Avro Heritage Museum – Woodford 8th March 2019.

Avro Heritage Museum – Woodford 8th March 2019.

Returning back to one of my local airfields that I used to visit as a youth on a very regular basis made me very sad  to see the production hall had been replaced by housing . Over all those years I had seen new Vulcans, Avro 748’s, Andover’s, Shackleton AEW2 & Victor K2 upgrades , Nimrod’s , BAe ATP and 146’s come off the production line .

I was very impressed with my first visit to the Museum and the very friendly staff and guides made it all a good experience that I will repeat when next in the area. I have added a list of exhibits I pictured on my visit. A good Café is also open on the 1st floor.

Displayed outside :-

XM603 : Vulcan B2

G-ORAL  HS748 (Nose section)

XV106 :VC10 C1K  (Nose section) * open to cockpit visits.

XV235 : Nimrod MR2 (Nose section )

Displayed inside :

Avro 1 Triplane Reproduction .

Avro F Reproduction. Avro Anson  (Nose section ).

Avro Lancaster ( Nose section reproduction ) * open to cockpit visits.

G-AGPG : Avro C19 series 2 Anson (Nose section ) * open to cockpit visits.

XM602 : Avro Vulcan B2 ( Nose section ) * open to cockpit visits.

WK118 : CQ : Canberra TT18 (Nose section )