Avro Lancaster Forward Fuselage – Surrey

Avro Lancaster Forward Fuselage
After meeting Jeremy Hall at Brooklands Museum and checking out his Lancaster project, I jumped at his invite to inspect the Avro Lancaster Forward Fuselage he keeps at home in his garage.This one has been fitted out as built for the RAF as his other Lanc at Brooklands is fitted out as a RCAF machine. This Lancaster nose section was found in a scrap yard in Manchester many many years ago and has grown to a Twenty One feet long Forward Fuselage. Jeremy has created a unique airframe fitted with a lot of original parts, his hunt for genuine parts stems across the Atlantic to Canada and beyond.The Lanc is marked as “Hi Ho! Hi Ho! off to work we go ” on one side and “Maggie’s Murderous Mission” on the other. I have posted the pictures I took on my visit and I hope you can see what a fine job they are doing with both Lancs.
Jeremy Hall at home with his Lanc.
 “Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to work we go” nose art.
Wireless Operators Station.
Navigators Station.
 Front Gunner
 Looking backwards in the Cockpit
 Cockpit into Bomb Aimer  
Front gunner
Jeremy’s other passion.- His Jeeps.
A big thank you to Jeremy for a chance to visit a rare Lancaster.










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