RAF Coningsby January 2018 movements.

Happy new year everybody, TMF start back on the 2nd with Squadron flying restarting on the 8th.
Lets hope we have a busy and safe 2018.

1st Mon
G-AZNO/Cessna 182 – overfly at 11-38am.

2nd Tue Thanks to Jamie Ewan.
ZK428/Unmarked – Towed out of the Paint shop then towed to TMF.
ZK327/FR code only Towed into the paint shop.

3rd Wed
No log

4th Thur
ZA947/UK/BBMF/Dakota III – engine running.
ZK361/Unmarked – Towed from TMF

5th Fri
ZK460/45(R)Sqn/King Air B200 GT c/s “Cranwell 74” – overfly.

8th Mon  First day open for flying
ZK327/327 -towed from the Paint shop to TMF –  f/n as 327 ex FR.
ZK311/unmarked – towed to the paint shop. – Later towed to Echo.
ZJ920/920 code only – towed from the  south side to the ASP.
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East flt 102” in “103” – out – Aborted it’s landing due to birds.

ZJ802/802/XI(F)Sqn  c/s “Nightmare 21”

ZJ918/Unmarked  c/s “Nightmare 22”

ZK307/307 code only c/s “Chaos 11”

ZK304/304 code only c/s “Chaos 12”

ZJ918/Unmarked c/s “Nightmare 41”
ZK307/307 code only c/s “Nightmare 42”
None flyers
Noted on the Wash pan.
Noted on the ASP
Noted on Echo
ZK325/325, ZK361/361
19th Tue  Log thanks to Steve & Val
Noted on the Wash pan  –
ZK383/383 code only – AM – Towed from Hangar 1.
ZK382/382  code only – PM
WK518/C/BBMF/Chipmunk T10 c/s “Chippy 90”
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East Flt 102” in “103” out
ZJ914/914 code only  c/s “Cobra 21”
ZK342/342/6Sqn  c/s “Warlord 11”
ZK343/Unmarked  c/s “Warlord 12”
ZK373/373 code only  c/s “Triplex 31”
ZK380/380 code only  c/s “Triplex 32”
ZK361/361 code only  c/s “Typhoon 101”
ZK365/EB-L/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK379/379/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK315/41sq 100yr Special c/s “Apollo 13”
ZK307/307 code only  c/s “Rampage 21”
ZJ918/918 code only  c/s “Rampage 22”
ZK325/325 code only  c/s “Chaos 13”
ZK304/304 code only  c/s “Chaos 14”
ZJ939/939 code only  c/s “Typhoon 80”
ZK364/unmarked  c/s “Havoc 21”
ZK308/308 code only  c/s “Havoc 22”
WK518/C/BBMF/Chipmunk T10 c/s “Chippy 96”
ZH867/Brize wing/Hercules C4 c/s “Ascot 142” – low overshoot.
ZJ914/914 code only  c/s “Cobra 61”
ZJ920/920 code only  c/s “Cobra 62”
ZK342/342/6Sqn  c/s “Warlord 51”
ZK380/380 code only c/s “Warlord 52”
ZK373/373 code only c/s “Warlord 53”
ZK377/377 code only c/s “Chaos 31” – f/n with code.
ZK307/307 code only  c/s “Chaos 34”
ZK315/41sq 100yr Special c/s “Apollo 21”
ZK365/EB-L/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 22”
ZK343/Unmarked c/s “Triplex 71”
ZK361/ unmarked  c/s “Triplex 72”
ZK318/318/6Sqn c/s “Razor 31”
ZK366/366 code only  c/s “Razor 32”
ZJ939/939 code only  c/s “Typhoon 11”
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East flt 105” in “106”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn – Engine runs on the ASP
None flyers
ASP – ZJ927/927 code only.

10th Wed  Log thanks to Garf.
AM  (heavy mist and rain in the morning)
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East flt 101” in “102”
ZK343/Unmarked  c/s “Warlord 61”
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Warlord 62”

ZK346/346 code only c/s “Havoc 21”.

ZK308/308 code only c/s “Havoc 22”.

ZK366/366 code only c/s “Havoc 23”.

ZK365/EB-L/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 21”.
ZK315/41Sqn 100year special c/s “Apollo 22”.

ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Triplex 81”.
ZK380/380 code only c/s “Triplex 82”.
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East flt 104” in “105”
ZK427/Unmarked c/s “Tarnish 29” – Parked on the ASP – Delivery from Warton.

None flyers
Noted in Echo
ZK348/348 code only.
Noted in Foxtrot.
ZK307/307 code only, ZK377/377 code only , ZK358/Unmarked.
Noted on the ASP
ZJ812/812/29Sqn, ZK383/383 code only , ZK342/342/ 6Sqn.

11th Thur   Log thanks to Garf.
ZK379/379/41(R)TES c/s “Rebel 85”  – PD  at Leeming.
ZK315/41Sqn 100 year special c/s “Apollo 11”.
ZK365/EB-L/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 12”.
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East flt 102” in  “103” out.

ZK343/Unmarked c/s “Cobra 21”.
ZK380/380 code only c/s “Cobra 22”
ZK373/373 code only c/s “Cobra 23”

ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “Warlord 11”

ZK383/383 code only c/s “Warlord 12 “

ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Triplex 31”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Triplex 32”
ZJ942/942 code only c/s “Razor 11”

ZK348/348 code only c/s “Razor 12”

ZK354/BY code only c/s “Razor 14”

ZK377/377 code only c/s “Chaos 12”

ZJ802/802/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Chaos 14”

ZK308/308 code only c/s “Typhoon 74”
ZK358/Unmarked c/s “Chaos 11”

ZK366/366 code only c/s “Razor 13”
ZJ918/Unmarked c/s “Gringo 11” – To Shawbury for storage with :-

ZJ927/927 code only c/s “Gringo 12”

ZK365/EB-L/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 21”
ZK379/379/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 22”
ZK315/41Sqn 100 year special – loaded with Storm Shadow – Noted outside HAS 58.
ZK343/Unmarked c/s “Triplex 81”.
ZK373/373 code only c/s “Triplex 83”.
ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Cobra 71”.
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Cobra 72”.
ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “Warlord 61.
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Warlord 62”.
ZK380/380 code only c/s “Triplex 82”.
ZK377/377 code only c/s “Rampage 31”.
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Rampage 32” – f/n as 313 ex W code only.
ZJ929/929 code only – QRA radio check 15-52pm.
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East flt 104” in “105” out.
None flyers
Noted on the ASP
(TMF) ZK427/Unmarked , ZK381/381 code only.
29(R)Sqn  ZJ814/29(R)Sqn.
Noted on Echo
ZK346/346 code only.

12th Fri
ZK365/EB-L/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK379/379/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 12”
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East flt 101” in “102” out.
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Cobra 13”
ZJ920/920 code only  c/s “Gunfighter 21”

ZJ914/914 code only c/s “Gunfighter 22”

ZK380/380 code only c/s “Gunfighter 23”

ZK338/338 unmarked c/s “Lossie 88”
None flyers
Noted on the ASP
Noted on Foxtrot
ZK310/310, ZK377/377,ZK361/ unmarked.

15th Mon  Log thanks to Susie.
Noted on Echo
ZK346/346,ZK348/348,ZK354/354.ZK364/-,ZK318/318 6Sqn,ZK308/308.ZK313/313,ZK366/366.
Noted on Foxtrot.
ZK358/-,ZJ802/802 XI(F)Sqn,ZK310/310,ZK325/325,
ZK343/Unmarked c/s “Triplex 31”
ZK380/380 code only  c/s “Triplex 32”
ZK373/373 code only  c/s “Cobra 21”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn  c/s “Cobra 22

“Warlord 11/12  flight” – ground abort.
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East Flt 102” in “103” out
ZM410/3FTS/ Prefect T1 c/s “Barkston 07” – Overshoot.

ZK310/310 code only  c/s “Nightmare 21”
ZJ802/802/XI(F)Sqn c/s “Chaos 12”
ZK325/325 code only c/s “”Chaos 14”

No.083/ZE/EAT00.319/Xingu c/s “Cotam 1733” – Parked on Sierra.

ZK377/377 code only c/s “Chaos 13”
ZK366/366 code only c/s “Ascot 9811” – Departed to the USA for Red Flag.

ZK308/308 code only c/s “Ascot 9812”

ZK346/346 code only c/s “Ascot 9813”

ZK364/Unmarked c/s “Ascot 9814”

ZK354/354 code only c/s “Ascot 9815” – Departed to the USA for Red Flag. f/n as 354.
ZK313/313 code only c/s “Ascot 9816”
ZK318/318/6Sqn c/s “Ascot 9817”
ZK361/361 code onlyc/s “Ascot 9818”
WK518/C/BBMF/Chipmunk T10 c/s “Chippy 96”
No.083/ZE/EAT00.319/Xingu c/s “Cotam 1733” – Departed.
ZK380/380 code only c/s “Warlord 51”
ZK382/382 code only c/s “Warlord 52”
ZK343/unmarked c/s “Cobra 61”
ZK373/373 code only c/s “Cobra 62”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn  c/s “Triplex 71”
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Triplex 72”
WK518/C/BBMF/Chipmunk T10 c/s “Chippy 95”
ZK365/EB-L/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK379/379/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK360/unmarked c/s “Tarnish 29” delivery from Warton
ZA947/UK/BBMF/Dakota III c/s “Dakota 95”
End log 15:30

16th Tue Log thanks to Steve & Val
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41  c/s “East Flt 102” in
30+54/TLG 31/EF2000(T) c/s “German Air Force Kilo 31” – Parked on the ASP.
ZK343/unmarked  c/s “Typhoon 23”
ZK342/342/6Sqn c/s “Triplex 31”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Triplex 32”
XX198/CH/100Sqn/Hawk T1A c/s “Capture 1” – Overshoot with :-
XX337/CM/100Sqn/Hawk T1A c/s “Capture 2”
ZJ920/920/code only c/s “Cobra 21”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn c/s “Cobra 22”
ZK365/EB-L/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK379/379/41(R)TES c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK373/373/code only c/s “Typhoon 53”
ZK325/325 code only  c/s “Typhoon 14”
ZJ223/4 Reg/Apache AH1 c/s “Gunship 1” – Low overfly with :-
ZJ***/4Reg/ Apache AH1 c/s “Gunship 2”
ZJ939/939/code only – QRA radio check
ZK377/377 code only  c/s “Chaos 11”
ZK358/358 code only  c/s “Chaos 12”
G-MAJB/JB/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East Flt 027Papa ” – Departed. 
ZK342/342/6Sqn  c/s “Cobra 51”
ZK383/383 code only  c/s “Cobra 52”.
ZJ920/920 code only c/s “Warlord 41”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn c/s “Warlord 42”
ZK379/379/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 21”
ZK365/EB-L/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 22”
ZK343/343 code only c/s “Triplex 61”.
ZK373/373 code only  c/s “Triplex 62”
30+54/TLG 31/EF2000(T) c/s “German Air Force Kilo 31” – Departed.
ZJ929/929/code only QRA change over HAS 3 to HAS 1
ZJ917/917 code only – QRA radio check  15-52pm.
G-MAJC/JC/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East Flt 105” in “106” – out.
None flyers
Noted on the ASP
41(R)TES – ZK357/EB-R
29(R)Sqn – ZJ807/807/29(R)Sqn
ZK304/304 code only.

17th Wed  Log thanks to Susie.
ZK342/342/6Sqn  c/s “Cobra 11”
ZK373/373 code only  c/s “Cobra 12”
ZK379/379/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 11”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 12”
ZK383/383 code only c/s “Warlord 31”
ZJ807/807/29(R)Sqn c/s “Typhoon 25” Display pilot.

G-MAJC/JC/Eastern/Jetstream 41 c/s “East Flt 101” in “102” out
ZJ920/920 code only  c/s “Typhoon 30”
ZK358/358 code only  c/s “Chaos 11”
ZK310/310 code only  .c/s “Rampage 21”
ZJ935/935 code only  c/s “Rampage 22”
ZK325/325 code only  c/s “Nightmare 32”

ZK307/307 code only c/s “Nightmare 31”
ZJ939/939 code only Q change from Has 3-Has 4
ZJ939 radio check 13.30
ZK379/379/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 22”
ZK367/EB-R/41(R)TES  c/s “Apollo 21”
ZK373/373 code only c/s “Typhoon 30”
ZJ812/812/29(R)Sqn  c/s “Typhoon 54”
ZK343/Unmarked c/s “Cobra 41”
ZK383/383 code only  c/s “Cobra 42”
ZJ807/807/29(R)Sqn  c/s “Triplex 51”
ZK342/342/6Sqn  c/s “Triplex 52”
10-5701/C-130J Hercules/USAF c/s “Bridge 971” – Overfly.

Based aircraft noted in January have included :-
29(R)Sqn c/s used : Triplex ,Cobra ,Warlord , Typhoon 29 – 51 , 100+ ,300+.
Typhoon T3
ZK380/380 code only.
ZK382/382/code only
ZK383/383 code only.
Typhoon FGR4
ZJ914/914 code only.
ZJ920/920 code only.
ZJ927/927 code only- Departed to Shawbury for storage c/s “Gingo 12” 11/1/2018.
ZK373/373 code only
3(F)Sqn c/s used : Chaos , Esther , Nightmare, Rampage, Typhoon 02 – 10, 12- 27.
Typhoon FGR4
ZJ918/Unmarked – Departed to Shawbury for storage c/s  “Gingo 11” 11/1/2018.
ZK304/304 code only 
ZK307/307 code only
ZK313/313 code only – Deployed to Red flag 15/1/18.
ZK325/325 code only
ZK338/338 code only – Arrived from Lossiemouth  c/s “Lossie 88” – 12/1/18.
ZK361/361 code only- Deployed to Red flag 15/1/18.
ZK377/377 code only.
Typhoon T3
XI(F)Sqn c/s used : Havoc, Razor, Tyrant , Hellcat . Typhoon 11 , 60 – 82.
Typhoon FGR4
ZJ939/939 code only
ZK308/308 code only – Deployed to Red flag 15/1/18
ZK318/318/6Sqn – Deployed to Red flag 15/1/18
ZK346/346 code only – Deployed to Red flag 15/1/18
ZK348/348 code only
ZK354/BY code only  –  Deployed to Red flag  15/1/18   f/n as 354 code only.
ZK364/Unmarked – Deployed to Red flag 15/1/18.
ZK366/366 code only – Deployed to Red flag 15/1/18
Typhoon T3

41(R)TES c/s used : Rebel , Apollo , Viking.
Typhoon FGR4
ZK315/41Sqn 100 year special.
Typhoon T3
BBMF c/s used : Chippy ,Dakota ,
Chipmunk T10 
Dakota III

Noted with TMF in January have included.
Typhoon Tranche 3 -new delivery
BS143/ZK427/Unmarked  c/s “Tarnish  29”  – 10/1/18.

BS121/ZK360/Unmarked  c/s “Tarnish 29” – 15/1/18
29(R)Sqn Hangar
BT002/ZJ801/BJ 29(R)Sqn/Typhoon T3 – stored
BT014/ZJ813/BL 29(R)Sqn/Typhoon T3  – Stored.
TMF Hangar – January 2018
BS028/ZJ937/ ( all black) /Typhoon FGR4
BS039/ZJ946/946 code only/Typhoon FGR4
BS045/ZJ949/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4
BS053/ZK301/301 code only/Typhoon FGR4
BS056/ZK305/EE code only/Typhoon FGR4
BS082/ZK321/321 6Sqn/Typhoon FGR4
BS083/ZK322/GS code only/Typhoon FGR4
BS085/ZK324/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4.
BS088/ZK327/FR code only/Typhoon FGR4 – Towed from the paint shop 8/1/18 recoded 327.
BS091/ZK330/330 code only/Typhoon FGR4
BS097/ZK336/336 1(F)Sqn/Typhoon FGR4
BS101/ZK340/340 code only/Typhoon FGR4
BS108/ZK347/347 code only/Typhoon FGR4
BS118/ZK357/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4  Tranche 3 – Del 19/12/2017.
BS122/ZK361/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4  Tranche 3 – Del 30/8/2017. – Dispatched 5/1/2018 to 3(F)Sqn.
BS123/ZK362/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4  Tranche 3 – Del 20/12/2017.
BS124/ZK363/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4  Tranche 3 – Del  7/12/2017.
BT026/ZK381/381 code only/Typhoon T3 – Noted on the ASP 11/1/2018.
Hangar 2
BS087/ZK326/FB 1(F)Sqn/Typhoon FGR4  –  Stored.
BT005/ZJ804/804 29(R)Sqn/Typhoon T3   – To RTP 14/11/17.
BT007/ZJ806/BE 29(R)Sqn/Typhoon T3 – on RTP. Fuselage only.
BS136/ZK375/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4   Tranche 3 – Del 18/04/2017.
BS139/ZK378/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4   Tranche 3 – Del  06/07/2017. Engine runs on the ASP 8/1/18.
BS144/ZK428/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4   Tranche 3 – Del  20/12/2017. Towed from Paint shop 2/1/18.
BT010/ZJ809/809 code only/Typhoon T3 – awaiting RTP.
Stored on the South side.
BS033/ZJ940/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4 – Never flown since delivery 20/09/2007 – wears DJ666.
BS037/ZJ944/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4 – Damaged on RHAG landing.
BS038/ZJ945/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4 – Stored used for spares ship.
BS041/ZJ948/Unmarked/Typhoon FGR4- Never flown since delivery 01/08/2009
BT016/ZJ815/Fuselage only/Typhoon T3 – Dumped outside HAS 58. ex 41(R)TES/EB-H.
BT009/ZJ808/Fuselage only/Typhoon T3 – Dumped outside HAS 58 ex 29(R)Sqn/BP