De Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre – London Colney

London Colney  visit 16th October 2012

With the task of dropping some of the family at Gatwick Airport,  I took the opportunity to visit a couple of the Aircraft Museums that our close to the  M25. 
First on the list was London Colney that sits close to junc 22, It has been long time since I was last at this museum, I have posted a list of the aircraft and I have posted  the aircraft that I was able to take pictures of.
The staff were not very helpful and a lot of the aircraft needed a lot of work to bring them up to display standard, I will not be in a hurry to return to this Museum.
Display Hanger 1
1 / G-ABLMCierva C.24 – Registered on 22nd April 1931 this aircraft was WFU in December 1934 and is on loan from the Science Museum.
2 / J-7326 (G-EBQP) DH53 Humming Bird–  This was registered on the 4th April 1927 and crashed at Hamble on the 21st July 1934, Restoration started in 1977.
3 / G-ADOT DH87B Hornet Moth – Registered on 6th October 1935, This was impressed into the RAF on 29th Febuary 1940 and was restored to the British register on 20th May 1946. WFU at Stapleford in October 1959.
4/ G-ANRX DH82 Tiger Moth (Crop duster) – Registered 25th May 1954 and was one of a number converted for Crop Spraying, WFU by June 1967.

5/ BAPC186LF789” R2-K DH82B Queen Bee Fuselage sits on it’s own wheels.
6/ BAPC232 Airspeed AS 58 Horsa I/II Fuselage only – Under Restoration
Displayed outside
7/ G-AOTI DH114 Heron 2D
8/ G-AREA DH104 Dove 8
9/ D-IFSB DH104 Dove 6
10/ F-BGNX DH106 Comet 1 XBFuselage only – under restoration.
11/ G-ARYC DH125 1
12/ G-AVFH HS121 Trident 2E – Front Fuselage Section.
13/ G-JEAO Bae 146-100 – Fuselage only
14/ XJ565 E-127 899NAS DH Sea Vixen FAW2
15/ XJ772 H CATCS DH Vampire T11
16/ J-1790 (G-BLKA) DH112 Venom FB54in Swiss Air Foce marks.
17/ ——– Comet 2  Sim
Mosquito Hanger
18/ W4050 DH 98 Mosquito I – Under Restoration.
19/ TA122 UP-G 605Sqn marks DH 98 Mosquito FB6 – Under Restoration.
20/ TA634 8K-K  571Sqn marks DH 98 Mosquito TT35 – Under Restoration.
21/ J-1008 DH Vampire FB6Swiss Air Force marks
22 / WP790 (G-BBNA) / T / Birm UAS / Chipmunk T10
Storage Shed 
23 /G-AKDW / DH89 Dragon Rapide – Stored
 A lot of very rare aircraft in this private run Museum.


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