RAF Coningsby June 2018 movements.

RAF Coningsby June 2018 movements.
June has soon come with the show season getting into full swing. I am looking forward to Cosford Air Show with a large static for the RAF 100 years. Pakistan Air Force C-130 is also due for the static.
PM631 Spitfire PR XIXe has it’s new engine fitted and is due out of the BBMF Hangar this month after 3 years inactive .

1st Fri
No log

2nd Sat

3rd Sun

4th Mon  Log thanks to Susie.
No Log
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Warlord 41”
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Warlord 42”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn  c/s “Gunfighter 71”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Gunfighter 72”
ZK312/312 code only  c/s “Havoc 21” hot pit on landing
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Havoc 22”
ZK308/308 code only c/s “Razor 11”
ZK313/323 code only  c/s “Razor 12”
ZK375/375/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK365/365/41(R)TES  c/s ” Apollo 12″
ZK315/41Sqn  100yr Special c/s ” Apollo13″
ZK363/363 code only c/s “Cobra 51”
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Cobra 53”
ZK317/317 code only c/s “Triplex 61”
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Triplex 62”
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East Flt 104” in “105” out
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Havoc 31”
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Havoc 32” ground abort
“Havoc 33”  – possible ground abort.

5th Tue  Log thanks to Rich Hull.
AM 9.40
ZJ942/942 code only  c/s “Gunfighter 41”
ZK363/363  code only c/s “Gunfighter 42”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Triplex 31”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn  c/s “Triplex 32”
ZJ916/916 code only c/s “Cobra 21”
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Cobra 22”
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Warlord 11”
ZJ928/928 code only c/s “Warlord 12”
ZK312/312 code only c/s ” Deluge 21″
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Deluge 22”
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Deluge 24”
ZK301/301 code only c/s “Typhoon 06” test flight
ZK308/308 code only c/s “Razor 11”
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream c/s “East Flt 102” in “103” out
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZK330/330 code only c/s “Rampage 12”
ZK427/427 c/s “Rampage 11”
ZA947/UK/BBMF/Dakota c/s “Dakota 95”
XW224/230Sqn/Puma HC2 c/s “Alien 55”
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Warlord 51”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Warlord 52”
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Gunfighter 81”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn  c/s “Gunfighter 82”
ZJ***/Apache AH1  c/s “Victory 45” L parked on Sierra with
ZJ***/Apache AH1  c/s “Victory 46”
ZK315/41sq 100yr Special c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK365/365/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK376/376/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 13”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 14”
XW224/230Sqn/Puma HC2 c/s”Vortex 307″ departed think this came in as Alien….
ZK363/363 code only c/s “Cobra 61”
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Cobra 62”
“Triplex 71 & 72” ground abort.

6th Wed. Log thanks to Susie
10 -00 AM
ZK308/308 – noted on the Wash pan. wash pan
ZK342/342 – Noted in the right side paint booth.
ZJ929/929 – towed from North-South
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East Flt 101” in “102” out
ZK363/363 c/s “Cobra 21”
ZJ920/920 c/s “Cobra 22”
ZK352/352 c/s “Cobra 23”
ZJ939/939 c/s “Warlord 11”
ZJ928/928 c/s “Warlord 12”
ZJ942/942 c/s “Triplex 31”
ZK381/381 c/s “Triplex 32”
ZJ812/812 c/s “Triplex 33”
ZK312/312 code only  c/s “Razor 11”
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Razor 13”
ZK354/354 code only  c/s “Razor 14”
ZK365/365/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK376/376/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK315/41sq 100yr Special c/s “Apollo 13”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 14”
WG486/E/BBMF/Chipmunk T10 c/s “Chippy 96”
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Triplex 61” L with
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Triplex 62”
ZJ914/914 code only  c/s “Triplex 63”
ZK317/317 code only c/s “Warlord 41 L
WG486/E/BBMF Chipmunk T10 c/s “Chippy 90”
ZK365/365/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 21” L with
ZK376/376/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 22”
ZJ946/946 code only  c/s “Typhoon 06” test flt

7th Thur  Log from Stephen Smith & Rob Walker.
Noted on the ASP
29Sqn – 317,916,318,352,928,914,363,920,942,381
ZJ204/Apache AH1 c/s “Victory 1” – Departed with :-
ZJ211/Apache AH1 c/s “Victory 2”
XW224/230Sqn/Puma HC2 c/s ” departed
ZK381/381 code only  c/s “Gunfighter 41″
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Gunfighter 42”
ZK317/317 code only c/s “Cobra 21″
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Cobra 22”
ZK312/313 code only c/s “Deluge 21″
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Deluge 22”
ZJ928/928 code only c/s “Warlord 11″
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Warlord 12”
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Insect 03″
ZK363/363 code only c/s “Triplex 31″
ZK358/358 code only “Chaos 21″
ZK330/330 code only c/s “Chaos 22”
Noted on Echo – 354,346,316,313,312
ZJ211/Apache AH1 c/s “Victory 1″ – Fly past.
ZJ204/Apache AH1 c/s “Victory 2”- parked on Sierra for  fuel.
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Tyrant 21″
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Tyrant 22”
ZJ928/928 code only c/s “Warlord51″
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Warlord 52”
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Cobra 71″
ZK363/363 code only c/s “Cobra 72”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Triplex 81″
ZK381/381 code only c/s “Triplex 82”
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Triplex 83”
Log ends 15:30

8th Fri  Log thanks to Rob Walker.
AM  9-00am – 12-00 noon.
ZK346/346 code only c/s “Razor 13″
ZK354/354 code only c/s “Razor 14”
ZK312/312 code only “Razor 11″ 
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZJ928/928 code only c/s “Warlord 13″
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Warlord 11″
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Warlord 12”
ZA947/UK/BBMF/Dakota III c/s “Dakota 93″
ZK381/381 code only “Cobra 21″
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Cobra 22”
Typhoon 48 – Ground Abort
ZK318/RAF 100 tail c/s “Triplex 01″- To RAF Shawbury for Cosford Air Show with :-
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Triplex 02”
PM Log thanks to Susie.
ZK318/RAF 100 Tail c/s “Triplex 41”
ZK352/352 code only c/s “Triplex 42”
Trenchard display
ZA947/UK/BBMF/Dakota III
PA474/BBMF/Lancaster B1
LF363/BBMF/Hurricane IIc
MK356/BBMF/Spitfire LF IXe
Late afternoon
MK356/Spitfire air test

9th Sat  Flypast log thanks to Rob Walker.
Queens birthday
TE311/SZ-G/Spitfire LF IXe c/s “Memorial 2”
LF363/GN-A/Hurricane IIc c/s “Memorial 3”
PA474″BBMF/Lancaster B1 c/s “Memorial 1”
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Razor 11”
ZK312/312 code only c/s “Razor 12”
ZK316/316 code only c/s “Razor 13”
Normal flying.
ZA947/UK/Dakota III c/s “Dakota 93”

Based aircraft noted this month has included :-
Typhoon T3
Typhoon FGR4
Typhoon T3
Typhoon FGR4
Typhoon T3
Typhoon FGR4
Typhoon T3
Typhoon FGR4