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With Coningsby being slow at the moment I decided on a visit to the RAF Museum, It’s about ten years since my last visit with a lot of changes in that time.The milestone of flight was the first to be visited.
The museum staff were very helpful when asked they were happy escorting me over to places closed to get a better angle for my pictures.I have posted a log and pictures of my vist, It took me most of the day to go round the museum and I have left some for my next visit.

RAF Museum Hendon May 10th 2011

Milestones of Flight
1.Typhoon DA2 / ZH588

2.Harrier GR3 /XZ997 /V 4Sqn marks

3.Bleriot XI /164

4.Sikorsky R-4B Hoverfly 1/(KL110) marked as KK995 :E

5.P-51D Mustang /413317 /VF-B

6.Hawker Tempest V/NV778

7.Miles Mohawk /G-AEKW

8.Messerschmitt BF109G /10639/Black 6

9.Sopwith Camel / F6314 /B

10.DH Mosquito B35/TJ138 /VO-L

11Messerschmitt .ME262 /112372 :4

12.DH60G Gipsy Moth/G-AAMX

13.Mew Gull Replica/G-AEXF
14.Hawker Hart II:J9941:57

15.Fokker D VII :8417/18

16.Kawasaki KI-100-Ib :

17.Clarke 1910 Glider :
18.Gondala of Airship No.1 “Nulli Secundus”Replica

Grahame-White Factory
19.Bleriot XXVII/433
20.Sopwith Tabloid Replica /168
21.Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Replica /A8226
22.Coudron G3 /3066
23.Vickers FB5 Replica /2345
24.Sopwith Triplane /N5912
25.Sopwith Pup /N5182
26.Avro 504K /E449
27.Bristol M1c Replica /C4994
28.Hanriot HD.1/No.75
29.RAF SE 5A /F938
30.Vickers Vimy Replica /F8614
Battle of Britain Hall
31.Supermarine Seagull V /A2-4
32.Westland Lysander III /R9125 /LX-L
33.Shorts Sunderland MR5 /ML824 /NS-Z
34.Hawker Hurricane I(Remains)/P3175
35.Junkers JU-87G-2  /494083/RI+JK
36.Fiat CR42 :MM5701 /13-95
37.Casa 1.131/E3B-521/ 781-3
38.Messerschmitt BF110G-2/730301/D5+RL
39.Junkers JU-88R1 /360043
40.Messerschmitt BF109E-3 /4101/Black 12
41.Heinkel HE-IIIH-20/701152
42.Hawker Hurricane I /P2617/AF-F
43.Supermarine Spitfire I /X4590/PR-F
44.Bristol Blenheim IV /L8756/XO-L 139Sqn marks
45.DH82 Tiger Moth II /T6296
46.Gloster Gladiator I /K8042:


Historic Hangers
47.Slingsby Grasshopper /WZ791
48.Hawker Hunter FGA9 /XG154 /43/8Sqn marks
49.Hawker Hart II /K4972
50.Hawker Tempest 2 /PR536 /OQ-H/3Sqn marks
51.Curtiss Kittyhawk IV/FX760/GA-?
52.Auster I /LB264
53.Bristol F2b /E2466
54.Westland Wallace II /K6035
55.Slingsby Cadet TX3 /XA302 /Air Cadets
56.Repubic P-47D Thunderbolt II /KL216 /L
57.DH9A /F1010
58. North American Havard IIb /FE905
59.Bristol Bulldog /K2227 /56Sqn marks
(Interactive Area)
61.Grob Viking TX1 Nose Section /ZE686
62.Douglas Dakota III Fuselage Section/KG437
63.Supermarine Southampton (Hull)
64.Bristol Beaufighter TF X /RD253
65.Gloster Gladiator II Wreck / N5628
66.Lockhead Hudson IIIa /A16-199 /SF-R
67.Bristol Beaufort VIII /DD931 /L
68. Supermarine Stranrar /920/QN
69. Airship Gondola section /R-33
70.Avro Rota :K4232
71.Westland Gazelle HTT4 /XW855 /32Sqn marks
72.Westland EH-101 /G-OIOI(ZJ116)
73.Bristol Belvedere HC1 /XG474/O
74.Bristol Beaufighter IIF( Nose & forward fuselage section)
75.Boeing CH-47D Chinook Forward Fuselage /83-24104 /BN
76.Westland Whirlwind HAR 10 /XP299
77.Bristol Sycomore HR12 /WV783
78.Supermarine Spitfire Vb /BL614 /ZD-B 222Sqn marks
79.Supermarine Spitfire F24 /PK724
80.Panavia Tornado F3 /ZE887 /GF 43Sqn Special marks
81.Gloster Meteor F8 /WH301 /609Sqn marks
82.Mcdonnell Douglas Phantom FGR2 /XV424 /I 56Sqn marks
83.DH Vampire F3 /VT812/N
84.English Electric Canberra PR3 /WE139
85.DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 /WP962/C  5AEF marks
 86.Wessex HCC4 /XV732 /Queens flight marks.
87.BAC Jet Provest T3A Fuselage / XM463 /38/7FTS marks.
88.BAC Jet Provest T5 /XW323 /86 1FTS marks
89.English Electric Lightning F6 /XS923 / BA 11Sqn marks
Bomber Hall
90.Avro Lancaster I /R5868/RO-S
91.RAF BE2b /687
92.RAF FE2b /A6526
93.Fairy Battle I /L5343
94.Consolidated B-24L Liberator /KN751/F
95.Percival Prentice T1 /VS618
96. HP Halifax II (Wreck)/W1048
97.HS Buccaneer S2B /XW547 / Gulf War marks
98.Tornado GR1 :ZA457 /AJ-J 617Sqn marks
99.Avro Anson I (Fuselage ) /W2068/68
100.Airspeed Oxford I /MP425 /G
101.Avro Vulcan B2 /XL318
102.Victor K2 (Nose section) /XM717 Gulf war marks
103.North American TB-25J Mitchell /34057
104Boeing  B-17G Flying Fortress /483868 A-N
105.Focke Wulf FW 190A-8/U-1/584219:38
106.Heinkel HE 162A-2
107.Douglas Dakota III (Nose Section)/KG437
108.Hawker Hunter FR 10 /853 /SOAF
109.Hawker Hurricane II FSM/Z3427 /AV-R
110.Supermarine Spitfire IX  FSM /FT-E
A great day out ,with a lot of very historic aircraft in a great setting.

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