Wellesbourne Wartime Museum

Visit took place on
While on a cross country from Coningsby to Bristol I took the opportunity to call at the old Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome,  It’s been a good few years since my last visit so I was glad to see the Vulcan B2 still looking good. A visit to the tower and permission granted for a good look round the Aerodrome it was time to  check out the small Aircraft Museum run by the local Wellesboune Aviation Group.
This is a pictorial record of the aircraft I saw on the day.
Wellesbourne Wartime Museum
1/ RA-01378 / Yak 52 ex DOSAAF “14”

2/ XJ575 / SAH-13 / Sea Vixen FAW2 Nose section

3/ WV679 / O-J / Provest T1 – 2FTS marks 

4/ XK590 / V / Vampire T11 – CFS marks 

 XM655 Maintenance and Preservation Society
5/ XM655 / Vulcan B2 – 50 Sqn marks

Also present included 
6/ XX692 / Bulldog T1 – G-BZMH 

7/ G-OMIA / MS892A Commodore 180 Built in 1972

8/ G-PIGY / Shots Skyvan 3-100 

9/M-BETS / Rockwell Commander 695A
10/ N 575NR / Citation 560XL

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