MOSI – Manchester 2010 visit

October 21st 2010

On a visit to family in Manchester,I took the opportunity to take the Tram to visit the aircraft section of MOSI,Lancashire being the home of Avro. at Chadderton English Electric,BAC & BAE at Preston,H.S at Woodford . You would think a large aviation museum would exist in the North West.
The Museum’s aircraft collection is housed in an ex indoor market.At the time of my visit ex Avro engineers were busy producing a replica Avro type F which was the first enclosed cabin monoplane built. One of my pictures of the Avro type F was published in Flypast late last year.
I have posted a pictorial log of my visit,If you are in Manchester this is a must to visit.


1.BAPC.6 /Avro I Triplane replica No.14

2.G-CFTF/Avro I Triplane Replica

3………./Avro Type F Replica

4.G-EBZM/Avro 594 Avian IIIa.

5.G-ABAA/Avro 504K

6.BAPC.12/HM14 Flying Flea.

7.G-ADAH/DH89 Dragon Rapide.

8.MT847/AX-H/Spitfire FR XIVe

9.BAPC.98 /”997″/Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka II

10.BGA1156/BQT/Eon 460 Series I

11.WG763/English Electic P1A.

12.WZ736/Avro 707A Red

13.WL960/Avro Shackleton AEW 2

14.XG454/Bristol Belvedere HC1

15.G-APUD/Benson B-7MC

16.G-AYTA/MS880B Rallye Club

17.G-AWZP/HS121 Trident 3 Nose Section

18.G-BYMT/Quantom Super Sport

19.BAPC.175/Volmer VJ-23

Most of the aircraft have local connections to the North West.A Tornado F3 has been also added to the collection.

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