Shuttleworth Collection Old Warden

Old Warden May 10th 2011

On the way back from Hendon to Coningsby I took the opportunity to call
at Old Warden, Home of the Shuttleworth Collection and a unique place
with some of the oldest airworthy aircraft in the World.A log for the visit
is listed below as well as a pictorial list of aircraft on display.

Hanger 1 Restoration

1.AR501/Spitfire V (G-AWII) Under restoration

2.H5199/Avro 504k (G-ADEV) Under restoration

3. K5414/Hawker  Hind (G-AENP). Under restoration

Front of Hanger 1

4. 4477/GD+EG: Jungmann 2000 (G-RETA) Luftwaffe marks

Display Hangers

5.N6290/ Sopwith Triplane (G-BOCK) 8Sqn RNAS “Dixie II”

6.K3241/ Avro Tutor (G-AHSA) RAFC CFS marks

7.A1742/ Bristol Scout D Replica  (BAPC.38)

8. No.28/ Policarpov PO-2 (G-BSSY) USSR marks

9.F904/ SE5A  (G-EBIA)

10.9917/ Sopwith Pup  (G-EBKY)

11.Z7015/7-L / Sea Hurricane Ib (G-BKTH)  Royal Navy marks

12.D8096/D  Bristol F2 Fighter(G-AEPH)

13.K7985/ Gloster Gladiator II (G-AMRK)

14.K2585/DH82A Tiger Moth  (G-ANKT)

15.K8203 / Hawker Demon 64Sqn marks (G-BTVE)
16.G-ACTF/ Comper Swift

17.G-AAIN/Parnell Elf

18.XF603 /Provest T1 (G-KAPW)

19.V9367/MA-B:Westland Lysander IIIa  161Sqn marks (G-AZWL)

20.671 / DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 RCAF marks  (G-BNZC)

21.GM+AI/ Fieseler FI-156A-I Storch (G-STCH)

22. BGA.231 /A-B Scud II

23.BGA580/AQQ: Eon Primary ex G-ALPS

24.G-EBWD/DH60X Hermes Moth

25.G-AEBB/ HM14 Pou-Du-Ciel

26.G-CAMM/6 :Hawker Cygnet

27.G-ACSS /DH88 Comet

28.G-EBHX /DH53 Humming Bird

29.K1786/ Hawker Tomtit (G-AFTA)

30.P6382/ C /Miles Magister (G-AJRS)

31.G-EBJO /Anec II

32.G-EBNV/4 / English Electric Wren

33.                     / Wallace Monoplane Replica

34.G-EBIR /DH51    “Miss Kenya”

35.G-AAPZ /Desoutter Mk1

36.G-AAYX /Southern Martlet

37. No.14/Bleriot XI  (G-AANG)

38.  No.12/ Avro Triplane Replica (BAPC.1)  G-ARSG

39.(G-AANI)/Blackburn 1912 Monoplane Type D

40.  No.12A/ Bristol Boxcar (BAPC.2)  G-ASPP

41. (G-AANH)/Deperdussin 1910  (BAPC.4)

42.G-EBJI/Hawker Cygnet 1924

43.G-AHKX / Avro XIX

44.   001 / Ryan PT-22 (G-BYPY)

45. 91AEH / Santos-Dumont Demoiselle 1909 Replica

46.G-AESZ / Chilton DW1

47.G-AGSH/ DH89A Dragon Rapide

48.G-EBLV/ DH60 Moth

49.G-AEBJ / Blackburn B2

50.C4918/Bristol M1C (G-BWJM) 72Sqn marks

51.Dixon Ornithopter replica. (BAPC.8 )

52.Pilcher BAT mk3 replica  (BAPC.            )

53.Lilenthal Typr XI hand glider replica. (BAPC.         )


This was just a quick visit but i will go back in the near future for  a longer look.

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