Lakenheath 3rd May 2016

With a good weather forecast and the promise of a early 7-30am launch at Lakenheath, I set off early from Coningsby and had a good run to Kings Lynn, I pulled up behind a Ford focus at the Roundabout and I was behind Eric West . We both arrived at about 7-15 to find the F-15 Eagles had already started up.
I have posted a log from the Camera of what I had seen in the day, I was good to see so many people at Lakenheath on a busy day.
492 FS LN bl/wh  F-15E   48FW
91-0303/LN bl – 492nd FS F-15E
91-0307/LN bl – 492nd FS F-15E
91-0312/LN bl – 492nd FS F-15E
91-0318/LN Multi – 48FW  F-15E CAG
91-0327/LN bl – 492nd FS F-15E
91-0332/LN bl – 492nd FS F-15E
96-0202/LN bl -492nd FS F-15E
97-0219/LN bl – 492nd FS F-15E
98-0131 LN bl – 492nd FS F-15E
98-0133 LN bl – 492nd FS F-15E *
98-0135 LN bl – 492nd FS F-15E
493 FS  LN yl/bk F-15C  48FW
84-0015/LN yl -493th FS F-15C
84-0019/LN yl -493rd FS F-15C
86-0156/LN yl -493rd FS F-15C
86-0159/LN yl -493rd FS F-15C
86-0160/LN yl -493rd FS F-15C
86-0174/LN yl -493rd FS F-15C


493FS LN yl/bk  F-15D
84-0044/LN yl -493rd FS F-15D
84-0046/LN yl -493rd FS F-15D


494 FS  LN rd/wh  F-15E
91-0309/LN rd – 494th FS F-15E
91-0310 LN rd – 494th FS F-15E
91-0326/LN rd – 494th FS F-15E
91-0335/LN rd-494th FS F-15E
91-0604/LN rd -494th FS F-15E *
96-0201/LN rd -494th FS F-15E
00-3001 LN rd – 494th FS F-15E *
00-3002 LN rd – 494th FS F-15E
00-3003/LN rd – 494th FS F-15E
01-2002 LN rd – 494th FS F-15E
01-2003/LN rd-494th FS F-15E
95 FS  TY  F-22A
04-4072/TY  –      95th FS F-22A
04-4080/TY –       95th FS F-22A *
05-4081/TY –       95th FS F-22A
05-4084/TY –       95th FS F-22A
05-4091/TY –       95th FS F-22A
05-4094/TY –       95th FS F-22A
05-4095/TY –       95th FS F-22A CAG
05-4106/TY –       95th FS F-22A
05-4107/TY –       95th FS F-22A
86 AW  C-130J –
08-8607/RS          86AW C-130J
I left Lakenheath at 4-55pm a very happy man, It was good to catch up with Jamie,Cindy and Cooper at the fence.