Northamptonshire : Spanhoe Lodge & Sywell 24th May 2016

Away Day 2016 -24th May.

A trip to Northampton to see family gave me the morning to visit Spanhoe Lodge, Home to Windmill Aviation. This father & daughter business has rebuilt a large amount of Austers and Chipmunks over the years, Demobbed RAF and a lot of the Chipmunks imported from Portugal came here before entry on the UK register. This is a private airfield near Corby that works it’s magic on a wide range of vintage and veteran from the past.

I have been visiting this airfield for over 30 years and with permission I have been able to take pictures of a vast number of rare vintage aircraft that have been rebuilt here. I have posted a few of the aircraft pictured on the day.

OGMA Chipmunk 22 G-CERD/WK640


Morane –  Saulnier MS733 G-MSAL /N0.143 French Navy


Beagle D5/180 Huskey G-AWSW/XW635


Auster AOP.9 G-BXON/WZ729


Auster AOP.9 G-CEHR/XP241



Helio H-295 Courier G-BAGS/66-0374/EO in Vietnam era Camo.HS1A0930








The other airfield I visited was Sywell, This used to be my local airfield for many years back in the days of March and Sloane helicopters with the R-22 & R-44. This busy place has grown over the years with a lot of Executive aircraft using it, It is also the home of the Blades display team.

Sywell also has a wide variety of vintage aircraft based including Messenger, Tiger moth’s, Chipmunk, Spitfire, Buchon and a Aeronca 100 to name but a few. A large number of light aircraft visit and use Sywell as a base. I have posted some of the pictures from the day.

Homebuilt  Shadow CD G-MYWF.


Chipmunk 22 G-ARWB/WK611


BE2C Replica  G-AWYI /687


Aeronca 100 G-AEXD