Museum of Army Flying-Middle Wallop

The home of Army Aviation has a good selection of aircraft, Gliders and Helicopters all packed into this small museum.The museum has a good Cafe which looks over the active airfield.

On my visit they had a visiting Argus and Havard from Holland.A must visit when in the area.

Displayed Outside

1.XP822/DHC-2 Beaver AL1

2.XP910/Scout AH1

Aircraft Visitors

314887/G-AJOZ/Fairchild Argus/ USAAF marks

16544/N13FY/Havard/USAF marks.

 Displayed Inside

3.G-AXKS/Bell 47G-5A/Bristow marks.

4.N5195/G-ABOX/Sopwith Pup

5.T9707/Miles Magister I

6.TJ569/Auster 5

7.TK777/Gal Hamilcar I

8.WG432/Chipmunk T10

9.WJ358/Auster AOP6

10.WZ721/Auster AOP9

11.XG502/Sycomore HR14

12.XK776/ML Utility

13.XL813/Skeeter AOP12

14.XM819/Edgar Percival EP9

15.243809/Waco Hadrian

16.XP822/DHC-2 Beaver AL1

17.XP847/Scout AH1

18.XR232/Alouette AH2

19.XT108/U/Sioux AH1

20.XV127/Scout AH1

21.XX153/Lynx AH1


23.ZA737/Gazelle AH1

24.111989/Cessna L-19a Bird Dog

25.70-15990/AH-1F Cobra

26.G283/E/(G-ALNH)/Kirby Kite

27.ZA209/Shorts MATS-B

28.XZ-795/Northrop Shelduck D1

29.P-5/Hafner Rotachute

30.B-415/Hafner Rotajeep



Taken on the active side.

ZK067/Bell 212

XZ217/Lynx AH7

ZE270/Lynx AH9


















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