Eurofighter/Typhoon – Code Index

Marks S/N Fate
Updated 24th  April 2017 
AA-1st ZJ803 To 29(R)Sqn/BA
AA-2nd ZJ913 To 17(R)TES/AC
AA-3rd ZJ930 To 41(R)TES/EB-R
AB-1st ZJ802 To 29(R)Sqn/BB
AB-2nd ZJ912 To BoB marks YB-F
AB-3rd ZJ912 To XI(F)Sqn/AB
AC-1st ZJ800 To 29(R)Sqn/BC
AC-2nd ZJ914 To 41(R)TES/EB-R
AC-3rd ZJ913 To 41(R)TES/EB-R
AD-1st ZJ805 To 29(R)Sqn/BD
AD-2nd ZJ916 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-U
AD-3rd ZJ946 To 6Sqn/EH
AE-1st ZJ917 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-G
AE-2nd ZJ947 To XI(F)Sqn/DN
AE-3rd ZJ927 To 41(R)TES/Uncoded
AF-1st ZJ928 To 3(F)Sqn/QON
AF-2nd ZJ914 To XI(F)Sqn/DS
AG-1st ZJ927 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-M
AG-2nd ZJ946 To 41(R)TES/Uncoded
AH-1st ZJ947 To Special marks
AI-1st ZK332 To 41(R)TES/EB-J
AX-1st ZK303 To 41(R)TES/AX
AY-1st ZJ815 To XI(F)Sqn/DY
AZ-1st ZJ811 To XI(F)Sqn/DZ
Special marks ZJ947 To 41(R)TES/EB-L
DS Full 17 marks ZJ914 To 41(R)TES/DS
WWII 17Sqn coded
YB-A ZJ930 Worn for a photo shoot with LF363
YB-F (BoB code) ZJ912 worn on one side of the tail.
EB-A-1st ZJ946 To Unmarked (3(F)Sqn)
EB-B-1st ZK339 To Unmarked
EB-B-2ndEB-B 3rd ZK335ZK379  To EB-G.
EB-E-1st ZK339
EB-G-1stEB-G – 2nd ZJ914ZK335 To XI(F)Sqn/DZ.
EB-H-1st ZJ914 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-X
EB-H-2nd ZJ815 WFU & stored in 41TES Hangar. 
EB-J-1st ZK332 To Code only (1(F)Sqn)
EB-J-2nd ZJ912 To Code only

EB-L – 2nd



 To 1(F)Sqn.


EB-R-1st ZJ930 To Unmarked(3(F)Sqn)

EB-R 3rd



 To  6Sqn/EG.


EB-V – 1st ZK315 To 41(R)TES/100 year marks
AX- Full 41 marks ZK303 Flies from Warton
100 year marks ZK315
FC -Full 41 marks ZK335 To 41(R)TES/EB-B
DS -Full 41 marks ZJ914 To 41(R)TES/EB-G
Unmarked ZK335 To 41(R)TES/EB-E
Uncoded ZJ946 To 41(R)TES/EB-A
Uncoded ZJ927 To 29(R)Sqn/BO
29(R)Sqn TOCU
BA-1st ZJ803 To  6Sqn
BB-1st ZJ802 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-B
BB-2nd ZK379 To BB – Code only
BB-3rd Code only

BB-4th Code only



 To EB-B.


BC-1st ZJ800
BD-1st ZJ805 To S-RO BoB code on one side
BD-2nd ZJ805  
BE-1st ZJ806  
BF-1st ZJ807
BG-1st ZJ808 To XI(F)Sqn/DW
BG-2nd ZK380 To II(AC)Sqn/T
BG-3rd ZK382
BH-1st ZJ809 To 6Sqn/EY
BH-2nd ZJ814 To 814/29(R)Sqn
BI-1st ZJ810 To 810/29(R)Sqn 
BJ-1st ZJ801  
BK-1st ZJ812  
BL-1st ZJ813  
BM-1st ZJ804  To 804/29(R)Sqn
BN-1st ZJ815 To 41(R)Sqn/EB-H
BN-2nd ZK383 To 1(F)Sqn/FY
BO-1st ZJ927 To XI(F)Sqn/DF
BP-1st ZJ811 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-B
BP-2nd ZJ808
BQ-1st ZK344 To 6Sqn/EE
BQ-2nd ZK353 To 29Sqn 100 year marks/BQ
BQ-3rd 29 special ZK353 To 29(R)Sqn/BQ
BQ-4th ZK353
BR-1st ZK330 To 6Sqn/EZ
BR-2nd ZK322 To II(AC)Sqn/S
BR-3rd ZK320  To 320 code only.
BS-1st ZK328 To 6Sqn/EB
BT-1st ZK306 To 6Sqn/ED
BT-2nd ZK331

BU-2nd Code only



To II(AC)Sqn/O


BV-1st ZJ910 To XI(F)Sqn/DO
BV-2nd ZJ917 To XI(F)Sqn/DG
BV-3rd Code only ZK352
BW-1st ZJ921 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-H
BW-2nd ZK308 To 29 Special/TP-V

BW – Code only.



To BW code only.


BX-1st ZJ920 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-A
BX-2nd ZJ928 To 1(F)Sqn/FQ
BX-3rd Display Mks ZK343 Flying with II(AC)Sqn/X code only
BY-1st ZJ915 To 11(F)Sqn/BY
BY-2nd ZK337 To 1(F)Sqn/FP

BY-4th Code only



To 3(F)Sqn/QO-G


BZ-1st ZJ911 3(F)Sqn/BZ
BZ-2nd ZK349 To 29 Special/GN-A
S-RO ZJ805 To 29(R)Sqn/BD
GN-A 29 Special ZK349
TP-V 29 Special ZK308 To 29(R)Sqn/BW
Unmarked ZK351 To BU code only
Unmarked ZK352 To BV code only.
Unmarked ZK372 To  BB code only.
QO-A-1st ZJ929 To XI(F)Sqn/DL
QO-A-2nd ZJ920 To II(AC)Sqn/S S-only code
Q-OA-1st ZJ920 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-A
QO-B-1st ZJ802 To 29(R)Sqn/BP
QO-B-2nd ZJ811 Flying with II(AC)Sqn as QO-B
QO-C-1st ZJ922 To Warton by Road  still marked QO-C
QO-C-2nd ZJ936 Code only – To 100 year marks
QO-C-3rd 100 y ZJ936 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-C
QO-C-4th ZJ936 To Shawbury for Storage
QO-D-1st ZK327 To 6Sqn/EJ
QO-D-2nd ZK319 To II(AC)Sqn/Y
QO-E-1st ZJ923 To XI(F)Sqn/DM
QO-E-2nd ZK331 To 6Sqn/EE
QO-F-1st ZJ945 Code only to Unmarked
QO-G-1st ZJ917 To 29(R)Sqn/BV
QO-G-2nd ZJ921 To II(AC)Sqn/E E-only code
QO-H-1st ZJ924 To XI(F)Sqn/DD
QO-H-2nd ZJ921 To 29(R)Sqn/BY
QO-J-1st ZJ949 Code only To 1435Flt unmarked
QO-J-2nd ZJ941 To Unmarked
QO-L-1st ZJ918 To Unmarked
QO-M-1st ZJ927 (56 Bomb symbols) to 17(R)TES/AE
QO-M-2nd ZJ913 To Unmarked (Lossiemouth)
QON-1st ZJ928 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-N
QO-N-1st ZJ928 To 29(R)Sqn/BX
QO-P-1st ZK309 Flying with II(AC)Sqn
QO-R-1st ZJ925 (2 Bomb sybols) To XI(F)Sqn/DXI
QO-R-2nd ZJ939 To XI(F)Sqn/DN
QO-S-1st ZJ936 To QO-C code only.
QO-S-2nd ZJ916 (6 Bomb sybols) to XI(F)Sqn/QO-S
QO-S-3rd ZJ916 (6 Bomb sybols) to XI(F)Sqn/Uncoded
QO-S-4th ZJ916 To II(AC)Sqn/S S-only code
QO-T-1st ZJ934 Flying with II(AC)Sqn
QO-U-1st ZJ916 To 3(F)Sqn/Uncoded
QO-W-1st ZJ919 To XI(F)Sqn/DC
QO-W-2nd ZJ937 To 1(F)Sqn/FG
QO-X-1st ZJ914 To XI(F)Sqn/DZ
QO-Y-1st ZJ926 To 1435Flt Unmarked
QO-Z-1st ZJ814 to 29(R)Sqn/BH
QO-Z-2nd ZJ911  To Storage at Shawbury
BZ full 3Sqn marks ZJ911 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-Z
FN-Code only ZK348
EE-Code only ZK305
Uncoded ZJ916 To QO-S
Unmarked ZJ945 To Stored
Unmarked ZK301 To 1435 Flt/D
Unmarked ZJ944 To 1435 Flt/F
Unmarked ZJ949 To 1435 Flt/H
Unmarked ZJ950 To 1435 Flt/C
Unmarked ZK313  To W code only
Unmarked ZJ944  
Unmarked ZJ946  To EJ code only
Unmarked ZJ918  
Unmarked ZJ949  To EW code only
Unmarked ZK383  To FY code only
1435 Flt/D marks ZK301 To Unmarked
1435 Flt/F marks ZJ944 To Unmarked
1435 Flt/H marks ZJ949 To Unmarked
1435 Flt/C marks ZJ950 To Unmarked
II(AC)Sqn/O ZK322   To O code only
1(F)Sqn/FS  ZK333   To Unmarked
 1(F)Sqn/FK ZK325   To 325 code only
DA-1st ZJ931
DB-1st ZJ932 To Shawbury for Storage
DC-1st ZJ919
DD-1st ZJ924 To II(AC)Sqn/II code only
DE-1st ZJ914 To 17(R)TES/AF
DE-2nd ZK305 To 6Sqn/EE
DE-3rd ZJ930 To Unmarked
DF-1st ZJ933 To Unmarked
DF-2nd ZJ927 To Unmarked Lossiemouth.
DG-1st ZJ941 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-J
DG-2nd ZK300 To II(AC)Sqn/H
DG-3rd ZK354 To Uncoded/XI(F)Sqn (TMF 6/16)
DG-4th ZJ917  
DH-1st ZJ942
DJ-1st ZJ935 Flying with 1(F)Sqn
DK-1st ZJ943 W/O China Lake
DL-1st ZJ929
DM-1st ZJ923 To Unmarked
DN-1st ZJ947 To 6Sqn/EI

DN 3rd



To II(AC)Sqn/C

To 939 code only

DO-1st ZJ910 Flying with II(AC)Sqn as DO
DP-1st ZJ915 To Unmarked
DR-1st ZJ912 To 41(R)TES/EB-J
DR-2nd ZJ912 To code only
DS-1st ZJ914 To 41(R)TES/EB-G
DS-2nd ZK337 To 1(F)Sqn/FP
DS-3rd ZJ928 To 1435Flt unmarked.
DT-1st ZJ937
DW-1st ZJ808 To 29(R)Sqn/BP
DX-1st ZJ939 To XI(F)Sqn/DXI
DXI-1st ZJ939 To XI(F)Sqn/DX
DXI-2nd ZJ939 To XI(F)Sqn/QO-R
DXI-3rd 100 year ZJ925 To XI(F)Sqn/DXI
DXI-4th ZJ925
DY-1st ZJ815 To 29(R)Sqn/BN
DZ-1st ZJ811 To 29(R)Sqn/BP
DZ-2nd ZJ914
QO-R full XI(F)Sqn ZJ916 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-R
QO-S full XI(F)Sqn ZJ916 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-S
AB-Full XI(F)Sqn ZJ912 To XI(F)Sqn/DR
BY-Full XI(F)Sqn ZJ915 To XI(F)Sqn/DP
Uncode/XI(F)Sqn ZK354 To 29(R)Sqn /Unmarked.
Unmarked ZJ915 To 1435Flt/F
Unmarked ZJ930  To 29(R)Sqn /Unmarked.
Unmarked ZJ923
1435 Flt
F -1st ZJ944 To Unmarked
F-2nd ZJ915
H-1st ZJ949 To Unmarked
H-2nd ZJ926
C-1st ZJ950 TMF
C-2nd ZJ933
D-1st ZK301 To Unmarked
D-2nd ZJ941
Unmarked ZJ944 To 1435Flt/F
Unmarked ZJ949 To 1435Flt/H
Unmarked ZJ950 To 1435Flt/C
Unmarked ZK301 To 1435Flt/D
Unmarked ZJ915 To 1435Flt/F
Unmarked ZJ926 To 1435Flt/H
Unmarked ZJ933 To 1435Flt/C
Unmarked ZJ941 To 1435Flt/D
EA-1st ZK302 To 6Sqn/uncoded
EA-2nd ZK343 To 29(R)Sqn/BX
EA-3rd 100 year ZK342 To 6Sqn/EA
EA-4th ZK342
EB-1st ZK304 To 1(F)Sqn/FM
EB-2nd ZJ328
EC-1st ZK305 To XI(F)Sqn/DE
EC-2nd ZK334 To 1(F)Sqn/FB
EC-3rd ZK302  TMF 6/16
ED-1st ZK306 To 29(R)Sqn/BT
ED-2nd ZK342 To 6Sqn 100 year/ED
ED-3nd 100 year ZK342 To 6Sqn 100 year/EA
ED-4th ZK306 To Code only
ED-5th ZK306 Code only
EE-1st ZK307 To 29(R)Sqn/BU
EE-2nd ZK331 To 1(F)Sqn/FE
EE-3rd ZK344 To II(AC)Sqn/II
EE-4th Code only ZK305 .
EF-1st ZK308 To 29(R)Sqn/BW
EF-2nd ZK347 To 347 – Code only.
EG-1st ZK309 To 3(F)Sqn/QO-P
EG-2nd ZJ937 To XI(F)Sqn/DT
EH-1st ZJ946 To 17(R)TES/AG
EH-2nd ZK323 To XI(F)Sqn/DN
EH-3rd ZK333 Flying with 3(F)Sqn
EI-1st ZJ947 To 17(R)TES/AH
EI-2nd ZK324 To EI – Code only
EJ-1st ZK300 To XI(F)Sqn/DG

EJ-3rd code only




To 1(F)Sqn/FM


EK-1st ZK311 To II(AC)Sqn/N
EL-1st ZK310 To 1(F)Sqn/FL
EM-1st ZK312  To EM – Code only
EN-1st ZK313 To II(AC)Sqn/W
EO-1st ZK314 To EO code only
EP-1st ZK326 To 1(F)Sqn/FB
EP-2nd ZK345
EQ-1st ZK325 To 1(F)Sqn/FK
ER-1st ZK316 To 1(F)Sqn/FA

ER-3rd code only



 To ER code only



ES -2nd



To U/m then back to ES

To code only


ET – 2nd – code only.



To Unmarked


EU-1st ZK321 To 41(F)TES/EB-R
EV-1st ZK320 To 29(R)Sqn/BR


EW – 3rd Code only




To 3(F)Sqn/QO-D.



EX-1st ZK379 To 29(R)Sqn/BB
EX-2nd ZK381 Flying with 29(R)Sqn
EY-1st ZJ809
EZ-1st ZK322 To 29(R)Sqn/BR
EZ-2nd ZK330 To 1(F)Sqn/FT
Uncoded ZK302 To 6Sqn/EC
QO-P code only ZK309
FA – 1st ZK316 To Code only
FA – 2nd Code only ZK316 Flying with 3(F)Sqn
FB – 1st ZK326 Stored Cby still in marks.
FB – 2nd ZK334 To II(AC)Sqn/A
FC – 1st ZK335 To 41(R)TES/FC
FD – 1st ZK336 Flying with 29(R)Sqn
FE – 1st ZK337 To 29(R)Sqn/BY
FE-2nd ZK331 To 29(R)Sqn/BT
FF – 1st ZK338 To FF code only
FF – 2nd code only ZK338
FG – 1st

FG-2nd- Code only



To 41(R)TES/EB-B


FH – 1st ZK329
FI – 1st

FI- 2nd – Code only



To Unmarked..


FJ – 1st ZK341 .
FK – 1st ZK325 Flying with 3(F)Sqn
FL – 1st ZK310  To Unmarked
FM – 1st ZK304 To FM code only
FN – 1st ZK348 To FN code only
FN-2nd Code only ZK348  Flying with 3(F)Sqn
FP – 1st

FP -2nd



To u/m then recoded back to FP


FQ – 1st ZJ928 To XI(F)Sqn/DS
FR – 1st ZK327
FS – 1st ZK333 Flying with 3(F)Sqn
FT – 1st ZK330  To 330 code only
FX – 1st ZK382 To 29(R)Sqn/BG
FY – 1st ZK383 To Unmarked
EB-J -1st ZK332 To Code only – (TMF)
Unmarked ZJ913
Unmarked ZK310  To 310 code only
A – 1st

A- 2nd Code only



C – 1st ZK323
E – 1st Code only ZJ921 To 921 code only
H – 1st ZK300
II – 1st ZK344 II code in Triangle (TMF)

II-3rd code only



N – 1st ZK311 To N code only
N – 2nd Code only ZK311
O – 1st ZK307 Flying with 3(F)Sqn
R – 1st Code only ZJ920  To 920 code only
S – 1st ZK322 To II(AC)Sqn/GS code only
GS – 1st Code only ZK322 Flying with 3(F)Sqn then XI(F)Sqn.
S – 2nd ZJ916 S – letter only
T – 1st ZK380
W – 1st




To Unmarked(3(F)Sqn)


X – 1st code only ZK343
Y – 1st ZK319
BX – Display marks ZK343  To X code only
DO/XI(F)Sqn marks ZJ910  
Unmarked ZJ927  
QO-B full marks ZJ811 To W II(AC)Sqn 
QO-T full marks ZJ927  To Unmarked.