gnat T1
57.RG904/BT-K /Spitfire FSM
58.XP411/6FTS marks/ Argosy C1
59.XS639/639/115Sqn marks/Andover E3A
60.TX214/ Anson C19
60.XR525/G/72Sqn marks /Wessex HC2
61.G-APAS/BOAC marks / Comet IA
62.XL703/Pioneer CC1
63.XD674/ Jet Provest T1
64.XJ918/8190M/32Sqn marks /Sycomore HR14
65.7604M (WV562)/Provest T1
66. -/Fiesler Fi-103 V-1 Flying Bomb
67.G-AFAP/British A/W marks/Casa 352L
68.WE600/Ski Equiped/Auster T7 Antartica
69.G-EBMB/Hawker Cygnet
70.WP912/Chipmunk T10
71.G-AJOV/BEA marks/Dragonfly HR3
72.WL679/RAE marks/Varsity T1
73.G-AEEH/Mignet Flying Flea
74.WV746/60Sqn marks/Pembroke C1
75.VP952/207Sqn marks/Devon C2
76.FS628/SE Asia marks/Fairchild Argus (G-AIZE)
G-ACGL / Comper Swift

77.XX496/D/ 45(R)Sqn marks/Jetstream T2
Gate Guardian
78.XG225/237OCU marks/Hunter F6A

A great trip and a fine collection of test aircraft.

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