DH Moth Club at Old Warden & Crowland 24th June 2018

DH Moth Club event at Old Warden 24th June 2018

An early start this morning for a trip down to Old Warden 24th June 2018 for the DH Moth Club event, I got there early not knowing what had night stopped from the day before so was pleased to see DH 84 Dragon G-ECAN in it’s smart Railway Air Services livery.

A great mix of DH types flew in a busy morning with the queue of passengers not going down very fast , A great very English event on a warm and sunny day, As usual I have posted a pictorial history of what I took on a great day out.
Noted on Sunday 24th June 2018.
Military marked 
1/N3788/G-AKPF : Miles Magister.

2/WG407/G-BWMX : DHC-1 Chipmunk

3/LF858/G-BLUZ : DH82B Queen Bee

4/N6847/G-APAL : DH82A Tiger Moth

5/WD286/G-BBND : DHC-1 Chipmunk

6/T-7794/G-ASPV : DH82A Tiger Moth

7/XL714/G-AOGR : DH82A Tiger Moth

8/A17-48/G-BPHR : DHA 82A Tiger Moth

9/DE623/G-ANFI : DH82A Tiger Moth

None Military marked
10/G-AZZZ : DH82A Tiger Moth.

11/G-AHBM : DH87B Hornet Moth.

12/G-ADNE : DH87B Hornet Moth.

13/G-ACGZ : DH60G III Moth Major.

14/G-ADJJ : DH82A Tiger Moth.

15/G-ECAN : DH84 Dragon.

16/G-AGSH : DH89A Dragon Rapide

17/G-ADMT : DH87B Hornet Moth.

18/G-ADIA : DH82A Tiger Moth.

19/G-ACUS : DH85 Leopard Moth.

20/G-ANFL : DH82A Tiger Moth

21/G-AKIN : Miles Messenger

22/G-ACMN : DH85 Leopard Moth

23/G-ADKC : DH85B Hornet Moth.

24/G-ADUR : DH87 Hornet Moth.
25/G-AIDS : DH 82A Tiger Moth

26/G-AOJK : DH82A Tiger Moth

27/D-EMNN : FW44J Stieglitz.

28/G-CCZZ : EV-97 Eurostar

29/G-CEZS : Zenair CH-601HDS.

30/G-RIFN : CAP 10B

31/G-BAJR : Pa-28 – 180 Cherokee

32/G-ATHR : PA-28-180 Cherokee.

33/G-CITF : EV-97 Eurostar SL

34/G-AXGS : Rollason Condor.

The weather was very kind to the event.

 Crowland  24th June 2018
Peterborough & Spalding Glider Club