RAF Coningsby July 2018 movements

July already, with RIAT and the 100 year flypast over London coming up the Typhoon fleet have been busy with the 100 formation , The sight of 30 plus Typhoons on the ASP remind me of the Phantom days at Coningsby back in the late 1960’s.
I hope to be at RAF Cranwell for the rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon .
1st Sun
AB910/SH-F/Spitfire Vb

PZ865/EG-S/Hurricane IIc

ZA947/UK/Dakota III

MK356/QJ-3/Spitfire LF IXe
PA474/AR-L – VN-T/Lancaster BI
WK518/C/Hull UAS marks/Chipmunk T10

2nd Mon Log thanks to Susie
11.35 AM  start
ZK301/3FTS/Prefect T1 c/s  c/s “Cranwell 50” – Overshoot.
ZK310/310 code only c/s “Jedi 11”
ZK357/357 code only c/s “Jedi 12”
ZK337/337/ II(AC)Sqn c/s “Jedi 13”
ZK320/320/1(F)Sqn c/s “Jedi 14”
ZK377/377 code only c/s “Psycho 21”
ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn  c/s “Psycho 22”
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Razor 11”
ZK308/308 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn  c/s “Havoc 21”
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Havoc 22”
ZJ928/928 code only c/s “Typhoon 117”
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Warlord 21”
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Warlord 23”
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Cobra 41”
ZJ939/939 code only c/s “Cobra 42”
ZK365/365/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK375/375/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 12”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Warlord 31”
ZK380/380 code only  c/s “Triplex 31”
G-MAJD/JD/Eastern/Jetstream c/s “East Flt 104” in “105” out
G-BYVR/VR/Tutor T1  c/s “Wittering 59” – Overshoot.
ZK427/427 code only c/s “Psycho 31”
ZK377/377 code only c/s “Psycho 32”
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Razor 41”
ZK308/308 code only c/s “Razor 42”
ZK310/310 code only c/s “Jedi 21”
ZK320/320/1(F)Sqn  c/s “Jedi 22”
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Tyrant  31”
ZK316/316 code only  c/s “Tyrant .32”
Noted on the ASP at 21-00.
ZJ928/928 code only,

ZK383/383 code only,
ZK381/381 code only,
ZK352/352 code only,
ZJ914/914 code only ,
ZJ916/916  code only,

ZK312/312 code only,

ZJ939/939 code only,
ZK331/331 code only.

Noted in Foxtrot.

3rd Tue Log thanks to Steve & Val
ZM315/3FTS/Prefect T1  c/s “Cranwell 49” – Parked on Sierra.
ZK363/363 code only c/s “Apollo 1”
ZK375/375/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 2”
ZK315/41Sqn 100 special c/s “Apollo 3”
ZK335/335/41(R)TES – Towed into southside of TMF.
G-MAJA/JA/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East Flt 102” in “103” out
ZK319/319/1(F)Sqn c/s “Jedi 11”
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Jedi 12”
ZK427/427 code only c/s “Psycho 21”
ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn  c/s “Psycho 22”
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn  c/s “Havoc 11”
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Havoc 12”
ZK307/307 code only c/s “Cobra 1” – 100 year flypast at Cranwell.

ZK318/RAF 100 tail  c/s Triplex 1″- 100 year flypast at Cranwell.

ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Triplex 2”- 100 year flypast at Cranwell.

ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Triplex 3”- 100 year flypast at Cranwell.
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Warlord 1”- 100 year flypast at Cranwell.
ZJ928/928 code only c/s “Warlord 2”- 100 year flypast at Cranwell.
ZJ939/939 code only c/s “Warlord 3”– 100 year flypast at Cranwell.
ZK360/360 code only c/s “Cobra 2” – 100 year flypast at Cranwell.
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Triplex 4”- 100 year flypast at Cranwell.

100 year flypast at Cranwell – 13-00 ( Could be seen from Coningsby ) Log thanks to Rick Sleight.
G-Z100/32Sqn/Agusta 109 SP c/s “Ascot 1555” – Landed on Cranwell North.
formation 1

XW217/Puma HC2 c/s “Vortex 1”
ZJ954/Puma HC2 c/s  “Vortex 2”
XW199/Puma HC2 c/s  “Vortex 3”
ZK563/Chinook HC6 c/s “Vortex 12”
ZK561/Chinook HC6 c/s “Vortex 4”
ZD983/Chinook HC6A  c/s “********” – 100 year tail.
ZK552/Chinook HC6 c/s “********”
ZD574/Chinook HC6A c/s “********”
ZA670/Chinook HC4  c/s “********”
formation 2

ZM520/DHFS/Juno HT1 c/s “Spectre 1”
ZM518/DHFS/Juno HT1 c/s “Spectre 2”
ZM522/DHFS/Juno HT1 c/s “Spectre 3”
formation 3
G-BYXM/XM/3FTS/Tutor T1 c/s “Dakota – Display marks.
formation 4
ZF145/145/1FTS/Tucano T1 c/s “Memorial”
formation 5
ZM319/3FTS/Prefect T1 c/s “Warboys 1”
ZM306/3FTS/Prefect T1 c/s “Warboys 2”
ZM307/3FTS/Prefect T1 c/s “Warboys 3”
formation 6

ZF378/RN-S/1FTS/Tucano T1 c/s “Swift 01” – Camo special marks
ZF142/142/1FTS/Tucano T1 c/s “Swift 04”
ZF264/264/1FTS/Tucano T1 c/s “Swift 02”
ZF512/512/72 Sqn/Tucano T1 c/s “Swift 05”
ZF287/287/1FTS/Tucano T1 c/s “Swift 07”
ZF407/407/1FTS/Tucano T1 c/s “Swift 10”
ZF348/348/1FTS/Tucano T1 c/s “Swift 03”
ZF239/239/1FTS/Tucano T1 c/s “Swift 06”
ZF140/140/72 Sqn/Tucano T1 c/s “Swift 09”
formation 7

ZZ417/14Sqn/Beech Shadow R1 c/s “Snake 01”
ZZ418/14Sqn/Beech Shadow R1 c/s “Snake 02”
formation 8
ZH887/887/Hercules C5 c/s “Zorro 01” – 100 year tail 

ZH878/878/Hercules C4 c/s “Zorro 02”

formation 9
ZM416/416/A400 Atlas C1 c/s “Grizzly 01” – 100 year tail

formation 10
ZZ177/177/C-17A Globemaster  III c/s “Blackcat 01”
ZE707/32(TR)Sqn/Bae 146 C3  c/s “Blackcat 02”

formation 11
ZJ692/5Sqn/Sentinel R1 c/s “Snapshot”
formation 12
ZZ330 / Voyager K2 c/s “Tartan 01” – 100 year tail.

formation 13
ZH103/8Sqn/E-3D sentry AEW1 c/s “Sentry”

formation 14
XX246/CA/100Sqn/Hawk T1A c/s  “Aggressor 01” – 100 Years tail
XX191/CC/100Sqn/Hawk T1A c/s  “Aggressor 02”
XX318/CG/100Sqn/Hawk T1A c/s  “Aggressor 03”

formation 15
ZK010/A/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 c/s “Victor 86”
ZK011/B/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 c/s “
ZK020/K/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 c/s ” 100th Anniversary Markings
ZK025/P/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 c/s “
ZK031/V/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 c/s ” 100 Years tail.
ZK030/U/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 c/s “
ZK012/C/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 c/s “
ZK013/D/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 c/s “
ZK022/M/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 c/s “
formation 16
ZA585/054 code only /Tornado GR4 c/s “Monster 4”
ZA588/056 code only /Tornado GR4 c/s “Monster *”
ZD849/110 code only /Tornado GR4 c/s  “Monster 1”
ZA587/055 code only /Tornado GR4 c/s “Monster *”
ZA553/045 code only /Tornado GR4 c/s “Monster 7”
ZG775/134 code only /Tornado GR4 c/s “Monster 5”
ZA607/EB-X/41(R)TES/Tornado GR4 c/s  “Monster 6”

formation 17
ZG775 Special tail/Tornado GR4 c/s  “Monster 8” – 100th Anniversary Markings
ZA546/038 code only/Tornado GR4 c/s “Monster 9”
ZM148/617Sqn/F-35B Lightning II c/s “Gibson 1”

formation 18
ZK307/307 code only / Typhoon FGR4 c/s “Cobra 1”
ZK316/316 code only / Typhoon FGR4 c/s “Warlord  1”
ZJ914/914 code only / Typhoon FGR4 c/s “Triplex 3”
ZJ928/928 code only / Typhoon FGR4 c/s “Warlord 3”
ZJ916/916 code only / Typhoon FGR4 c/s “Triplex 2”
ZK360/360 code only / Typhoon FGR4 c/s “Cobra 2”
ZK318/RAF 100 tail / Typhoon FGR4 c/s “Triplex 1”
ZK383/383 code only / Typhoon T3  c/s “Cobra 3”
ZJ939/939 code only / Typhoon FGR4 c/s “Warlord 2”

Coningsby Movements
ZM315/3FTS/Prefect T1 c/s “Cranwell 49” – Departed.
ZK335/335 41(R)TES- Towed from the TMF to the APU tunnel.
ZK382/382 code only – Towed from the paint shop to TMF.
ZK430/Unmarked – Towed from Foxtrot to TMF.
ZK353/353 code only – Towed from TMF to the ASP for engine runs.
ZM148/617Sqn/F-35B Lightning II  c/s “Marham 81” – Overshoots.

ZK357/357 code only c/s “Typhoon 78”
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Tyrant 21”
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Tyrant 22”
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Cobra 21”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Cobra 22”
ZJ928/928 code only c/s “Warlord 11”
ZJ939/939 code only c/s “Warlord 12”
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Typhoon 81”
ZK427/427 code only c/s “Psycho 41”
ZJ929/929 code only c/s “Psycho 42”
ZK314/314/1(F)Sqn c/s “Jedi 21”
ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn  c/s “Jedi 22”
None flyers

Wed 4th Log thanks to Susie & Rob W
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Warlord 11″
ZJ928/928 code only c/s “Warlord 12”
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Warlord 13”
ZK365/365/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Cobra 21″ 
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Cobra 22”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Cobra 23”
ZK376/376/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 13”
ZK318/RAF 100 tail c/s “Triplex 31″ 
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn c/s “Triplex 32”
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Razor 11″ 
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn c/s  “Havoc 21″
ZK304/304 code only c/s “Havoc 22”
ZK377/377 code only  c/s  “Typhoon 27 –
ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn c/s “Psycho 22″
ZJ950/950 code only c/s “Jedi 11”
ZK310/310 code only c/s “Jedi 12”
ZK360/360 code only c/s “Jedi 13”
ZK314/314/1(F)Sqn  c c/s “Jedi 14”
ZJ802/802 code only cc/s “Psycho  21”
ZK380/380 code only cc/s “Cobra 51”
ZJ920/920 code only cc/s “Cobra 52”
ZK352/352 code only cc/s “Cobra 53”
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Razor 31”
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Razor 32”
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Warlord 41”
ZJ929/929 code only  c/s “Warlord 42”
ZK318/318/RAF 100 tail c/s “Warlord 43”
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Triplex 61”
ZK304/304 code only c/s “Havoc 41”
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Havoc 42”
ZM316/3FTS/Prefect T1 c/s “Barkston 87” – landed with an emergency.
ZK375/375/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 21”
ZK315/315/ 41sq 100yr Special c/s “Apollo 22”
ZK331/331 code only cc/s “Typhoon 81”
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Typhoon 78”
G-MAJD/JD/Eastern/Jetstream c/s “East Flt 105” in “106” out.
ZK377/377 code only c/s “Psycho 31”
ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn  c/s “Psycho 32”
ZJ802/802 code only c/s “Psycho 33”
ZK310/310 code only c/s “Jedi 21”
ZK314/314/1(F)Sqn  c/s “Jedi 22”
End Log 17:00

5th Thur Log thanks to Rob W.
AB910/SH-F/BBMF/Spitfire Vb  c/s  “Synchro 1″
PS915/BBMF/Spitfire PR XIXe c/s “Synchro 2”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s ” Apollo 11″
ZK376/376 code only c/s “Apollo 12”
301Typhoon 80 –  Performance Departure
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Typhoon 01″ –  Performance Departure
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Havoc 21″ – Performance Departure
ZK304/304 code only c/s “Havoc 22” –  Performance Departure
ZK354/XI(F)Sqn c/s ” Razor 11″-
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZK360/360 code only c/s  “Vega 31″
ZK427/427 code only c/s “Vega 32”
ZM148/Unmarked/F-35B Lightning II c/s ” Marham 88 “- – 1x PAR, 2 Hover circuits.
ZK320/320/1(F)Sqn c/s ” Jedi 11″ 
ZK314/314/1(F)Sqn c/s “Jedi 12”
ZK310/310 code only c/s “Psycho 21″
ZK306/306 code only c/s “Psycho 22”
ZJ802/802 code only c/s ” Lossie 52″- Performance Departure
ZE114/Bae/Tornado IDS c/s “Tarnish 9″ Saudi camo – Fuel stop.
ZM316/3FTS/Prefect T1 c/s ” Cranwell 53″ – Departed.
Typhoon 31 – 929 Performance Departure
ZE114/Bae/Saudi Air Force /Tornado IDS c/s “Tarnish 9” Saudi camo – Departed.
XX242/RAFAT/Hawk T1 c/s “Red 2″ -2 x PAR then Depart
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s ” Apollo 21″
ZK376/376 code only c/s “Apollo 22”
Noted on the ASP this evening  :-
North side – of ASP
ZK352/352 code only.
ZK357/357  code only .
ZK346/346 code only.
ZK316/316 code only.
ZJ920/920 code only.
ZK381/381 code only.
ZK383/383 code only .
South side of ASP.
ZK301/301 code only.
ZK304/304 code only.
ZK308/308 code only.
ZK312/312 code only.
ZK318/RAF 100 tail..
ZK331/331 code only.
ZJ914/301 code only.
ZJ916/916 code only.
ZK313/313 code only – Towed from  Echo to the ASP
ZK375/375/41(R)TES – Towed to Echo.

6th Fri Log thanks to Rob W
ASP at 08.40
North side – 14 Typhoons
ZK380/380, ZK381/381, ZK383/383, ZK427/um, ZK342/342, ZK316/316, ZJ942/342,ZK 346/346, ZK357/357,
ZK337/337, ZK360/360, ZJ812/812/29Sqn, ZK352/352, ZK363/363
South side. – 16 Typhoons.
ZJ939/939, ZJ920/920, ZJ916/916, ZJ914/914, ZK331/331, ZK318/RAF 100, ZK354/354, ZK313/313, ZK312/312,
ZK308/308, ZK304/304, ZK301/301, ZK320/320, ZK314/314, ZK310/310, ZK307/307.
AM movements
ZK365/365/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11″
ZK376/376 code only c/s “Apollo 13”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s Apollo 12″
ZK352/352 code only c/s ” Gunfighter 01″
ZK363/363 code only c/s “Gunfighter 02”
PM – RAF 100 year practice –  25 out of 26 took off.
Cobra 1 – ZK320/320/1(F)Sqn
Cobra 2 – ZJ929/929 code only
Cobra 3 – ZK314/314/1(F)Sqn
Cobra 4 – ZK310/310 code only
Cobra 5 – ZK307/307 code only
Cobra 6 – ZK306/306/1(F)Sqn
Triplex 1 – ZK318/RAF 100 tail
Triplex 2 – ZK380/380 code only
Triplex 3 – ZJ914/914 code only  – Ground Abort Taxi Back
Triplex 4 – ZJ916/916 code only
Triplex 5 – ZJ920/920 code only
Triplex 6 – ZJ939/939 code only
Triplex 7 – ZK342/342/6Sqn
Triplex 8 – ZK331/331 code only
Warlord 1 – ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn
Warlord 2 – ZK313/320 code only
Warlord 3 – ZK312/312 code only
Warlord 4 – ZK308/308 code only
Warlord 5 – ZK304/304 code only
Warlord 6 – ZK301/301 code only
Warlord 7 – ZK316/316 code only
Warlord 8 – ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn
Triplex 9 – ZK346/346 code only
Triplex 10 – ZK383/383 code only
Cobra 7 – ZK337/337/II(AC)Sqn
Warlord 9 – ZK360/360 code only
PZ865/EG-S/BBMF/Hurricane IIc c/s “Hurricane 97″ –  Stayed in circuit.
PA474/BBMF/Lancaster B1.
AB910/SH-F/Spitfire LF IXe.
PZ865/EG-S/BBMF/Hurricane IIc.

7th Sat
PS915/BBMF/Spitfire PR XIXe
ZA947/UK/BBMF/Dakota III

8th Sun
LF363/BBMF/Hurricane IIc.
ZK358/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4 – QRA to the end of 25 then returned to shelter.
MK356/QJ-3/BBMF/Spitfire LF IXe
AB910/SH-F/BBMF/Spitfire Vb
PZ865/EG-S/Hurricane c/s Hurricane 01″
PA474/AR-L – VN-T/BBMF/Lancaster B1
ZA947/UK/BBMF/Dakota III

9th Mon
No log

10th Tue Log thanks to Steve & Val.
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Typhoon 37” – Weather checker for todays flypast over London.
G-MAJA/JA/Eastern/Jetstream c/s “East Flt 102” in “103” out.
ZK365/365/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK376/376 code only  – towed from Echo to Hangar 3.
ZJ917/917 code only  – towed from Echo to HAS 59.
ZK361/361 code only – From HAS 1 to QRA HAS 4.

ZK358/Unmarked – Towed from QRA HAS 4 to HAS 1.
Launch for 100 year flypast  over London.
ZK320/320/1(F)Sqn c/s “Cobra 1”

ZK319/319/1(F)Sqn c/s “Cobra 2”

ZK314/314/1(F)Sqn c/s “Cobra 3”

ZK310/310 code only  c/s “Cobra 4”


ZK337/337/II(AC)Sqn c/s “Cobra 7”

ZK306/320/1(F)Sqn c/s “Cobra 6”

ZK318/RAF 100 tail c/s “Triplex 1”

ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Triplex 2”
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Triplex 82
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Triplex 3”
ZJ939/939 code only c/s “Triplex 4”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Triplex 5”
ZJ802/802 code only c/s “Triplex 6”
ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “Triplex 7”

ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Warlord 1”

ZK316/316 code only c/s “Warlord 2”
ZK312/312 code only  c/s “Warlord 3”
ZK308/308 code only  c/s “Warlord 4”
ZK304/304 code only c/s “Warlord 5”
ZK301/301 code only c/s “Warlord 6
ZK357/357 code only c/s “Warlord 7”
ZJ950/950 code only c/s “Warlord 8”
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Warlord 9”
ZK380/380 code only c/s “Triplex 9”
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Triplex 10”
ZK307/307 code only c/s “Cobra 5”
After the flypast.
ZZ417/14Sqn/Beech Shadow R1 c/s “Snake 01”- Overshoot
ZZ418/14Sqn/Beech Shadow R1 c/s “Snake 02”- Overshoot
ZH107/07/8Sqn/Boeing Sentry AEW1 c/s “Sentry “- Overshoot
ZJ692/5(AC)Sqn/Sentinel R1 c/s “Snapshot.- Overshoot
ZK313/313 code only – towed from the ASP to Echo.
ZK331/331 code only – towed from the ASP to Echo.
ZZ665/51Sqn Boeing Air Seeker R1 c/s “Goose”- Overshoot.
G-MAJA/JA/Eastern/Jetstream c/s “East Flt 105” in “106” out.
ZK379/379/41(R)TES – noted outside TMF.
None flyers
ZJ914/914 code only.

ZK377/377 code only.

ZK313/313 code only.
ZK360/360 code only.
Noted in Foxtrot
ZJ929/929 code only.

11th Wed   Log that’s to Hans. 08-1815 hrs
G-MAJA Eastern “East Flt 02 Hotel” in “102” out
ZK301/301 code only c/s “Razor 11”
ZK357/357 code only c/s  “Razor 12”
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Havoc 21”
ZK304/304/XI(F) Sqn/ Havoc 22″
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s  Apollo 11″
ZK365/365/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK376/376/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 14 “
ZK375/375/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 13” – ground abort.
ZJ802/802 code only c/s ” Lossie 52″ –  Local Sortie from 3 Sqn
ZK346/946 code only c/s ” Typhoon 06″ –  Super Sonic Air Test
ZK353/353 code only c/s ” Havoc 41″ – Air Test
ZK337/337II(AC)Sqn c/s “Jedi 11”
ZJ802/802 code only c/s ” Jedi 12″ Local Sortie from 3 Sqn
ZK304/304/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Razor 31”
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Razor 32”
ZK357/357 code only  c/s ” Razor 34″
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Razor 33”
ZK325/325 code only  In AMF (Open)
ZK424/424 code only – Towed from TMF to Echo  for XI(F)Sqn.
.None  Flyers
Noted in Foxtrot
ZJ950/950,ZK319/319/1(F) Sqn,ZK320/320/1(F)Sqn,ZK314/314/1(F)Sqn,ZK310/310/ZK306/306/1(F)Sqn .
Noted on the ASP
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn,ZK380/380,ZK381/381,ZJ916/916,ZK318/RAF 100 years,ZJ920/920,ZJ939/939,ZK377/377,
ZK342/342/6 Sqn,ZJ802/802/(later towed to 3 Sqn),ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn,ZK364/um,ZJ914/914,ZK360/360,
ZM319/3FTS/Prefect T1 c/s “Cranwell 03” –  PD only.
G-MAJA/JA/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East flt 105” in “106” – out.

12th Thur  Log thanks to Hans. 0815-1730 Hrs
ZK318/RAF 100 tail c/s “Triplex 01” – Dep to RIAT 0953 hrs with :-
ZK352/352  code only c/s “Triplex 2”
G-MAJA/JA/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s ” East Flt 102″ in “103” – out.
ZM307/3FTS/Prefect T1 c/s ” Cranwell 53″  PD Only 
ZJ802/802 code c/s “Chaos 11”
ZJ917/917 Chaos 11/12 1200 hrs
ZK365/365/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 13”
ZK376/EB-R /41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK367/367/41(R)TES c/s  “Apollo 12”
ZJ917/917 code only c/s “Chaos 21”
ZK346/946 code only c/s ” Typhoon 06″ – Air Test
All shelters closed.
ASP Ramp:
ZK377/377,ZK342/342/6 Sqn/ZK316/316,ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn,ZK346/346,ZK364/um,
ZK383/383,ZK318/RAF100 tail,ZK352/352,ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn,ZK353/353,ZK312/312,
Others Towed:
ZK357/357 code only – Towed from Echo.
ZK335/335/41(R)TES – Towed to Ramp for Engine Test
ZK315/41 100 year –  Parked in Front of TMF at  17.30 hrs
ZF171/171/1FTS/Tucano T1 c/s “LOP 51”
86-0163/LN yl/F-15C Eagle c/s “Deuce 33” – PD with : –
86-0166/LN yl/F-15C Eagle c/s “Deuce 34”
WB569/G-BYSJ/Chipmunk 22 –  Overflt  North
ZZ171/C-17A Globemaster III c/s “Ascot 840” –  Overflt South 15.50 hrs

13th Fri Log thanks to Hans.
G-MAJA/JA/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East flt 102” in “103” – out.

ZK331/331 code only c/s “****” – Weather checker.

100 year Fairford  flypast departures. – Order of take off.
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn c/s “**********”
ZK353/353 code only c/s “**********”
ZK312/312 code only c/s “
ZK308/308 code only c/s “
ZK304/304/ XI(F)Sqn c/s “
ZK301/301 code only c/s “
ZK314/314/1(F)Sqn c/s “
ZK301/307 code only c/s “
ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “
ZJ939/939 code only c/s “
ZK360/360 code only c/s “
ZK383/383 code only c/s “
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn c/s “***********” – Ground abort returned to the ASP.
ZK320/320/ 1(F)Sqn c/s “
ZK319/319/1(F)Sqn c/s “
ZK364 Unmarked  c/s “***********”
ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn c/s “
ZK346/346 code only c/s “
ZK337/337/ II(AC)Sqn c/s “
ZK380/380 code only  c/s “
ZK381/381 code only  c/s “
ZK357/357 code only c/s “
Flypast was cancelled due to thunder storm over RAF Fairford.
returned in this order.
ZK337/337 code only c/s ” Cobra 7″ – Spare
ZK357/357 code only c/s ” Warlord 3″ – Spare
3-2-3 Back as Warlord
3-2-3-1 Back as Triplex
3-3 Back as Cobra
ZJ950/950 code only c/s ”
ZK365/365/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s ” Apollo 12″

Noted but not there:

Lossiemouth  based Typhoon FGR4’s  Returning Home
“Jedi 11” 1615 Hrs
“Jedi 12/13” – 1700 Hrs
“Typhoon 23/24” 1725 Hrs
“Typhoon 21/22” 1810 Hrs.
Noted on the Dispersals

Foxtrot  Area:
ZJ802/802,ZJ917/917,ZJ949/949 – Towed Hangar to 3 Sqn.
ASP Ramp:
ZJ812/812/29 Sqn,ZK383/383,ZK360/360,ZK380/380,ZK381/381,ZJ942/942,ZK307/307,ZK357/357,
ZK346/346,ZK316/316,ZK331/331,ZK314/314/1(F) Sqn.ZK337/337/II(AC)Sqn,ZK344/344/1(F)Sqn,
ZK424/424,ZJ939/939,ZJ920/920,ZJ916/916,ZJ914/914,ZK377/377 later Towed to Foxtrot,ZK342/342/6 Sqn,
BBMF Outside :
AB910/SH-F/Spitfire Vb
WK518/C/ Chipmunk T10.

14th Sat Log thanks to Hans 09-1510 Hrs
Formations for RAF Fairford – Take-off Order-
ZK342/342/6 Sqn c/s “Triplex 1”
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Triplex 2”
ZJ939/939 code only c/s “Triplex 3”
ZK331/331 code only c/s “Triplex 4”
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Triplex 5”
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Triplex 6”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Triplex 7”
ZK353/ 353 code only c/s “Triplex 9”
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Triplex 10”
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Triplex 11”
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Triplex 8” –  Took of 10 Min later Spare Jet.
ZJ916/916 code only  Triplex 10 Returned early Spare Jet
100 year flypast at RAF Fairford.
ZK342/342/6Sqn  c/s “Triplex formation.
ZJ942/942 code only  c/s “
ZJ939/939 code only  c/s “
ZK346/346 code only  c/s “
ZK353/353 code only  c/s “
ZJ920/920 code only  c/s “
ZJ914/914 code only  c/s “
ZK316/316 code only  c/s “
ZK331/331 code only  c/s “

15th Sun
100 year flypast at RAF Fairford.
ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “Triplex formation.
ZK383/83 code only  c/s “
ZK353/353 code only  c/s “
ZK312/312 code only  c/s “
ZK381/381 code only  c/s “
ZK304/304/XI(F)Sqn c/s “
ZJ914/914 code only  c/s “
ZJ916/916 code only  c/s “
ZK354/364/XI(F)Sqn c/s “
2901/Dopravné krídl/Let 410 /Slovak Air Force  c/s “SQF 104” – Parked on Sierra – night stop.

16th Mon
2901/Dopravné krídl/Let 410 /Slovak Air Force c/s “SQF 104” – departed.

ZJ937/937 code only c/s “typhoon 06”
ZH904/Chinook HC5A c/s “Hades 1” – overfly.

17th Tue Log thanks to Steve ,Val & Garf.
G-MAJA/JA/Eastern/Jetstream c/s “East Flt 102” in “103” out.
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Gunfighter 21”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Gunfighter 22”
ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “Cobra 11” 
ZK381/381 code only  c/s “Cobra 12”
ZK361/361 code only – QRA radio check.
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Razor 11”
ZK353/353 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Tyrant 21”
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Tyrant 22”
ZJ917/917 code only c/s “Chaos 11”
ZJ802/802 code only c/s “Nightmare 21”
ZK365/365/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 12” 
ZK375/375 code only c/s “Apollo 13”
ZJ914/914 code only  c/s “Cobra 21”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Cobra 22”
ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “Cobra 23” 
ZK380/380 code only c/s “Gunfighter 71”
ZK381/381 code only  c/s “Gunfighter 72”
ZK318/RAF 100 tail c/s “Triplex 31”
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Triplex 32”
None flyers
ZK308/308 code only
ZK357/3857 code only
ZJ916/916 code only
ZJ939/939 code only
ZK376/376 code only
ZK383/383 code only

18th Wed
no report

19th Thur  Log thanks to Susie
ZJ914/914 code only c/s ”
ZJ363/363 code only c/s ”
ZJ942/942 code only c/s ”
ZK310/310 code only c/s “Typhoon 29”
WG486/E/BBMF/Chipmunk T10 c/s “Chippy 90”
ZK381/381 c/s “Typhoon 45”
ZJ917/917 code only c/s “Razor 11”
ZK340/340 code only  c/s “Razor 12”
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn  c/s “Havoc 21”
ZK357/357 code only  c/s “Havoc 22”
ZK312/312 code only  c/s “Havoc 23”
ZK353/353 code only c/s “Havoc 24”
1931/Dopravné krídl/ C27J Spartan c/s “Slovakian AF 104” -Parked on Sierra –  short visit and departed.
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Typhoon 23” –  display.

20th Fri Log thanks to Susie
ZK308/308 code only c/s “Typhoon 63”
ZK354/354/XI(F)Sqn  c/s “Razor 11”
ZK353/353 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZK312/312 code only  c/s “Razor 13”
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Triplex 31” (L)
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn  c/s “Triplex 32” (L)
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Razor 13”
ZK379/379/41sq c/s “Typhoon 06” (L)
G-MAJD/JD/Eastern/Jetstream c/s “East Flt 102” in “103” out
ZK357/357 code only c/s “Typhoon 64” (L)
ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “
ZK352/352 code only c/s “
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “
ZK318/318/100 year tail c/s “
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “
BBMF departures for Farnborough
PA474/BBMF/Lancaster B1 c/s “Memorial 1”
LF363/BBMF/Hurricane IIcc/s “Memorial 2”
AB910/BBMF/Spitfire Vb c/s “Memorial 3”

Sat 21st
MK356/QJ-3/Spitfire LF IXe  c/s “Spitfire 92” – Departed and returned later.
TE311/SZ-G/Spitfire LF XVIe – Parked outside BBMF.

Sun 22nd
LF363/GN-F/Hurricane IIc c/s “Memorial 2” – Landed
PA474/VN-T/Lancaster BI c/s “Memorial 1” – Landed.
AB910/SH-F/Spitfire Vb c/s “Spitfire 96” – Landed.
MK356/QJ-3/Spitfire  LF IXe c/s “Spitfire 94” – Departed & returned later.
9 x Red Arrows low overfly.

23rd Mon
**-****/LN/48FW/F-15E c/s “Boler 11” – Overshoot.

24th Tue  Log thanks to Steve & Val
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Warlord 11”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Warlord 12”
ZJ920/920/29(R)Sqn c/s “Warlord 13”
ZK939/939 code only c/s “Warlord 14”
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Cobra 51”
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Cobra 52”
ZK301/301 code only c/s “Cobra 53”
G-MAJD/JD/Eastern/Jetstream c/s “East Flt 102” in “103” out
ZK379/379/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK376/376/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK361/361 code only – Towed from HAS 3 to HAS 1 – QRA change over.
ZJ931/931 code only c/s “Typhoon 302”
ZK353/353 code only c/s “Razor 11”
ZK357/357 code only c/s “Razor 12”
G-BYWX/WX/Wittering pool/Tutor T1 c/s “Wittering 49” – Overshoot.
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Warlord 41”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Warlord 42”
ZK317/317 code only c/s “Cobra 21”
ZJ931/931 code only c/s “Cobra 22”
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Triplex 31”
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Triplex 32”
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Gunfighter 61”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Gunfighter 62”
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Havoc 21”
ZK357/357 code only c/s “Havoc 22”
ZK353/353 code only c/s “Havoc 23”
ZK301/301 code only c/s “Havoc 24” – Mission abort
Non flyers
Noted on the ASP
ZK318/RAF 100 tail,ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn,
Noted in Echo
ZJ810/810/29(R)Sqn,ZK309/309 code only.

25th Wed
No report

26th Thur  Log thanks to Susie & Rich
ZK318/RAF 100 tail  c/s “Warlord 11”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Warlord 12”
ZK352/352 code only  c/s “Warlord 13”
ZJ939/939 code only c/s “Warlord 14”
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Razor 11”
ZK357/357 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZJ942/942 code only  c/s “Cobra 53”
ZK317/317 code only c/s “Cobra 51”
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Cobra 52”
ZK304/304/XI(F))Sqn  c/s “Typhoon 10”
ZJ810/810/29(R)Sqn  c/s “Typhoon 83”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo11”
ZK376/376/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Cobra 54”
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Cobra 52”
PH-IIB/B-118/Dutch historic Flight./Harvard IIb c/s” Golf India Bravo” –  visitor families day.
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Havoc 22”
ZK353/353 code only c/s “Havoc 21”
G-AKBO/Miles Messenger c/s Golf Killo Bravo (L) visitor for families day
ZK317/317 c/s “Typhoon 23” display Marham families day
G-AWHK/Buchon BF109 c/s***** (L) visitor for families day.
TE311/BBMF/Spitfire c/s “Spitfire 94” practice display before going to Marham
PA474/BBMF/Lancaster c/s “Memorial 1” display Marham with
LF363/BBMF/Hurricane c/s “Memorial 2”
AB910/BBMF/Spitfire c/s “Memorial 3”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Triplex 21”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Triplex 22”
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Triplex 23”
G-KAMY/285068//Texan c/s “GKAMY” – Park
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)Sqn c/s “Apollo 21”
ZK376/376/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 22”
ZJ213/Apache AH1 c/s “Hunter 1” –  low overshoot to Cranwell.
ZK365/365/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 23”
4A/Swordfish c/s***** (L) visitor for families day
G-MERF/Grob G115A c/s***** (L)for families day
ZK318/RAF 100 taill c/s “Typhoon 23” – display Honington.
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Razor 41”
ZK358/358 code onlyc/s “Razor 42”
ZJ810/810/29(R)Sqn c/s “Razor 43”
ZK357/357 code only c/s “Razor 44”
ZH894/Chinook HC6A c/s “Vortex 452” – Parked on Sierra.
G-AHKX/TX176 / Bae/Avro C19 Anson – Parked on the ASP.
ZA587/055 code only /Tornado GR4 – Parked on Sierra.

27th Fri 
RAF Coningsby Families Day.
Gate guards –
ZE760/5Sqn/Tornado F3

XT891/891/41Sqn/Phantom  FGR2

Outside 29(R)Sqn HQ
XS897/A/29Sqn/Lightning F6 – marked as “XP765”.
South static park.
ZJ814/814/29(R)Sqn/Typhoon T3 – Loaded with Brimstone , Paveway and full missile fit.

ZA587/055 code only /Tornado GR4

G-ITAL (MM53542) – SIAI SF260M – Italian Air Force marks.

D-EHJL/18 – Focke – Wulf  FWP-149D ex German Air Force.

G-BTFJ – Piper Pa-15 Vagabond.

KK527 ( G-RGUS) – Fairchild 24R-46A Argus III – RAF marks.

G-AJAS – Auster  J/1N.

XP241 ( G- CEHR) – Auster AOP 9 – Army marks.

HB737 (G-BCBH)- Fairchild 24R-46A Argus II – RAF marks.

285846 (G-KAMY) – NA AT-6D Havard III – USAAC marks.

G-CJSA – Nanchang CJ-6A Chujiao –  Chinese Air Force marks.

ZK342/342/6Sqn/Typhoon FGR4.
G-MAJD/JD/Eastern Airways/Jetstream 41.
14863 (G-BGOR) – NA AT-6D Havard III – USAAF  marks.

TX176 (G-AHKX) – Avro C19 Anson – RAF Coningsby marks.

W5856/4A/Fairy Swordfish IV- Royal Navy marks.

Parked on the BBMF ramp
LF363/BBMF/Hurricane IIc

AB910/SH-F/Spitfire Vb

G-AWHK/18/Hispano HA-1112 M1L Buchón – Luftwaffe marks.


PH-IIB/FT427/B-118 – NA AT-6D Havard IIB – Royal Netherlands Air Force marks.

PA474/VN-T/BBMF/Lancaster B1

MK356/QJ-3/BBMF/Spitfire LF IXe
North static park.
MN235/18-T/Hawker Typhoon.

ZK020/K/4(R)Sqn/Hawk T2 – 100 year Sqn marks.
WA638/Martin Baker/Meteor T7 mod.

ZJ931/931 code only/Typhoon FGR4.
WG486/E/Bristol UAS marks/Chipmunk T10.
G-MERF/Grob 115E
G-BRVL/Pitts S-1S


TD248 (G-OXVI) /CR-S/Spitfire LF XVIe

SM845 (G-BUOS) /R/Spifire FR XVIII

G-AKBO / Miles Messenger 2A.

Flight line
N104CJ/18 red/Norwegian Historic Flight/Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI

LN-DHY/Norwegian Historic Flight/DH Vampire FB.52

LN-DHZ/Norwegian Historic Flight/ DH Vampire T.55
PL983 (G-PRXI) / ARC/Spitfire PR XI

PT462 ( G-CTIX ) / SW-A/ARC/Spitfire TR 9

L6739 (G-BPIV)/ YP-Q/ARC/ Bristol Blenheim I

 G-AWHK/ ARC/HA-1112 Bouchon

Parked on Sierra.
G-ZXCL/Blades/Extra 3
G-ZEXL/Blades/Extra 3
G-ZXLL/Blades/Extra 3
G-OFFO/Blades/Extra 3
ZH894/Chinook HC6A
ZM516/DHFS/Juno HT1 – Taxi for Red 10 – Departed to Newcastle.
ARC – 2 x Spitfires and the Blenheim.

Norwegian Historic Flight x Mig 15 , 2 x Vampires.

XX ***/RAFAT/Hawk T1 x 9

ZK317/317 code only/Typhoon FGR4

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

ZA947/UK/Dakota III.


PA474/VN-T/Lancaster BI


MK356/QJ-3/Spitfire LF IXe

LF363/Hurricane IIc


Dutch Historic Flight – Havard. 

ZH894/Chinook HC6A – Para drop. then Display.

Royal Navy Historic flight
Fairy Swordfish IV – Display.
  285068 (G-KAMY) NA Texan – Display

TX176 (G-AHKX) -Avro C19 Anson/ BAe systems

G-MCGE/HM Coast Guard/ S-92 .  – Rescue Display.

Movements include  :-
14863 (G-BGOR) – NA AT-6D Havard III – USAF marks – departing from the static.

ZK318/RAF 100 tail/Typhoon FGR4  – Depart to  Linton & Leeming for Flypast with :-

ZK352/352 code only /Typhoon FGR4

G-BGRE/Martin Baker/Beech King Air 200 – Gloster Meteor support.

ZM516/DHFS/Juno HT1 – Departed with Red 10 to Newcastle.

G-MAJD/JD/Eastern /Jetstream 41 – Departed from Static.

WA638/Martin Baker/Meteor T7 mod.

A great show , Well done RAF Coningsby

Mon 30th
ZK318/RAF 100 c/s “Triplex 01” – Return from Newcastle with :-
ZK345/345 code only c/s “*****” – From Lossiemouth.
ZK352/352 code only /s “Triplex 02”
ZJ939/939 code only c/s “Warlord 11”
ZK318/RAF 100 c/s “Cobra 51”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Cobra 53”
ZH904/27Sqn/Chinook HC5 c/s “Tusker 1” – Parked in the hot pit. – Both – N/S. Union flag on it’s tail.
ZK561/27Sqn/Chinook HC6A c/s “Tusker 2” – Parked in the hot pit.

31st Tue  Log thanks to Steve & Val.
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Warlord 11”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Warlord 12”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Warlord 13”
ZJ916/916/29(R)Sqn c/s “Warlord 14”
ZK318/318/RAF 100 c/s “Cobra 51”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn c/s “Cobra 52”
ZK357/357 code only  c/s “Havoc 41”
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Havoc 42”
ZK304/304/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Havoc 43”
ZK301/301 code only c/s “Havoc 44”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK379/379/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 12”
ZH904/27Sqn/Chinook HC5 c/s “Tusker 1” – Departed -. Union flag on it’s tail.
ZK561/27Sqn/Chinook HC6A c/s “Tusker 2” – Departed,
G-MAJD/JD/Eastern /Jetstream 41  c/s “East flight 102” in “103” – out.
ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “Triplex 61”
ZJ931/3831 code only  c/s “Triplex 62”
ZJ802/802 code only  c/s “Typhoon 78”
ZK426/426 code only – Engine runs on the ASP – f/n with tail code.
ZK357/357 code only c/s “Razor 21”
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Razor 42”
ZH904/27Sqn/Chinook HC5 c/s “Tusker 1” – Parked in the hot pit with :-
ZK561/27Sqn/Chinook HC6A c/s “Tusker 2”
ZJ802/802 code only c/s “Typhoon 16”
ZK304/304/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Havoc 31”
ZK561/27Sqn/Chinook HC6A c/s “Tusker 2” – RTB Odiham.
ZK375/375/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 21”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 22”
ZH904/27Sqn/Chinook HC5 c/s “Tusker 1” – RTB Odiham.
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Cobra 71”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Cobra 72”
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Cobra 73”
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Triplex 81”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Triplex 82”
G-FFMV/Cobham/Da-42 Twin Star c/s “Nighthawk” – Overshoots.
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Razor 41”
ZK304/304/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Havoc 51”
ZK357/357 code only c/s “Havoc 52”
G-FFMV/Cobham/Da-42 Twin Star c/s “Nighthawk” – Parked on Sierra.
None flyers
29(R)Sqn -ZJ942/942,ZK381/381,ZK939/939,
TMF – ZK426/426,
41(R)TES – ZK376/376/41(R)TES.
Noted on Echo

Based aircraft noted this month have included :-
29(R)Sqn c/s Typhoon 29-55,100 series,300 series. Cobra, Gunfighter, Triplex, Warlord.
Typhoon T3 :
ZK380/380 code only
ZK381/381 code only
ZK383/383 code only 
Typhoon FGR4 :
ZJ914/914 code only
ZJ916/916 code only
ZJ928/928 code only
ZJ939/939 code only
ZK318/RAF 100 tail/29Sqn bars
ZK352/352 code only
3(F)Sqn c/s Typhoon 03-28,Chaos,Nightmare, Rampage, 
Typhoon T3 :
Typhoon FGR4 :
XI(F)Sqn c/s Typhoon 60-83,Gringo,Havoc, Nitro, Razor, 
Typhoon T3 :
ZK308/308 code only
ZK312/312 code only  
ZK313/313 code only
ZK316/316 code only 
Typhoon FGR4 :
41(R)TES c/s Adnam, Apollo, Rebel, Viking,
Typhoon T3 :
Typhoon FGR4 :
1(F)Sqn c/s Jedi, Psycho, Lossie,
Typhoon T3 :
ZJ802/802 code only.
Typhoon FGR4 : 
ZK310/310 code only.
ZK357/357  code only.
ZK377/377 code only.
ZK427/427 code only.
Chipmunk T10 : WK518/C/Hull UAS marks,
Dakota III : ZA947/UK
Lancaster BI : PA474/AR-L – VN-T
Hurricane IIc : PZ865/EG-S,LF363/GN-F,
Spitfire Vb : AB910/SH-F
Spitfire LF IXe : MK356/QJ-3
Spitfire LF XVIe : TE311
Spitfire PR XIXe : PS915

Noted with TMF this month have included :-
TMF Hangar.
Typhoon T3
ZK379 : 379 :41(R)TES :
ZK382 : 382 : Code only :
 Typhoon FGR4 
ZK302 : 302 : Code only :
ZK323 : 323 : II(AC)Sqn :
ZK324 : 324 : Code only :
ZK325 : 325 : Code only :
ZK335 : 335 : 41(R)TES :
ZK341 : 341 : Code only :
ZK353 : Unmarked :
ZK359 : Unmarked :
ZK374 : Unmarked :
ZK432 : Unmarked :
Hangar 2.
Typhoon FGR4
ZK339 : 339 : 41(R)TES :
ZK425 :Unmarked :
ZK426 :Unmarked :
ZK429 :Unmarked :
RTP in Hangar 2
Typhoon T3
ZJ803 : 803 : 29(R)Sqn. (Fuselage , Wings removed.)
41(R)TES Hangar.
ZK305 : 305 : Code only :
Stored in Shelters for spares.
ZJ940 :Unmarked :
ZJ944 :Unmarked : (Stored awaiting repair),
ZJ945 :Unmarked :
ZJ948 :Unmarked :
ZK326 : FB : 1(F)Sqn.
Stored in Shelters
ZK359 :Unmarked :
ZK374 :Unmarked :
ZK430 :Unmarked : Towed to the TMF 3/7/18.